Sunday, November 6, 2011

Winners of the GayRomLit After Party & Riptide Launch Party!

Today I have six winners to announce! Woohoo!!

The first lucky person is:
You won a backlist book of choice (excluding Crescendo) by Rachel Haimowitz!

The second winner is:
You won your choice of Cat Grant’s Allegro Vivace, Sonata Appassionata, The First Real Thing (Icon Men #1), Appearing Nightly (Icon Men #2), A Fool for You (Icon Men #3), or Entangled Trio!

The third lucky one is:
You won your choice of Bryl Tyne’s Pull, At Day’s End, Beneath Me, Rite of Passage, Behind Blue Eyes, Tough Guy, Best Unspoken, Coin Operated Boy, Trey #3, The Secret Ingredient, and the Zagzagel Diaries!

The fourth winner is:
Your prize is a backlist book of choice by Brita Addams!

The fifth lucky winner is:
You can pick your First Wave Winner’s Choice of any one backlist book from Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt, Brita Addams, or Cat Grant (“Frontlist” books, i.e. Riptide releases and newest non-Riptide release, are excluded, as are the Courtland Chronicles)!

The last but not least of the prizes goes to:
You won a backlist book of choice by Aleksandr Voinov (excluding Counterpunch and Dark Soul 1)!

Congratulations to all!!
I’ll email you today to notify you and confirm your email addresses.
The rest of the commenters who didn’t win now, are still in the draw for the big Riptide swag bag which includes great prizes like an iPad or ereader. Riptide will award one lucky commenter at the end of their tour.

For now, here’s some consolation eye candy. :)



  1. Thank you and Brita for the book.

    Congrats to the othe winners. Enjoy!

    I'll contact you soon, Janna.

    Tracey D

  2. Thank you and congrats to the other winners

  3. Congrats to the winners!

    And Janna - THANK YOU! You broke my cookie drought! (I love #1 and #4 :)


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