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Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl – Lorelei James

I'm happy to be part of this years Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl again. Many thanks to the wonderful Kassa for organizing it. When she announced this second edition of the crawl a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t have to think twice about whom I wanted to write to: it had to be Lorelei James. I'm not only a huge fan of her work, she also got me hooked on a whole new to me genre. Then I saw that Fiction Vixen's Sophia also addressed her fan letter to this author a few days ago. And, only for a short second, I thought about writing my letter to another author, but since I have to make a shocking confession as well, I decided to stick to my original plan.
So, here it goes.

Dear Ms James,

Sophia already spoke eloquently of all the wonderful aspects of your books in her letter to you. And I agree with everything she said. With my whole heart. So, in a way she has made this easy for me. ;)
However, my history with your work is a bit different from hers. In fact, your novel Tied Up, Tied Down was the first erotic romance I ever read. When I was visiting New York two years ago and walked into a bookstore I saw your book on display in such a way that I couldn't help notice it: full frontal so to speak. Coming from where I'm from (the Netherlands, Europe) I wasn't used to seeing this sort of books so publicly displayed. I liked the cover a lot and the blurb made me curious so I bought the book on an impulse. It was the beginning of my discovery of this genre of which I had no idea it existed!
And it was the beginning of my fascination with the McKay boys; those sexy, controlling cowboys and their likable girls (and occasional boy). Because once I got home again, I immediately started googling your name and found out about the rest of the Rough Riders series and your other books, which I bought all as ebooks and read on my computer, with read ears, I might add.

Every single one of your characters feels like a real person; they know how to move me, entertain me, fascinate me and make me laugh, and your heroes never fail to make my heart beat faster and my other parts tingle. Because, wow, are they hot!
Your plots never become repetitive, no matter how many cowboys found their sweet and hot happily ever afters already. Each plot is original and entertaining me from the first to the last page. Your books make me forget the world around me for a sweet few hours. And that’s why I keep auto-buying your books, in fact I’m jonesing for every new release.

I’ve read quite a few erotic romances since Tied Up, Tied Down, but it’s still one of my favorites. Skylar and her adorable Kade McKay rocked my world two years ago in New York! And Kade is still one of my all time favorite book boyfriends.
All the more sad *and ashamed* I am to tell you what I did with the paperback I bought at that bookstore in New York... I finished reading it during that one week I stayed in NYC (I even might have read it more than once *ahem*) and by the time I was about to fly home I started panicking about going through customs and having to pull an erotic novel out of my bags... In my defense it was my first erotic romance ever, and with a cover like that it was bound to be noticed... so I decided to leave the book in NY... but I didn't dare to leave it in my hotel room or in any other public place, so… I dropped it in a bin at the subway station. *trying to hide my red cheeks*

Therefore I like to end my letter to you with a heartfelt apology. I'm so sorry for treating Kade and Skylar's story this way, even though I tried to make it up by buying their book as an ebook later. Still, it's something I regret until this day. Especially because I became such a huge fan of your work since then. I hope you can forgive me one day.



Yesterday's fan letter is written by EH from EH on Books and More, you can read why she's a fan of authors Stormy Glenn and Carol Lynne here. Tomorrow it's Stacy’s turn. Don't forget to check out her letter at Stacy’s Place On Earth. The rest of the schedule can be found here.


  1. Confession is good for the soul hon - Don't sweat it though, it was your first erotic book so I am sure no one will hold it against you.

    Love the letter.. nice to see Ms James getting so much love, her boys and gals are just super..


  2. Awww. We all have our moments of regret. Wonderful letter and I'm sure she understands. Sometimes our first smutty book can throw us off kilter. :-) Great job.

  3. Perhaps you gave one very unexpected user of the subway a fantastic ride home!! You never know!!?? I can see an LJ book grab the attention while a person tries to throw something away ;) Perhaps you inadvertently spread the LJ love *grin*

    Great letter, hon! I can feel the love :)

  4. I've heard really good things about this author. Perhaps one of these days I'll pick one up.

    Great letter, Janna!

  5. That's a great letter! I love hearing about firsts. Well reading firsts (not the pervy ones, so many dirty minds around here). I think you can be forgiven since you no doubt respect the story so much more after that experience.

    I'm glad you gave it a try and found an entirely new genre to happily indulge in. LJ is a great author and definitely one to get hooked on.

  6. I really love her Rough Riders series. She just has a way with her characters. AND even though these are erotic romances I never feel like she's over-doing it with too many sex scenes. Good stuff. :)

    Great letter!

  7. Wonderful letter!! As you already know I love LJ's books big time! I'm glad you stumbled upon her book in NY and became a fan! :)

  8. @EH: I hope so. :)
    Yep, her boys and gals are awesome!

    @Tam: It sure can throw us off kilter, Tam. Especially when thinking about stern custom guys discovering the smutty book. ;)

    @Leontine: That's a nice thought, hon! But maybe some old grandpa found it... I don't want to finish that thought, really, lol!

    @Lily: One or two do have some m/m action, Lily. ;) If you give them a try, I hope you'll love them.

    @Kassa: Thanks, Kassa! I'm with you on the firsts stories. I love them too. :)
    LJ is definitely an easy author to love, her writing is addictive.

    @Tracy: That's a good point you make, Tracy. The sex scenes are very hot, but there's much more to her stories than just the erotic element. Thanks. :)

    @FV: We share the same love and we like to scream it from the housetops, don't we? :D

  9. LOL Janna:

    (Hug) What EH said. I'm sure Ms. James will understand.

    Wonderful letter to an author I admire too. I love Ms. James' hot cowboys and have the whole Rough Riders series on my e-reader. ;)

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Aw, Janna! I remember my first months reading erotic romance. I was shy about it, too!

    How far we've all come. And hallelujah for ereaders and ebooks! ;)

  11. Great letter Janna; and I think it's cute that you panicked - look how far you've come ;)

  12. I'm sure you're not the first reader who's had a similar experience with an erotic romance Janna. I'm sure Ms. James won't mind too much - after all, you ended up buying the book twice! :)

  13. LOL Janna! I must confess that my erotic romance novels are carefully packed away (but then all my books are until I have somewhere to put them :) and my best friend has promised to come and get them if anything happens to me - because I don't want the remaining able-bodied family member to find them - he'd die of shock :)

    Wonderful letter and I so need to knuckle down and read the two Lorelei James' books I own!

  14. @Lea: Thank you, Lea! I never say no to a hot cowboy. :D

    @Chris: Lol, shy doesn't even start to cover it for me, I'm afraid, lol! My life has definitely changed since the ereader came into my life. =)

    @Patti: Grin, it's amazing really how different I am now compared to then. :D

    @Kaetrin: I'm sure I'm not the only one either, lol! And yeah, I tried to get rid of the guilt by buying the book again. ;)

    @orannia: Rofl! Those are good precautions, hon! Mine are similar. ;)
    Yep, you should definitely read the LJ books, I bet you'll get hooked too. :D


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