Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & Stealing My Heart

The combination of water and boys kissing boys is a guarantee for wet dreams! At least I think so ;)
And since it's a nice and long Easter Weekend I feel generous and share more than one Happy Gay Friday cookie today :). I don't know if next Monday is for everyone a holiday or if this is a Dutch thing only (we call it Second Easter Day), but I hope you all have a nice relaxing Easter break! Me and hubby don't have special plans, just spending some time together and relax. How about you?

When I was over at All Romance Ebooks today I decided to add the Stealing My Heart Anthology to my cart. Not because of the cover, because that's not really doing it for me *g*, but because all proceeds will go to help fight ebook piracy.

It's a collection of m/m stories. Stephani Hecht, Jambrea Jo Jones, A.J. Llewellyn and D.J. Manly, Carol Lynne, Jaime Samms, and Serena Yates, have all contributed their talents and their time to make this anthology of male/male erotic romance possible. You can find the Anthology here.

Have a great Easter Weekend!


  1. I could bounce a quarter off those hot guys buns, yummy.

    Happy Friday Man Love Night!!!

  2. @KC: LOL! Have a Happy Man Love Friday too, hon!!

  3. Janna: You always find the best photos! I could drool - er, I mean look at them all day! Thanks and Happy Easter!

  4. @Twimom: I'm glad you love them, Jen! Have a happy Easter too! :)

  5. I hope you have a fantastic Easter holiday. Thanks for the yummy cookies!

  6. Mmmm. Nice and wet. Can't go wrong.

    We get Friday and Monday, well, government gets Monday and my daughter is out of school, all stores will be open. Have a nice Easter.

  7. @Chris: you're welcome :)

    @Lily: You too, sweetie! You can see the cookies as returning the favor to you ;)

    @Tam: It's the best combination.
    We actually have the Friday off too, beside the Monday :) But that's not everywhere (only schools & (semi) government).
    Hope you have a nice Easter break too!

  8. @Blodeuedd: You too, hon! :) Don't eat too much chocolates ;)

  9. Yum. Thanks. I love that last of my favs.
    Have a great Easter!

  10. Thanks for the wet happy man love! I hope you have a good holiday!

  11. @Amora: Welcome! Yes, the last one is one of my favorites too, nice angle :)
    Happy Easter for you too!

    @Heather: Anytime! Have a good wet happy holiday, hon! :D

  12. Oh you give good cookies :) Here, Easter Monday (as it's called) is a holiday - YAH! I hope you and your husband have a lovely Easter weekend.

    And I completely agree about the combination of water and boys kissing boys *grin*

  13. Oh the yummy cookies you have honey!!!!! Yumnomnomyum....

    Thanks for the great Friday.... I hope yours was just gerat as you gave us... I hope your weekend is a beautiful, blesses, happy, and wonderful Happy Easter honey!

    You and Mr. Erotic alone together... **waggles eyebrows**
    Love ya honey!

  14. Your blog is one of the first i visit in the morning Janna and hot dang girl, you know how to make the start of my day a very good one. Look at all those M/M cookies, I'm so on such a high right now. Which is a great buzz to start the day with LOL Thanks girl and Happy Easter to you too, enjoy the relaxing days!

  15. @orannia: Hope you have a nice Easter weekend too! And I'm glad you like the wet cookies ;)

    @Cecile: *grin* where your mind wanders, hon! LOL! That's why we're smut sistahs :) Hope your Easter weekend is fabulous as well - with Mr Smutty Hussy! Love ya too, sweetie! :D

    @Leontine: I'm glad I could give you that great buzz to start the day and I hope you and your hubby took advantage of it ;) Happy Easter to you too! I hope the relaxing worked out fine for you! :)

  16. I'm so relaxed I'm almost a puddle of jello LOL Just watched AVATAR with hubby a simple but beautiful story and the visuals delivered are absolutely breathtaking. Now we're off to the kitchen for some Easter cooking :)

  17. Sounds really good, hon! I'm quite relaxed too. It was a nice weekend :)
    You're early with the cooking ;) Enjoy, sweetie!

  18. Leontine... are you sure that you and Mr. Leontine are headed to the kitchen to "Cook"... after these cookies... hummmmm... I am not sure!!!

  19. MMMM MMMM yummy!!! Anything that mixes sensuality with water, is a definite turn on for anyone!!! Hope you had a Happy Easter!


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