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Sharon’s Review: Snakeskin Boots by Xara X. Xanakas

Xara X. Xanakas
Snakeskin Boots (Were Menagerie #1)
Dreamspinner Press, October 5, 2011

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Jeff Cordata has always known wolves can be dangerous. Not that his luck with snakes has been any better. It's not easy being a wereboa constrictor in a world that worships werewolves.
When the customer he's been watching for months turns out to be an interested wolf, his first instinct is to flee, but his attraction to Brad Cannidy is undeniable despite the strained relations between their families. Then Jeff’s anaconda ex-boyfriend re-enters his life as a pair of snakeskin boots, the hunt begins for the murderer who is turning weres into accessories, and Jeff will have to decide if a boa and a wolf can really mate for life.

Genre & Keywords:
M/M Romance, Paranormal, Shifters, Snakes, Wolves

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 3 out of 3

Reviewed by SharonS.:

This was a fun read! It is about a Were Boa… yeah, and not only that, there are Were Elephants, Raccoons, Scorpions, Anacondas, Spider Monkeys, Cougars and I am probably missing something. And the cool thing is, it leans more towards campy rather than cheesy.

Jeff is a Were Boa who just came out of a physically abusive relationship. His life is pretty good right now. He works at a book store with his best friend Kim, and has a great relationship with his family (they are all snake shifters). He has been fantasizing about a tall dark and sexy man that has been coming into the bookstore for a couple of weeks now. Jeff and Kim have given him the nickname “Eggplant” because it looks like he is smuggling one in his pants *g*. This story is full of stuff like this. Anyway, turns out Eggplant is a Werewolf named Brad and he has decided Jeff is his mate. This would be great except Wolves and Snakes don’t get along, at all. Most Wolves look down on all other shifters. And now someone is turning snake shifters into accessories!

The plot is kind of predictable and not very complex and the writing is straight forward and tight, but I didn’t mind. What made this story for me was the humor - even though it did go over board on the snake and wolf jokes - and that it is told in the first person POV. I love reading first person POV and Jeff is such a funny guy. It was so sexy experiencing Brad through his eyes. I got a thing for men that growl and apparently so does Jeff. ;) There are lots of hot sex scenes with window shaking growling going on.

I admit that I have a completely different standard for my m/m than for m/f romances. In m/f I want my couple to be equals in strength and power with the female putting the male in his place. In my m/m I want one to be dominant and one submissive, but with a smart mouth *g*. Very Yaoi. Brad and Jeff satisfy this itch for me. Brad is constantly pulling Jeff into his lap and reassuring him how much he cares for him and turning all soft and chewy.

Even though the plot was weak and kind of gross, I found this story enjoyable for the Yaoi-like relationship, the humor and the hot sex.


  1. No no no, no snake shifters for me. I can take a lot, but that's just giving me the heebiejeebies. I'll pass thanks. :-)

  2. lol! I thought the same thing, but it worked! It was actually kind of sexy after he shifted back and he had to brush off the scales .

  3. Interesting what you said about different standards for m/m and m/f books. I think I have the same preferences. I want equality out of my women, but I do enjoy an uneven power dynamic between two men.

  4. Exactly! That is why I love yaoi manga so much too. Another book with this type of dynamic is Warriors Cross by Urban and ? Loved that book! The happy go lucky ray of sunshine that owns a litter of puppies and the jaded hit man. Bliss:)

  5. I shudder at the thought of snakes - much less were-snakes! lol

    Glad you enjoyed it though. :)

  6. This is on my list, I'm interested in seeing how snake shifters pan out!


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