Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Gay Friday, A date & Changing habits

Hope this animated gif will work...

After an explosive week at work, in which my boss had a nervous break down and is now recovering at home for god knows how long and in which I'm sort of appointed to be her replacement (O_o), I'm sooooo glad it's Friday!

Because today is my day off, and I have a date with Lis and Leontine this afternoon! I can use the distraction from work and I know I can count on these two girls to give me exactly that! :) All I want to do is talk about books, hot guys, blogging, GayRomLit, the latest gossips and more books. And of course about Lis' latest news regarding her Australia plans and about Leo's new job. We also have to tell Lis all about GayRomLit and I look forward to giving her the book and swag we brought her from New Orleans. I think she'll love the signed copy of the Draegan Lords volume by ML Rhodes. :)

GayRomLit swag for Lis aka Larissa with a lot of M.L. Rhodes goodies and Australian stuff from Geoffrey Knight

Later this weekend I hope to find the time to catch up on my blog hopping, maybe on Sunday... It's funny how little free time I seem to have since we live in this new city. Of course we still have to do some things in the house but those are small jobs compared to a couple of weeks ago. It's probably more the constant flow of visitors, invitations from new neighbours, and wide range of cultural and social events in the city that are very time consuming. I'm not complaining, don't get me wrong, but I still have to get used to all the changes.
And something else I have to get used to and which is forcing me to change my habits is the lack of wireless internet in our bedroom. It's on the top floor, and the little box from the provider is on the first floor. It turned out that the iron beams in the first and second floor's ceilings of our house are preventing the signal to reach the third floor. So, no more blog hopping when I'm in bed. It used to be a good time for me at night, while hubs was sleeping, to go surf the internet and catch up with my blog reading, but now I have to find a new rhythm and a new open spot in my daily routine to do so. Especially leaving comments has been a very random thing lately. I hate that, and I feel bad about it, so hopefully I find a way to change my habits soon.

Happy Gay Friday!


  1. have fun with your girls today! I wish there was someone I could meet up with and talk smut ;) love the gif!

  2. Have a great time today! It'll be fun to hear about Lis' reaction to the goodies. :)

  3. Oh no, no more blog hopping in bed? Noooo!!

    Happy gay Friday!! xoxo

  4. Squee!!!! So many goodies! As we speak I'm decorating my room with the goodies!

    It was such an awesome afternoon!

  5. Happy Gay Friday! And that animated gif sooo works! YUM!

    So sorry to hear about your boss. I hope things settle down a bit for you soon.

    And I hear you on the blog hopping. I've got to not over do it...very hard ask :)


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