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Sharon’s Review: Cut and Run by Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux

Madeleine Urban and Abigail Roux
Cut and Run
Dreamspinner Press, September 29, 2008

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A series of murders in New York City has stymied the police and FBI alike, and they suspect the culprit is a single killer sending an indecipherable message. But when the two federal agents assigned to the investigation are taken out, the FBI takes a more personal interest in the case.
Special Agent Ty Grady is pulled out of undercover work after his case blows up in his face. He's cocky, abrasive, and indisputably the best at what he does. But when he's paired with Special Agent Zane Garrett, it's hate at first sight. Garrett is the perfect image of an agent: serious, sober, and focused, which makes their partnership a classic cliché: total opposites, good cop-bad cop, the odd couple. They both know immediately that their partnership will pose more of an obstacle than the lack of evidence left by the murderer.
Practically before their special assignment starts, the murderer strikes again – this time at them. Now on the run, trying to track down a man who has focused on killing his pursuers, Grady and Garrett will have to figure out how to work together before they become two more notches in the murderer's knife.

Genre & Keywords:
M/M Romance, Contemporary, Thriller, FBI, Serial killer, Action

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 2 out of 3

Reviewed by SharonS.:

You don’t need to read this review. I can sum everything I am going to say in 3 words: READ THIS BOOK! I don’t think Janna is going to let me get away with just saying that (true as it may be) so I will ramble on with the occasional fangirl moments…

This story is 100% clever mystery thriller and 100% broken and tortured alpha male romance. The authors achieved the perfect balance. While I could guess who the serial killer was right off the bat; it was the method of their madness that kept me guessing till the end. They came up with a very clever motive for the killer. There is a lot of action and I found myself rolling my eyes at just how much of a beating these guys take, but like any action movie you just roll with it and enjoy the ride (pun intended ) There is some really good rough/tender sex between these two.

You know how some characters stay with you even after you finish the book? Ty and Zane are etched in my heart. Cut and Run is the first book in this series and the fourth book Divide and Conquer has just released. According to the authors there will be 9 total books. I can’t wait to watch Ty and Zane’s tumultuous relationship develop and, I am sure, fall apart once or twice before it is all over. I have no doubt I will be sobbing and squeeing all the way. I just hope the authors have pity on us and give them the HEA we will want.

I don’t want to talk about plot because this is a serial killer mystery and both men have very screwed up pasts that keep popping up to add a new twist. I would hate to spoil anything. I think no matter what sub-genre of m/m you like, you will enjoy this book. Lucky me, I have the next three already cued up on my kindle. These two men are hard and crunchy on the outside, but soft and chewy on the inside and they are both fighting hard not to fall in love.

I have read one other book by these two authors, Warriors Cross, and was wowed by it too (here is my Goodreads review of that & here is Janna’s High Five, Low Five review of it).

The series so far:
#1 Cut & Run
#2 Sticks & Stones
#3 Fish & Chips
#4 Divide & Conquer


  1. I actually liked this one the least of the first three books. :) Haven't read the fourth one yet, so I can't comment.

  2. oh, yay! I have the next three on my kindle. Just got to read some other things first :(

  3. Thank you Sharon! I think I'm with Chris in that the first wasn't my favourite. I wanted more relationship got that in the second book *grin* Happy reading!


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