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Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene

This week’s sexy smutty scene is from What Hides Inside by Ally Blue. It’s the second book of her Bay City Paranormal Investigation series. I’ve finished this book last night and in a few hours I’ll start reading the third book Twilight. I don’t know what it is about this series but it’s pretty addictive. It’s m/m PNR but it’s not the vampire, demon or werewolf kind of paranormal. In this case it’s about a team of investigators that look into strange occurrences that seem to be paranormal. The investigation angle is attractive and addictive.

This week’s very smuttalicious man love scene might be a bit spoilerish when you just started this series or want to read it soon. So don’t read further if you don’t want to know (yet) :)
Oh, and it’s hot (maybe superfluous to mention)! Enjoy!

For a second, Dean went rigid with surprise. Then he moaned into Sam’s mouth and melted against him, one hand curled in Sam’s hair and the other winding around his waist. Dean’s body fit perfectly against Sam’s, warm and pliant, hips rolling in a search for friction. Hungry little noises bled from his lips as the kiss went deep.
“God, I want you so bad,” Dean breathed, and bit Sam’s ear.
Growling, Sam grabbed Dean’s ass in both hands and squeezed. “Don’t wanna go out anymore.”
“Me neither. Oh shit, yeah, do that again…”
Sam obediently sucked up another purple mark at the juncture of Dean’s neck and shoulder. “Bedroom,” he mumbled, his mouth still pressed to Dean’s skin. “Now.”
“Hell yeah.” With one more hard, hot kiss, Dean drew back, a finger still hooked through one of Sam’s belt loops. “Which way?”
Taking Dean’s hand, Sam led him through the door into the bedroom. As soon as they were inside, Sam tore off his jacket, watching as Dean did the same. Both garments were thrown unceremoniously aside, then Dean molded his body to Sam’s, hands sliding around his hips to caress his ass. They kissed again, tongues winding together as Sam backed them toward the bed. His knees hit the edge of the mattress and he let himself fall backward across it, taking Dean with him.
Rolling over, Sam pinned Dean’s body with his and buried his face in the man’s neck, pressing tiny kisses to his skin. Dean writhed underneath him, hips canting upward and thighs spreading. His moans rode the air, and his hands roamed Sam’s body with a great deal of skill and not an ounce of shyness.
Even through the lust fogging his mind, Sam couldn’t help comparing Dean to Bo. Kissing Dean, touching him and drawing those sweet sounds from him, was a very different experience from doing the same to Bo. Dean smelled different, he tasted different, the noises he made were different. And Dean threw himself into kissing Sam with an abandon Bo had never shown. Sam understood the why of it—Dean was out. Very, very out. Bo was not. Plus Bo valued control in every area of his life. Dean clearly shot from the hip more often than not.
I’ve never made Bo lose control like this, Sam thought mournfully, even as he yanked Dean’s shirt up and sucked one small pink nipple into his mouth. Dean arched against him, both hands fisted in his hair, soft keening sounds falling from his lips.
“Fuck me,” Dean begged, his voice low and rough. “Fuck me, God please.”
Sam closed his eyes. He’d have given anything to hear Bo say that to him. But you never will, he reminded himself. Dean’s here, he’s hot and willing and expects nothing from you, and God knows you need a good fuck.
Shoving the wistful thoughts of Bo firmly to the back of his mind, Sam sat up on his knees and went to work getting Dean’s jeans undone. Once he had the button and zipper open, Dean toed his sneakers off, lifted his hips and helped Sam shimmy the tight denim down his legs.
Tossing the pants over his shoulder, Sam pushed Dean’s thighs apart and stared at the thick, straight cock and tight balls he’d uncovered.
“I like how you’re looking at me,” Dean whispered. He ran his fingertips up and down his shaft, making the silky skin twitch. “Get undressed, so I can look at you too.”
Without taking his gaze from Dean’s prick, Sam stood and hastily shed his clothes, then crawled back onto the bed. Dean wrapped Sam in strong arms and long, graceful legs. Their lips met in another searing kiss. The feel of Dean’s bare skin against his sent lust thumping through Sam’s blood.
Following a sudden, irresistible urge, Sam kissed his way down Dean’s neck, pausing to swirl his tongue in the hollow of Dean’s throat before moving on. Dean cried out and squirmed as Sam’s teeth dug into one nipple, his fingers pinching the other.
“Sam, yes,” Dean hissed, his skin jumping under Sam’s lips and teeth and tongue. “God…fuck…”
Sam could only groan his agreement, his mouth being busy with making Dean incoherent. He slid further down Dean’s body, leaving wet kisses and reddened bite marks on the way. When he caught the sharp, musky scent of Dean’s arousal, all his control vanished. Shoving Dean’s thighs up and apart, Sam swooped down and swallowed Dean’s flushed and leaking cock to the root.
“Ah, oh my God!” Dean cried, his upper body coming completely off the bed. “Yes, fuck yes.”
Sam smiled smugly around his mouthful. He’d been half afraid he’d forgotten how to drive a man crazy with his mouth, after two months of not being allowed to even consider it. Apparently he hadn’t lost his touch after all, if Dean’s broken, lustful moans and the persistent thrusting of his hips was anything to go by.
Sam licked and sucked and stroked until Dean was thrashing on the bed, legs splayed wide and hands clutching the sheets. When he felt Dean’s cock swell in his mouth, Sam abruptly drew back. Raising his head, he grinned at Dean’s shocked expression. Dean let out a pitiful whimper and pushed at Sam’s head.
“Don’t come yet,” Sam said, struggling to get the words out past the need filling him to bursting. “Wait ‘til I’m in you.”

Ally Blue’s weblog and website and Twitter account

Sam Raintree's life changed forever when he started his dream job with Bay City Paranormal Investigations. In one fateful week, he learned he was psychic, discovered he possessed the power to open interdimensional portals, and accidentally let loose a horror like he'd never imagined. He also began a relationship with his boss, Dr. Bo Broussard, a man who'd been in the closet all his life. Now, three months later, the burden of secrets has become too heavy for a fragile relationship to bear. Bo isn't ready to come out, and Sam is tired of hiding. When Bo hires a new investigator, Dean Delapore, Sam is intrigued in spite of himself. Dean is bisexual, attractive, and very interested in Sam. During the intense investigation of South Bay High School, from which three students have mysteriously disappeared, Sam and Dean draw closer together, while Bo pushes Sam away despite their feelings for one another. When the investigation erupts and Sam comes face-to-face with his worst nightmare, he has to decide whether to fight for Bo's love, or let him go.


  1. Nothing like a bit of smut before heading to bed :)

  2. LOL - Sam and Dean. Wonder if that was accidental or if Ally is a Supernatural fan who'd like to see some Jared and Jensen action.

  3. Huh, I have this strange desire to reread BCPI...

  4. @Bronwyn: I couldn't help thinking about that too, LOL! But, shhh, it's not the HEA couple of this series. That's Sam and Bo. Dean will get his own love further down the series *I heard* :)

    @Chris: Verra strange! ;) Don't hold me responsible *grin*

  5. *mops brow* that was a good one Janna.

  6. That's an awesome book!

  7. *sigh* I LOVE this series. I agree, I think I need a re read.

  8. Thanks for the great excerpt.


  9. You definitely picked a hot one. At this stage of the series I was not liking Bo too much although he did redeem himself later.

    Still, I loved this scene between Dean and Sam.

  10. @KC: *grin* Maybe this series is one for your Friday night's man love nights ;)

    @Eyre: I agree! It has a lot of attractive elements combined.

    @Jambrea: I'm not much of a rereader myself, but I think this series would be a perfect candidate if I ever want a reread! :)

    @Anna: My pleasure, hon! :D

    @lily: At this stage of this book I wanted to smack Bo. Hard. But by the end it was all better again ;)
    I agree, I loved what followed after this scene too :)

  11. I have read up to about book four in this series..

    What I love about it - is the fact that it about honest to goodness stuff that goes bump in the night - not this vamp, demon and all the other malarky that's around now...

    I thought it was breath of fresh air - to be honest..


  12. @EH: That's what I like about this series too, the investigation angle!
    Not that I'm bored yet with all the other malarky ;) yet, but this series is refreshing, I agree.

  13. Day late and a dollar short ~ that seems to be my motto lately... April 15th can not come soon enough!!! Tax season will be over!
    Sooo with all that said.. I wanted to drop by for my smut of the week and my hugs from you!!! I hope all is well my friend!! Love ya!

  14. Hey hon! It seems to be my motto too lately! ;) Just one more day for you and it all will be a lot more relaxing! I'm happy for you and I hope you can find a bit of rest, sweetie! Love ya too! *big hugs*


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