Friday, April 9, 2010

Happy Gay Friday

I’m always so happy when it’s Friday again (who isn’t?). It not only means a few days without work related pressure but also (for me) the possibility to look at my collection of boyz kissing boyz and pick one to put up at my blog :) And today I’m picking one with my friend Chris in mind, because she needs a little cheering up! She does that for me a lot too, if it were only for her fun blog, go visit her if you haven’t before. She also has the cutest kittens: Chaos and Mayhem, who do the cutest things of which she takes the cutest pics!

I’m also happy that it’s Friday because I finally may have some time and the right mindset to write a few reviews this weekend. I still want to write one about Sloan Parker’s More (the M/M/M romance I raved about before) and another one about the ARC I finished this week of Michelle Hauf’s My Vampire Husband (a paranormal M/F which was pretty good).

Another book that I finished this week and is worth to write a review about is a paranormal M/M romance by Ally Blue: Oleander House. This book had me on the edge of my seat during the complete second half. It has thriller elements as well as a sweet gay for you romance. It's the first in a series and I really need to read the second book now. :) I have to know how this group of people is doing after what they experienced in Oleander House, especially the fragile love couple Sam and Bo. This promises to be a wonderful paranormal M/M series for me to discover yet. Of course I immediately bought the second and third book, What Hides Inside and Twilight! I have no self control ;)

And then there are a few M/M shorts I read last weekend that were all three very enjoyable.

The first was Only Yours by J.R. Patrick, a Dreamspinners Nap-Size story. It’s about Dre and Nate and starts with Dre asking his boyfriend Nate to move in, and Nate leaving in the night without a word. Dre is hurt and learns only six months later why Nate left, and so do we. It’s a well written short story that packs quite some emotions and action in the limited amount of pages. I really enjoyed reading this! I rate it with 3.5 stars.

The second one was Dangerous Distraction by Mia Watts that I received from Mia herself and which she also offered for giveaway when she was here at my place for an interview. You can also find a sexy excerpt from it here. This story is about two hot cops that meet in a bar when an afterhours dare challenges Detective David Rook to kiss ATF Agent Nate Giamanti. Rook didn’t expect to kiss the sexiest pair of lips he's seen in a long time. He didn't expect it would shake his closeted lifestyle to the core. Short after that Nate is working with him on a case and Rook can't avoid his forbidden desires. Nate and David are very likeable characters, good-looking and sexy, but I wished we could have been given a little bit more background information. It would've made their attraction even better. Now their romance developed a bit too fast imo. But this still was a fun read with great scenes when the guys were together! If only this short story would've been twice as long! Nevertheless I enjoyed Dangerous Distraction a lot! I rate it with 3.75 stars.

The third short story was Two Steps Up by Sean Kennedy. Although short, this was a really cute story about a first gay kiss. The main characters, Russ and Brian, are two 17 year old skate boarders and one of them is trying to find the courage to come out as being gay and to join a young gays group. It’s not a full blown romance, there’s only one meeting, but their story is sweet and endearing. I give it 3.5 stars.

Last but not least
Remember today’s book at All Romance eBooks is a gay romance! It’s Love Means No Shame by Andrew Grey. Once you add it to your cart it’s free. Here’s the link.

I hope you all have a happy Friday!


  1. Ohh yes yes I want this review of MORE!! Now that you've made me salivate I need to know all about it! *g* Happy Gay Friday Janna!

  2. Aw, thank you!! LOVE that picture. :)

    SO glad you're enjoying Bay City Paranormal Investigations - I think I read the whole series in a week!

    I'm reading Lynx by Joely Skye, which is the third book in her excellent shifter series.

  3. Wow Janna, I just finished Oleander House last night. Oooooh Twilight zone. LOL I have the entire series but I'm trying to be careful about binge reading. Sometimes it works for me (Entire 5 books of Psycop series in 3 days) and sometimes it doesn't and I start to see patterns that don't work. So I'm going to TRY and wait a few days before I start book two but I'm desperately wanting to know what happens next too. LOL

    I enjoyed Sean's little story, it's sweet and would be a good read for a young gay person who's struggling.

    I have to get the Mia story as well.

  4. Yeah Gay Friday! I have the same problem with the shorter books that they don't give you alot of background to build the romance on, though that doesn't stop me from appreciating the book :)

  5. The minute I saw a small snippet of the pic on my blogroll I knew me was going to like these two men embracing each other. Very hot stuff Janna. But what else is new *wink*

    I've had a very good friday, not only was the weather spring time warm, hubby was also home, my two alpha beasties got cuddly short again at the beastie groomer and I got to read outside on our balconny for the first time this year.

    It was a good friday ;) And girl, you know I can't wait to hear more on Sloan Parker’s More!!

  6. Had to hide the pic when bf walked by, he always gets so scared when gay Friday comes ;)

  7. Love means no Shame is a great read. Finally a good Amish Man Love book. Yaaaay!

  8. Looking forward to your More review!! Thanks for the recaps!

  9. @pattepoilue: *grin* The anticipation is high ;) I need a little distance from the book to write a review, esp when I gave it 5 stars. I'll try to write a High 5, Low 5 review to give you some more than 'it was fantastic' ;)
    Happy Friday to you too, hon!

    @Chris: Glad you appreciate the couple ;)
    Yeah, the BCPI series is great! I like the investigation angle, it's different from other paranormal romances I've read.
    *grin* Leave it to you to add another excellent series to my to-buy list :)

  10. @Tam: Wow! Twilight zone indeed, lol! Something tells me that you'll finish this series way sooner than me ;) I'm a little afraid for an 'overdose' too. I'll hop over to your blog tonight to read your thoughts!

    @Heather: Exactly. The short books are fun to read but fulfill another need than the full lenght novels. :)

  11. Janna: The other two books are Marked and Feral, although I can't remember which is the first book... Glad to enable, glad to enable. ;)

  12. @leontine: *grin* I never think about how the pics show at blog rolls... O_O Does it show the nudity? Glad you like the couple though :)
    This was a wonderful Friday indeed. I so love the sun! It makes me all happy and smiling :)
    'More' is coming up ;)

    @Blodeuedd: LOL! I can picture his face, because I just saw it on hubby's face when he walked in while my blog was on the screen :D I told him about you and your scared bf and hubby responded with 'I'm not scared, it's just yuk!' LOL

  13. @KC: I still have to read The Shunned! Don't discourage me too much, hon ;)

    @Mandi: Like I said to Pattepoilue it's coming up ;)

    @Chris: *grin* Thanks :)

  14. Great picture!

    The BCPI series is phenomenal! I'm glad you enjoyed book 1.

  15. Love the pic!!

    The BCPI series was very good.

    I also really liked Love Means... No Shame.

    Happy Gay Friday!

  16. Hey Eyre & Lily,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the pic! :)
    I'm starting to think that I was one of the few that hadn't read this series yet ;) But it's good to know that you liked it so much!
    Can't wait to read the rest of the book now :D
    Happy Gay Friday to you too!

  17. I LOVE The BCPI books. OMG I read them all in a couple days and still want more. lol

    I LOVE JR and can't wait for more of hers.

    Mia just rocks. :)

  18. Thank you for All Romance eBooks reminder - I look forward to reading Love Means No Shame.

    And the photo is tops! I'm looking forward to next Friday already...and to the reviews of More and Oleander House! No pressure though :)

  19. Love the pic! Oleander House looks good, and I'm looking forward to your review of More!

  20. Thanks J! I'm thrilled you enjoyed Dre and Nate. :D

  21. @Jambrea: I could've known that you read all of the mentioned books and short stories ;) Wait. Didn't you read Sean's story? *g*

    @orannia: I'm happy I could help ;) I hope you enjoy Andrew Grey's book!
    Thanks for liking my cookies :) The review for More will be up this week! Oh, and next week the author of More, Sloan Parker, will come by at my place and she might give away a copy :D

    @Patti: Thanks, hon! See the above about More :) Oleander House is a good read! I just finished the second book of this series too and I'm really enjoying this it so far. I think you'll like it as well!

    @JR: Hey there :) Sorry I haven't mentioned it before to you, but yeah, I really enjoyed your guys! And like Jambrea, I can't wait for more of your stories! Don't let us wait too long, okay? :)


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