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"PNR readers aren't ready for male/male couples" - Interview & Giveaway with Jennifer Turner

I’m pleased to have author Jennifer Turner here at my blog today. Her second Darkness Within novel Eternal Hearts is recently released and today Jennifer is here to talk about the series and the first two books that are released so far.

*And don’t miss your chance to win both books she’s giving away at the end of this post!*

Hi Jennifer, welcome to my place. Let’s start with an easy question *g*. Eternal Hearts is the second book in your Darkness Within series. The first is Eternal Seduction. Can you try to tell in two sentences what these books are about, for those who haven’t read them (yet)?

Holy smokes, Janna! I can barely write a back cover blurb in under 500 words, and all you’re giving me is one sentence per book!? ;) Well, here goes nothing…

Eternal Seduction: Logan Ellis has lived most of her life alone on the unforgiving streets of New York City, and she’s convinced she’ll die there…until she comes face to face with an Ancient vampire, who unexpectedly becomes her last chance to regain one of the most important things she’s ever lost – her humanity.

Eternal Hearts: Toni Tutoro just wants to go home – to the city where she died, to where her human family was murdered, and to a dangerous man she’s never met…who will love her in ways she thought were lost the day her heart stopped beating.

Okay, so I may have stretched the one sentence rule by using creative punctuation…but it’s the best I could do! ;)

Can readers read Eternal Hearts without reading Eternal Seduction first? 

I think someone could read Eternal Hearts without reading Eternal Seduction first, but as much as it pains me to say this…I wouldn’t recommend it. I tried extremely hard to go light on some of the world building explanations in Eternal Hearts, partially because the hero and heroine are already supernatural when the story begins, but mostly because I’ve read a lot of reader complaints about how authors tend to rehash the same back story over and over in series books. Unfortunately, I may have made a mistake with my decision, because I think I went too light…to the point that someone coming into the series with Eternal Hearts might feel a little lost without having read Eternal Seduction first.

I have received some good feedback from readers who found Eternal Hearts first though, who said they were confused in the beginning, but there was just enough info throughout the book to stop them from feeling lost…so that gives me hope!

I’ve learned a good lesson from this situation though, and am striving for a much better blend of world building explanations in book 3. I certainly don’t want a new reader to feel lost, but at the same time, I don’t want to drown my “regulars” with information they already know.

Will fans of Logan and Kerestyan (the couple from the first book) see them again in this second book?

Unfortunately, Kerestyan and Logan don’t make an appearance in the second book, mainly because Eternal Hearts actually picks up just a few days after Eternal Seduction ends, and it didn’t seem right to check-in with them so soon. However, you might see them in Ascension: The Revelation, which is the first novella in Vouclade’s trilogy, and you’ll definitely see them again in Eternal Embers, which is Odin’s book.

Early reviews of Eternal Hearts show that some readers who loved Eternal Seduction are less enthusiastic about Eternal Hearts. Do you think this has something to do with the heroines of the books, Logan and Toni, who aren’t much alike?

I do think the somewhat opposing reactions have a lot to do with the how different the heroines of the two books are. Logan is a 30 year old, detached and unrepentant, take-me-as-I-am-or-don’t-take-me-at-all kind of woman, whereas Toni is only 22, and is still desperately searching for a place she fits in.
Toni’s everything that Logan isn’t, she’s caring, compassionate, and she never ignores an opportunity to tell someone how much they mean to her. But on the flip side, Logan has this cool, calculating…almost unshakable façade, that when you compare the two heroines, kind of makes Toni seem a little meek and even whiney on occasion. However, even with all that said, I think both characters have a wide range of strengths and flaws that are uniquely their own.

To be honest, I’m not sure I could’ve created two heroines that are more opposite than Logan and Toni if I’d actually tried. And I’m also not surprised that readers who absolutely loved Logan don’t like Toni as much, or vice versa. If forced into a scene together, Logan and Toni probably wouldn’t like each other very much either. ;)

What other differences are there between the two books that could explain the opposite reactions?

I think there are a few possible causes. First, Eternal Seduction has a very character driven, non-traditional storyline, whereas Eternal Hearts is more traditional as well as more plot driven overall. Second, in my opinion, the two books have very different pacing. Eternal Seduction tends to mover slower for the majority of the book, and then ramps up at the end because some young vampire (and I won’t name names), makes a less than intelligent and rather split-second decision. :) Eternal Hearts, on the other hand, has a steadier pace and is always moving forward. But again, at least in this instance, I think the different pacing is reflective of the heroines. Logan is older, she’s never in a rush because she knows she has to pick and choose her battles, and as her world begins to change, she watches situations develop and doesn’t commit to action until she’s either sure of herself – or is forced to react. Toni is young, she’s lost her family and her home, and she’s constantly struggling to pull the fractured pieces of her life back together, which means she’s always fighting to move forward in an effort to regain some of the stability and security she feels so unbelievably lost without. And third, the heros from the two books are pretty different too. Kerestyan is an Ancient vampire Lord, he’s staunch in his beliefs, regal in bearing, and while he definitely has a sometimes unyielding and very alpha-male personality, he also knows he has all the time in the world to let a situation unfold. But Drake, well…Drake’s young, brash, charmingly arrogant in his own ways, and while he too has a strong and sometimes overly protective alpha-male personality, he also has a humility and humor about him that makes him truly unique.

Just as a final thought on the question, regardless of my examples above, I think the main reason for the differing opinions is simply reader perception. I don’t think every couple or character in a series will ever strike the same cords with each reader. For example, take the first ten books from Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark Hunter series. If you asked me if I loved all ten, I would easily tell you no. I ran to the bookstore to buy all ten as they released. :) I very much enjoyed reading all ten and was always sad when I flipped the last page. But Seize the Night (Tabby & Val) and Night Play (Bride & Vane) will forever stand above the others for me. I absolutely loved those two books, and to this day…I swear the only way I’d part with them is if you pried them from my cold, dead hands. :) So I definitely understand where my readers are coming from when they say they loved one book in my series more than another. And I think as long as my readers still enjoy the story, even if they don’t love every character, then I’m still moving in the right direction.

What do you love about writing? And what do you hate?

What I love about writing is the challenge of bringing out realistic character personalities in a world that’s anything but. Creating complex characters that range from just-turned-eighteen to thousands upon thousands of years old, who’ve not only triumphed in their lives, but failed just as spectacularly, is probably what keeps me going when I swear I’ll never write another word. :)

As for what I hate…I hate writing sex scenes. ;) I can write five chapters full of gut wrenching emotional scenes in the time it takes me to write three pages of sex. No matter how hard I try, when I reread the scene it always sounds cheesy to me. So now when I finish writing one, I let my hubby, my Mom, and a beta reader or two look it over, and if they say it’s good – I won’t read the scene again unless my agent wants a change. And even then…I might argue! ;)

FYI – My Mom has been an avid romance reader all her life, so if she doesn’t find a problem with one of my sex scenes, I know it can’t be too terrible. :)

Whose story is next? And when can we expect Odin’s book?

Eternal Embrace (book 3) belongs to Oktober and Lydia, which I’m working to secure a late October 2011 release date for. Book 4, Eternal Desires, will then follow in May of 2012. And if I get everything I want (fingers crossed!), Odin’s book, Eternal Embers, will release in October of 2012. Actually, if I really get everything I want…I’ll be at the Romantic Times convention in Chicago in April of 2012, and I’ll have ARCs of Odin’s book with me. :D

Can we perhaps look forward to a male/male couple in one of the future Darkness Within novels?

Hmmm. Let me see if I can summon the grace necessary to answer this question properly. ;)

Will you see a male/male couple as one of the main series books? Probably not. Will you see a male/male couple in one of the novellas? I sure hope so.

Explanation: Much to my dismay, I don’t think the majority of paranormal romance readers are ready for a male/male or even a female/female couple yet. And if I made a M/M or F/F pairing one of the main books in the Darkness Within series, it would mean that particular story has to contain pertinent details that would drive following books in the series. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, I wouldn’t want to force those who aren’t comfortable reading a M/M or F/F story into reading one solely because that book contains plot hooks and pieces necessary to understand or follow the overall story arc.

I have great respect for all of my readers, whether they’re gay, straight, black, white, catholic, or atheist, and the last thing I want to do is alienate anyone in any way. So, at least in my opinion, it seems like the best way to give my M/M loving readers what they’re looking for is to do it in a novella. I have a small handful of novellas planned that will run parallel to the series books, but don’t actually connect to the major plot arc driving the series. Meaning, the novellas will have all kinds of insights and info in them, but the important details won’t be anything that isn’t also touched upon in the main series.

Long story short – the novellas are how I intend on getting away with writing stories set in the Darkness Within world that aren’t necessarily “mainstream” friendly. ;) I’ve brainstormed a M/M story, a F/F story, a story that deals with a barely legal 18 year old who’s the victim of human trafficking, and a story that revolves around a serial killer turned vampire. The novellas are where I plan to get darker, dirtier, and turn the horror switch up a few notches. :D

How many Darkness Within novels will there be in total?

Right now, I have roughly 15 books planned for the series. I’ve left openings for more books to be added though, just in case readers gravitate towards a character that isn’t included in those 15. I’m all about giving my readers what they want, so if they start to love a character I haven’t planned for over the course of the series – I definitely want to be able to satisfy their demands. ;)

Thanks so much for your time and insightful answers, Jennifer! I’m really looking forward to the other 13 or more books that are coming our way, especially to Odin’s story. :)

Jennifer Turner’s website | weblog | on Twitter | on Goodreads
Buy Eternal Seduction here | Buy Eternal Hearts here
Read my review of Eternal Seduction here


Jennifer Turner has generously offered to give away (to one winner) a print copy of both Darkness Within novels - Eternal Seduction and Eternal Hearts - and some promo goodies.
All you have to do is leave a comment on this post that says you want in, for a chance to win.
Jennifer will also try to come by today to answer any questions you might want to ask her.

The giveaway is open to readers worldwide, and I will announce the winner on Tuesday, June 7, so be sure to leave your comment before that and don’t forget to check back then or leave a way for me to contact you in your comment or profile.

Good luck to you all!


PS I’m curious. Jennifer said when I asked her about a possible future male/male couple that she doesn’t think the majority of paranormal romance readers are ready for a male/male or even a female/female couple yet (see her explanation above).
What’s your opinion on this topic? Can male/male couples be introduced into PNR series soon (with their own novel, not just a novella) or will the majority of the PNR readers never be ready for them?



  1. Firstly, im all for M/M leads, give us the man lovin'!!! heh.

    Ohhh i do so love the Darkness Within series. Im quite a rabid Odin fan but i think Oktober will be right up there with my faves too!

    Loved this book, Drake can protect me any time *laughs*

    Great review hun! dont enter me, i have both books. =)

  2. *raises hand* Another Odin lover here but then, I really like all the characters you brought to Eternal Seduction!! I'm still *blush* in the middle of reading ES since the plot is very gradual. So me thinks that plotwise perhaps EH is going to be more my story :)

    I loved your Q's Janna and very much enjoyed the answers Jennifer!! And m/m novella's in such a series will be a nice treat for us rabid m/m readers and perhaps will give new-to-this-subgenre something to try out :)

  3. @Sparklybearsy and Leontine: Yes! Two votes for man lovin' counted! Yay! :)
    We have our fandom for Odin in common, girls! He's so entertaining just by being himself. I can't wait to read his book. :D

  4. *is really intruiged now* I'm not familiar with the books, but I'll be adding them to the list now. Great interview Janna! :-)

    As to the m/m in paranormal romance. Are there any mainstream published books with a m/m in it? I know Patricia Briggs has a gay character in one of her series, but I haven't read the books.

    I do know that m/m is emerging in Young Adult. More and more gay characters and even couples are emerging in YA books as support characters. Cassandra Clare has Alex and the Wizzard in her Immortal Instruments series and there is a gay couple in the House of Night series by P.C. anbd Kristin Cast. So it's emerging more and more and accepted more and more, because both series are bestsellers.

    Part of the problem is, I think, that authors are afraid of loosing readers or maybe even their publishers.

    Though I look forward to more m/m in paranormal romance *grin*

  5. Hi, Janna! Thanks so much for having me as a guest on your blog today. :) I very much appreciate the opportunity to chat with you and your readers!

    I have to admit, I saw the post title this morning and instantly went, "Oh, shit...did I just unintentionally start some controversy?" ;)

    I really hope it came through to everyone that I have absolutely no problem with gay romance, I just wasn't sure the majority of mainstream readers were ready for it. :)

    So how is everyone this morning/afternoon?

  6. Hi, Sparkly! Fancy seeing you here. :) I think I'm going to have to make a special Odin-Lover award for you to put on your blog. LOL! Thanks so much for giving the books a chance. I'm really glad you've enjoyed them!

  7. Hi, Leontine! Thanks for reading Eternal Seduction, and you don't need to blush. :) ES does move at a much slower pace, so I totally understand. In my opinion, EH moves a lot faster. :)

    I'd love to throw a M/M book in the middle of the series, but like I said, I'm not sure mainstream readers are quite ready for that yet. I'll have to talk to my agent about it and see what he says. Maybe I can break the mold!

  8. Hi, Lis! It's nice to meet you. :) I don't know of any mainstream PNR series that have featured a M/M couple as the main subject of a book yet. I know there are a lot of secondary character popping up who are gay, but I don't think any of them have managed to get their own book yet.

    As for authors being afraid to lose readers or their publishers, you might be onto something there. I'm not afraid to lose my publisher...mainly because I don't have one. ;) But I would worry a little bit about losing some of my readers. I just don't think we're as progressed in the US when it comes to gay rights as other countries are. I really wish we were. But we're also the same country that still feels the need to slap the "INTERRACIAL" label on a romance novel because the H&h have different skin tones. So...yeah. I'm just trying to meet everyone in the middle. :)

  9. This is a new author for me! I would love to try these books. I love m/m romance. I have a very different standard for them than I do for my m/f PNR. I like my m/m to be romantic love (not an erotica fan) and I like the ooey-gooey so sweet you get cavities type of story. With my m/f I don't want to see any ooey-goey stuff. I like dark and dangerous alpha males and kick ass females that put said alpha in his place . Thanks for the give away.

  10. Jen, Hi!! *grins* Odin Lover! Yes this is ME!! when i have time this weekend i intend to make some Darkness Within buttons. Odin of course taking top billing ;)

    *waves a second hand for man o man lovens*

  11. Talking about mainstream going m/m within series...just throwing in the name Suzanne Brockmann :) I think it is within her Troubleshooters series, which is contemporary rom. suspense, a m/m novella will be released in July.

    But Jennifwr, no preasure * wink*

  12. I would love to win

    I don't know if we are really for m/m pnr books.

  13. Not entering, but I am wowed that you have 15 more

    Would I be ready, sure I am still angry at a certain Ward person who didn't give it to us earlier on

  14. @Sharon Thanks for stopping by and entering the giveaway! :) I have to ask, why such the difference between m/m and f/m expectations?

    @Sparkly I can't wait to see the buttons. I'll have to send you Odin's character portrait as soon as I get it back from the artist, that way you can let me know if he lives up to your expectations! Since, ya're marrying him and all. ;)

    @Leontine Suzanne Brockmann is releasing one in July, huh? Well, don't think I can beat her to the finish line on this one. ;) I'm still trying to get Vouclade's first novella finished!

    @Keisha Thanks so much for stopping in to enter. Good luck! :)

    @Blodeuedd I know, sometimes I wonder if 15 is too many. But I think my readers might get mad if I tried to tell the whole story in anything less. We'll see though, if I ever start to feel like I'm writing the same book over and over, I'll stop sooner. But there is a definite end to the series, I just hope everyone thinks it's as cool as I do. :)

  15. @Lis: I think you'll really like the PNR aspect of this series!
    As for your question about the m/m in mainstream: Leontine already mentioned Suzanne Brockmann's When Tony met Adam which I marked as to buy a short while ago. It's a novella or short story I think, but still! :)
    I think it's a good thing that authors like her and Jen are featuring a m/m couple in one of their series, but I might be a bit biased since I love to read m/m so much. ;) That's the reason why I started wondering what other readers would think about this.

    @Jen: Hi Jen! Thank you for being my guest today. I love having you here! :)
    I'm sorry I gave you that 'oh shit' moment with my post title this morning, lol! That wasn't my intention. I was just very curious about other people's opinions on this topic. As you know, I'm a huge fan of m/m romance and the more fellow fans the better. ;) I also think that series like yours can win some more readers for the man lovin' genre, but I agree with you that it's best done with a novella or short story that can be 'skipped' by readers who really don't want to read that kind of stories. Because m/m romance is something that should be read voluntarily and when the reader is absolutely ready for it. Not a minute sooner.
    "I really hope it came through to everyone that I have absolutely no problem with gay romance"
    I think it did or else it came through now for sure. I never thought you had a problem with it, and I'm pleasantly surprised that you consider writing gay romance yourself! That's really cool. :)

  16. @Sharon: Thanks for stopping by, Sharon! :)
    "I have a very different standard for them than I do for my m/f PNR."
    That's interesting! I think it's something other readers will have as well. And this adds another obstacle for PNR authors who want to write a male/male couple into their series. Like I said: interesting! :D

    @Sparklybearsy: Oh, I'm curious about those buttons! But... what?! You're marrying Odin?! *envious look* How on earth did you manage to win his love? ;)

  17. @Leontine: Lol, no pressure at all, right? ;)

    @Keisha: Good luck, Keisha! I'm curious why you wouldn't be for m/m PNR books. :D

    @Blodeuedd: I'm so glad to hear that you'd be ready for some m/m lovin' in your PNR! Who would've thought you'd be, a few months ago? :D *shakes fist at Ward on B's behalf*
    And yes, the 15 books wow-ed me too. I'm glad I joined the bandwagon early this time. ;)

  18. I haven't read too many m/m other than in fanfiction and some of it was really good, I think if its written well I wouldn't mind it.

    Odin oh how I love him LOL, but Drake is running a close second. I did love Kerestyan too after all he is the dark serious type.

    As for Logan and Toni I loved both of them for different reasons, Logan because she just was so different than any female character I read and Toni you could feel her sense of belonging.

    Who's book would I like to see besides Odin :) I think I would love to read Derek's book.I don't mind at all if there is 15 books I am a series addict and proud of it :)

  19. @BLHmistress: Thanks for stopping by! :)
    Good to hear that you're not opposed to m/m in your PNR, and yep, it should definitely be written well for it to work for me too.

    Grin, I'm with you on Kerestyan, I love him and his dark seriousness as well. And he and Logan are such a fun couple together. Different from Drake and Toni, but just as good. :)

    If anything, I think it's fabulous that this series will have that many books in total. I'm rather new at reading series but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Yeah, I think I'm ready for a "I'm a series addict and proud of it"-button. ;)

  20. I'm ready for m/m...luvs me some man love!!! Based on the interview, looks like I'll be checkin' out a new series win or lose!

  21. @Heather: Yay! That's awesome! :)

  22. @BLHMistress - Thanks for stopping in! Another Odin, I have to admit I never thought he'd be such a crowd pleaser. ;) I'm just glad he hasn't completely overshadowed Kerestyan & Drake. I think that's the toughest thing about writing Odin, the guy's a scene stealer! LOL. ;) And I'm happy to hear you don't think 15 books is too many, especially since that total doesn't include the novellas!

    @Janna - I love Kerestyan too. :) You gotta throw a serious guy into the mix every now and then!

    @Heather - It's nice to meet you! Thanks for checking out the series. I hope you enjoy the first two books! :)

    All right, so here's a question for anyone still hanging around - what would you NOT want to see in a PNR? Is there any storyline you don't like or wouldn't read?

  23. I'm not entering the contest because I only read m/m romance. :)

  24. since I'm a gay man who reads paranormal romance, I would love to see more m/m leads.

  25. I don't think there is a topic I don't ever want to read about. For example rape as long as its written tastefully and with respect.

    This is why I loved Logan so much because I have never read a female character with a drug addiction, I thought you did it tastefully.

  26. @Chris - Thanks for stopping in anyway. :) Since you only read M/M, would you be willing to share your top 5?

    Actually, would everyone who reads M/M be willing to share their top 5? I'd love to have a list for research purposes! ;)

    @Jason - Thanks for joining us. :) Would you be up for an e-mail interview of sorts? Unfortunately, I don't have any gay male friends, so I have no one to bounce story ideas off of...and I prefer to be as authentic/believable as possible when I'm writing a character. I'd love to pick your brain if you're willing!

    @BLHMistress - I'm glad to hear you're open to anything, within reason. Oktober's book has some...well, difficult moments in terms of horror, so reading your answer gives me hope! :)

  27. 1 - the PsyCop series by Jordan Castillo Price
    2 - Fugly by KZ Snow
    3 - Duck! by Kim Dare
    4 - Notturno by ZA Maxfield
    5 - Immortality is the Suck by AM Riley

  28. I would love to email with you!


  29. great interview.The books sound good.
    I say bring on the man lovin'.I definitely think there should be M/M leads in books.

  30. Great interview. I would definitely like to read this series. I've added the titles to my TBR list.
    And there should definitely be more m/m leads in stories!

  31. Lovely Q & A Jennifer and Janna - thank you.

    Oh, and please don't include me in the giveaway.

  32. @Chris - Thanks for sharing your list. I wrote them all down and will definitely check them out. :)

    @Jason - Awesome! Thank you. :)I'll drop you a line later next week. My e-mail is - that way when you see it you won't be like...who's this crazy woman? :)

    @elaing8 - Thanks for stopping by to comment. :) Do you have any preferences when it comes to M/M stories? Do you like them sweet, or more on the hot side?

    @tjbedard - Thanks so much for joining us, and for adding the books to your list. :) What's your favorite M/M story thus far?

    @orannia - It's a pleasure to meet you. :) Janna comes up with some great interview questions, doesn't she? :)

  33. Boy, things took off here :) I don't know why I have a double standard for m/m vs m/f. I like the forbidden love aspect of romance and it doesn't get any more forbidden than a straight alpha male that falls for a gay man. I love that struggle and eventual HEA (there better be a damn HEA ). But! I don't like a gay character that acts like a girl. Men should not giggle . They should growl ;)

    One of my favorites is Josh Lanyon's Adrien English Mystery Series.
    Also, I can't go to long without reading a m/m or I get cranky.

  34. @Chris: Thanks for dropping by anyway! :) And darn, I haven't read any of your list yet. O_o

    @Jason: As a not gay woman I would like that too. ;) Nice, that you and Jen are emailing about it some more!

    @BLHmistress: The same goes for me. I can take pretty much any topic, depending on how it's been dealt with. :)

    @elain8: Yay! Another vote for the man lovin'!! :D

    @tjbedard: Thank you and I'm glad you'd like to see more m/m leads as well! :)

    @orannia: Thanks girl! Jen's answers are nice and thorough aren't they? =)

    @Sharon: Yes, growling is good. ;) And oh, I'm so with you on the getting cranky part, lol! It's an addiction even worse than my chocolate addiction I tell ya. :D

  35. I read an excerpt of Eternal Hearts on another blog post and it was sooo hot. It's on my wishlist. I'd love the chance to win it. Thanks for the giveaway!

    jcross719 at yahoo dot com

  36. Ooh, I'd like to enter, both books sound great. About m/m romances I'm not really sure. Personally I haven't read any (partly because there aren't many in mainstream fiction) but the idea does come off as a little offputting, mainly because I'm so used to reading with a female main character. I would like to try some though, and I have a friend who likes reading yaoi.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  37. @JessS - my daughter is a *big Yaoi fan. Josh Lanyon writes a m/m mystery series (Adrien English) that is funny, sweet, emotional and a 5 star read. It is the what I recommend to people who have never read m/m, but would like to try. Josh is just a damn good writer, no matter what the subject :)
    and this is coming from a reader that usually only reads UF/PNR.

  38. @Sharon - Oooh! I like the idea of a straight guy falling in love with a gay guy. And that could be an awesome storyline for an ancient vampire. Some old, alpha-male vampire finally reaching the age where sexuality blurs and personality becomes more notable. :)

    @Jess - Thanks so much for stopping by. :) I'm glad you liked the excerpt...I have a feeling I know which one it is too! LOL! Good luck!

    @JessS - I think the majority of PNR/UF readers probably feel exactly the same way you do. But it's awesome to hear you're open to different kinds of pairings. Good luck in the contest!

    @Sharon - Josh Lanyon. Got it. With a rec like that, he just went on my TBR list! :)

  39. Yes, PNR readers are ready with a couple of notes. First, the story has to make sense being m/m and not feel forced. Second, it should be properly labelled m/m. We don't want anyone being surprised. But, third and I think most important, know your specific audience. There are many readers like me that don't mind as long as it's well written. Some audiences lose their minds over it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  40. @Jen B.: I'm all for proper labels too! Thanks for joining in. :)

    Thank you all for your fabulous comments! I just announced the winner in a new blogpost!


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