Monday, April 26, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene

Today’s sexy scene is from Centrefold by Kris Norris. It’s one of Total E-Bound’s Christmas Crackers and I actually got this M/M/F story in December already. It was a present from the author herself! She sent it to me after visiting my blog for the first time. That’s pretty great, huh? *waves at Kris* You rock, Kris! :)

Anyhow, so far I hadn’t read this ménage story yet. I’m pretty weird with seasonal reads, I like to read Christmas stories throughout the year and not necessarily in December. So, with the weather getting warm and sunny I suddenly felt like reading this one!
It’s a very steamy read so far and I could’ve shared easily one of the many all-the-way scenes but I’m in the mood for a kissing scene to go with this week’s picture! So if you want more of the serious smexing, you better pick this up yourself ;) It does have m/m and ménage scenes, so if you’re not into that, be warned.

Oh and Chris @ Stumbling over Chaos is having a contest with Kris' latest release. Today is the last day to enter the contest to win a copy of her recent m/f romantic suspense, Deadly Obsession (‘Til Death, Book 2)! Contest closes at 7 pm CDT.

The next scene is an m/f kissing scene and Roman and Scarlet are undercover agents 'acting' like a couple, which they have to prove in this scene:

The world dipped a moment before she realised she was in Roman’s arms, moving over to the rug.
She looked up at him, captivated by the erotic gleam in his eyes. He didn’t look upset…he looked like a hunter claiming his prize after a long hard chase. And if his cock was any indication of his enthusiasm, she had a feeling he was in the mood to put on quite a show.
“Easy, darling,” he soothed, lowering her to the rug. “I know this wasn’t how you envisioned me loving you tonight,” he began, his voice loud enough for Everett to hear. “But under the circumstances…” He motioned back to where the man had taken root in a chair. “Just close your eyes, and feel everything I can do for you.”
She tried to speak, but he caught her lips in a primal kiss, dipping his tongue into her mouth like a man who’d dreamt the act a thousand times. He traced every hollow, every dip and curve, until his taste was all she knew. She moved with him when his fingers twirled through her hair, tilting her head back to deepen the kiss. His soft moan drew her back, his lips still touching hers, their breath mixing.
“I’d like to say, I’m sorry,” he whispered. “But I’ve wanted you for a long time, and I don’t plan on wasting any opportunity I’m given.” He kissed the soft shell of her ear, making her body arch into him. “By the time I’m finished, no one in the room will doubt I’m your lover.”
Scarlet moaned as he slanted his lips over hers again, this kiss more demanding than the last. He didn’t taste her this time, he conquered, thrusting inside, devouring her mouth, eating her without mercy, without hesitation. Every flick of his tongue sent a pulse to her groin, heating her juices until they coated her velvety lips. Hell, if he didn’t stop soon, she just might come.
Roman pulled back, swiping his tongue along her lower lip. “Damn, you’re beautiful. Your lips all full and wet.” He drew a deep breath.

Kris Norris’s weblog and website
Buy Centrefold here

Backblurb Centrefold:

Sometimes a woman wants to be spread between more than just the pages of a magazine.

Scarlet's spent the past six months trying to make her alter ego, Miss December, a ghost of Christmas past. Forced to become the sexy centrefold in a high stakes undercover assignment, she's spent more time pulling copies of her naked butt off the bulletin boards at the station, than she has chasing criminals. But it's not over yet.

Someone's hunting the models from her first assignment, and with only two weeks left in the year, the rampage is only going to escalate, unless they can catch a break. A break that'll have her baring it all in the line of duty once again. But to keep her cover intact, she's being reunited with her ex-partner, Roman, the one man who controls her body in a way she never dreamed and the only man she'll ever love. Or so she believes...

Roman knows he's got some explaining to do, but after six months of hiding, he's finally ready to come clean, and come out of the closet. He's in love with his F.B.I. partner, Aiden, but bound to Scarlet as well. And with their partnership reinstated, he's determined to show her it's one he plans to make permanent. He and Aiden have made a decision, and they'll do whatever it takes to seduce her into their bed. But can they claim her heart before the stalker kills his way through the calendar?


  1. Thanks for the contest mention! Hmm. They don't give you enough of the 2nd guy on the cover to make identifying him easy...

  2. Smutty Monday ;) Just what I need

  3. Now this is the way to end the day, with a great visual and a nice bedstory excerpt :) Thanks Janna!

  4. Thanks for sharing the kissing scene.. sounds like a hot book!

  5. 'Sometimes a woman wants to be spread between more than just the pages of a magazine.' --> Oh my ::blinks:: I'm liking it already.

  6. Hi all,

    You can imagine my surprise when I checked out one of my favourite blogs and found I was the smutty scene!!! OMG!!! I've read sooo many smutty scenes, never thinking I'd see one of my smutty definitely made my day...

    Yes, Chris over at Stumbling Over Chaos is holding a give-away for me of my latest release... whoo hoo, thanks Chris and thanks Janna, for mentioning it.

    I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the book. Yes there's a mixture of sexual encounters, so not for those who only enjoy a certain kind of interaction. This is one of my 'hottest' ones, so yeah, there's a lot of word count devoted to the three of them. Definitely a challenge to get everything you want in there when you only have 15K to do it (Oh, and my editor always laughs because I never hand in a short story that's not 14, 998...)

    Thanks again for making my day...


  7. Kris totally rocks!!! Great pic and scene!!! I love Mondays for this blog alone...well and Chris' Misadventures in Cover Art. :D

  8. Huh? I was under the impression that I already commented her last night... Ah well, I'll just have to repeat myself then!

    @Chris: You're welcome :) So, basically you're always on cover hunt? Not even some smuttiness can distract you much, huh? lol!

    @Blodeuedd: My pleasure, hon :)

    @Leontine: :) Hope you and Mr. Leontine could appreciate the timing ;)

    @Heather: It most definitely is! :D

    @KC: Lol! That was bound to attract your attention ;)

    @Kris: It's utterly my pleasure! :D I'm glad I made you smile with so little effort! Besides, you wrote this hot story that so fits my smutty Monday posts! *g* So, thank YOU! :)

    @Bronwyn: Kris is not the only one who rocks and sent me a present in December! You know who else! :D
    And I'm aww-ing together with Chris for your compliment on our Mondays :)

    @orannia: Welcome, sweets! I'm glad you liked it :)

  9. What everyone needs on a Monday - A kis me up...

    I really need to read something by this author..


  10. @EH: So true ;)
    I think you should give her a try, you can choose from a nice backlist. I look forward to your thoughts :)

  11. I love when an author have a decent backlist for me to sort through..


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