Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Todays Man Candy - hot jock

I just felt like posting some man candy in honor of the jock I'm reading about at the moment: Declan from Tigers and Devils by Sean Kennedy. He's so darn sexy and sweet, being a gay football player coming out of the closet.
But I actually fell in love with his partner Simon, who has a cute and funny way of looking at things. I think his narrating voice is totally adorable.
I have a little less than one third of the book to read and I find myself postponing it because I don't want to finish it yet. I want to stay with these guys a bit longer...

Ps: I don't know much about sports but I know that this is probably not an Australian footy ball player, like Declan is ;) Is that a rugby ball? Well, who cares, as long as he's hot, right? *g*


  1. Lord have mercy!! I am 60% thru this book and totally adoring both guys. Keep the M/M recommendations coming!!

  2. I bet you can bounce a dime off every part of his body.

  3. That picture is double delicious! Thanks for sharing!

    I'm planning on reading the Kennedy book as soon as I finish Sticks & Stones.

  4. Janna - If it helps, Sean has a little Simon & Declan story on his website that you can read after this one.

    Um, isn't that an American football?

  5. @Samantha: I'm there too and I'm reluctant to finish reading it ;) Don't you have that? Good to hear that you like my M/M reads!

    @Katiebabs: Lol, he is kinda well-sculptured and taut, isn't he?

    @Eyre: How's S&S? I have that and Cut & Run waiting on my ereader :)

    @Sparklybearsy: *grin* nice way of putting it :D

  6. @Chris: I've found that story and I'm definitely gonna read it! :)
    Uhm, I told you I don't know much about sports... *g*

  7. Ball, what ball? :-)

    So what the hell happened with Sven today? Disqualified after 16 laps? They haven't really said anything except that it happened.

  8. Janna, I'm enjoying S & S, but I'm not enjoying its much as I did C & R. It's going a little bit slowly for me right now.

  9. Eyre: I felt the same way. S & S does get better, but it was a little slow for me too. LOVED C & R

    Janna: Now I'm going to have to get this book! It will be my first Sean Kennedy, but you're the 3 or 4th person who has said they like it! I just finished Special Delivery by Heidi Cullinan. Also at Dreamspinner. I didn't want it to end! It's a good thing there is a second book from her coming out in April. SOOOO good!

  10. @Tam: LOL! Look closer, you'll see one or two.

    Drama is what happened :( Apparently he made a mistake changing lanes (or how do you call that in English). Yep, a wrong move got him disqualified while he was skating a great match...

    @Eyre: Hmmm, I'm sorry that it's disappointing you a bit. Maybe it'll speed up soon :)

  11. @Jambrea: I think you'll like Tigers and Devils :) I'm not sure now if it won't be too slow ;)

    *scribbling down the Heidi Cullinan title*

  12. Haven't read any Sean Kennedy - obviously I need to remedy that!

    Very nice ball player

  13. Oh my word, who cares what kind of ball he's holding look at that chest. And arms. And that stare. **fanning ma face**

  14. Oh wow... were you saying something... lol. Really were you! LOL!

  15. Loved the pic!!

    I'm so glad you're liking the book. I loved it so much. Simon especially. :)

  16. Mmm some serious abs going on there ;)

  17. Darn, my email notification isn't working proparly anymore... So I hadn't noticed your responses before.

    @Patti: I've finished T&D today and it was really a fabulous read!

    @Mar: LOL, you can take him home for a little while if you want :)

    @Cecile: Nope, nothing of importance ;)

    @Lily: Yes, I fell in love with Simon. He's so wonderful and funny :) Although Declan is hotter, lol!

    @Blodeuedd: Definitely! Can't argue with that :)

  18. Don't mind all the drooling, I'll clean before leaving...*wipes drool*

    OMG I hate sports but I would even consider joining the Gym if it meant getting any closer to this hottie!
    Now if only i could touch those freaking abs!!! lol

  19. @pattepoilue: He's droolicious, isn't he? (Bellie's word, she tweeted it to me :) and I liked it)

    Yeah, he's (almost) worth it to get yourself all sweaty and panting at the gym *g*

  20. 'Yeah, he's (almost) worth it to get yourself all sweaty and panting.'

    Ahhh see i fixed your sentence ;) it's way better without the 'At the gym' *g*

    Ohh yes Droolicious is the word we need!

  21. Lol! It's better, yes! But then you can also delete the '(almost)', don't you agree? *grin*


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