Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Gay Friday

It’s been a while since my last Happy Gay Friday post. I wrote that one in New Orleans, and now it feels like ages ago that we were there. I do miss the fun we had. *sad face*
Anyhow, I’m still trying to find my reading groove again, but it’s kinda hard, with all the everyday boring stuff that steals away time. I hope it will get better soon.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to check out the current giveaways at Rarely Dusty Books. I’ll announce the winners on Sunday the 6th, so tomorrow is the last chance to leave your comments at the below posts for a chance to win the mentioned prizes:

Guest post by Aleksandr Voinov: M/M in 2012 and beyond: Any backlist book of choice by Aleksandr Voinov (excluding Counterpunch and Dark Soul 1)!
Damon Suede's GayRomLit: A million magical moments: First Wave Winner’s Choice --> Pick any one backlist book from Rachel Haimowitz, Aleksandr Voinov, L.A. Witt, Brita Addams, or Cat Grant (“Frontlist” books, i.e. Riptide releases and newest non-Riptide release, are excluded, as are the Courtland Chronicles).
Brita Addams’ GayRomLit Retreat Recollections: Any backlist book of choice by Brita Addams!
Bryl Tyne’s GayRomLit: Reflection of a con virgin: Your choice of Bryl Tyne’s Pull, At Day’s End, Beneath Me, Rite of Passage, Behind Blue Eyes, Tough Guy, Best Unspoken, Coin Operated Boy, Trey #3, The Secret Ingredient, and the Zagzagel Diaries!
Cat Grant’s GayRomLit: Do You Know What It Means to Visit New Orleans…: Your choice of Cat Grant’s Allegro Vivace, Sonata Appassionata, The First Real Thing (Icon Men #1), Appearing Nightly (Icon Men #2), A Fool for You (Icon Men #3), or Entangled Trio!
Rachel Haimowitz' Love Letter to GayRomLit: Any backlist book of choice (excluding Crescendo) by Rachel Haimowitz!

Happy Gay Friday!


  1. I hope you have a great weekend!

    And yeah, it feels like ages and ages since we were in NOLA. :(

  2. Happy belated Gay Friday, Janna! :)

  3. @Chris: My weekend was pretty good, Chris. We went to a great party of one of my friends and we did some necessary DIY stuff around the house. It takes some time to get settled. :)

    @Ava: Thanks so much, Ava!

  4. that picture is squee worthy ;) like those unshaven faces!


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