Thursday, April 29, 2010

Quick Note Before I Go Celebrate

Just want to say that I'm away for a long weekend and probably won't be around for bloghopping and stuff!
Hubs and I are heading out of town in a couple of hours and won't be home before Sunday. We're going to celebrate his birthday (he turned 38 today :)) and Queen's Day tomorrow. We're staying in a hotel in our Dom city, Utrecht, and meet with a couple of our friends to party.
We have internet in our hotel but I just don't know how much time we'll be spending there and how 'demanding' hubby will be ;)

I'll try to do my Happy Gay Friday post and I hope to take some pictures of the Queen's Day celebrations in Utrecht to post later, so you all can see what the big deal is about with us Dutchies and Queen's Day! It's fun and orange!

Hope you all have a great weekend as well! TTYL!


  1. Just enjoy the weekend - We'll be here when you get back on Monday..

    Lots of picture please...

    Have tons of fun....


  2. Have a blast and Happy Birthday to your hubby.

  3. Have a great holiday, Janna! And happy 38th to the husb. :)

  4. Honey, you have a great weekend!! And you give hubs alllll the attention he wants **Evil hussy wink**
    We will be here when you get back!!!!
    Love ya honey!!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to hubby and I hope you both have a fabulous weekend!

  6. Hope you have a fab weekend! Cute kitty pic btw :D

  7. Happy birthday to your hubby and have a great weekend away!

  8. Happy Birthday to him :D

    Oh queen's day, when everyone goes orange right

  9. Have a spectacular weekend and happy b-day to your husband!

  10. Have fun! Hope you and hubby have a lovely time together! :)

  11. Have a great time and happy birthday to your hubs!! I know you won't be around but I'm sending you an email anyway. I need info. :)

  12. Thanks you all, for dropping by and the birthday and have-fun wishes! Also thanks from hubby :)
    We had a wonderful time and I hope your weekends were great too! :D


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