Friday, June 10, 2011

Happy Gay Friday & A Fabulous current read

I spent a lot of time traveling by train this week, which always means extra time to read! :) So, the perfect occasion to pick up a longer book: Heidi Cullinan’s Double Blind. This is a compelling book that distinguishes itself from other books so far because of the intriguing, three-dimensional, unusual characters. I’m currently thoroughly enjoying Ethan and Randy’s chemistry and it’s also really nice to see Sam and Mitch (from Special Delivery) back again.

Reading this book (and working real hard) was keeping me somewhat sane this week. Apparently, all the house stuff (we had some unexpected things happening on Tuesday – all solved now) is getting my muscles all strung up, especially on my left side, from my foot to my hand. I’m so tensed up that walking is really painful, but so is sitting in the same position for more than 10 minutes. And telling myself over and over again to relax, doesn’t help. Silly me. What an annoyance. *le sigh*

Ah well, we have this long weekend over here because of Whitsuntide (if that's what you call it in English... I'm not sure). Tomorrow I have to work, but Whit Sunday we have the annual family BBQ at my uncle’s house, which is going to be fun and relaxing (I hope). Is this a holiday weekend for you too and do you have fun things planned? Reading good books perhaps? I hope so. :)

Anyway, have a Happy Gay Friday!


  1. Sorry to hear you're all stressed and tense! :( I hope your long weekend helps relax you.

  2. Sounds like you need a nice relaxing bubble bath and massage.

    I loved Double Blind. Ethan and Randy are great characters!

    Enjoy your BBQ! :)

  3. Janna, too bad about the muscle strain! Maybe ibuprofen would help?

    Double Blind is something I need to get to soon -- I've heard such good things about it, and Special Delivery definitely made an impression on me.

    You definitely had me curious about Whitsuntide (I tend to not know about most holidays). My calendar just said "Pentecost" for this Sunday. Then I googled Whitsuntide and came up with "Whit Sunday /Pentecost." So that probably is what we call it in English. Unfortunately not a holiday weekedn over here, but I plan to read some good books anyway. :)

  4. Fingers-crossed no more unexpected things pop up. Sounds like you've already had your fair share of them.

    No holiday weekend for me. Had mine a couple weekends ago. It was nice and relaxing. I hope you get in some well-deserved relaxation this weekend!!

    Oh, and Happy Gay Friday :)

  5. Looking at my calendar, oh it's Pingst Söndag on Sunday..yeah dunno what that is in English either lol. Jesus did..dunno, something, oh wait, the day peeps got the power to speak many tongues from the holy spirit or something. Talking in tongues and stuff

    I hope the pain goes away

  6. Hey you! Travelling by train and reading can be very relaxing. It's the one part I don't mind about having to travel to work these days.

    Ouch muscle strains can be bad. Trust me, I know from experience. The one thing that really helps me is tiberbalm, the hot stuff!

    Have a good weekend!! :-)

  7. So sorry to hear about all the stress - am hoping you're feeling better now and looking forward to time with the family. Fingers crossed still on all the house stuff!

    Oh, and following you on GR reading Double-Blind has me aching to read it :)


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