Thursday, January 13, 2011

Review: Making His List by Devon Rhodes

Devon Rhodes
Making His List
Dreamspinner Press, 2010

When his young niece Bailey moves in, Cory knows he needs to end his casual fling with Ken. Bailey’s had enough upheaval in her short life, and Cory doesn't want her to get attached to a “friend” who won't be sticking around. Even so, Cory finds himself continuing to let Ken into his life, but a one-night-stand gone serial isn’t what Cory wants, and so he makes The List: his requirements for the perfect partner.

Helping out during a difficult time, Ken finds himself being pulled into the family unit despite Cory’s previous emotional distance. He hopes he's finally breaking through, on the verge of convincing Cory to make their relationship more than a casual one. Then, while helping Bailey write to Santa, he finds Cory's list and takes it as his cue to bow out—just when Cory needs him the most.

Genre & Keywords:
M/M, Contemporary, Christmas-themed, Parental responsibility

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 2 out of 3 flames

*Review copy received from the publisher*

This was such a lovely story, especially considering its short length. It felt so well-rounded and it had it all: great characters, a well developed plot, a nice life's lesson, hot scenes, tenderness, heart aching moments, humor, emotional depth and a sweet happy ending. And it all was told in a pleasant style and a perfect pace.

This story is part of the Dreamspinner Press holiday series and it's about a Christmas wish list, but it's much more than just a holiday story. It is in fact about what's right in front of us, but not noted. Cory is the one not seeing what's in front of him in this story. Because he's taking care of his little niece he's looking for the right partner and at one point in the story he writes up his list of characteristics his ideal man should have. All the while not seeing how great a guy Ken is, the man he's having casual sex with for months now. Ken, of course, doesn't have many of the characteristics on the list. And he finds out about the list... *ouch*.

I really liked these heroes; they felt so real and three-dimensional. And so did their relationship building. Plus, Cory's little niece, Bailey, added another great element to the story. She was not only a means to an end for the plot, but a wonderful character of her own as well.

I don't want to give away more of the plot, I can only say that reading this novella won't be a waste of your time. So, if you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? It really is a fabulous read, even now that the holiday season is over.

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  1. It was a good one. I enjoyed it when I read it.

    Hope you are feeling much better.

  2. I gave it five stars, too!

    Hope you are healthier!

  3. Hi Tam & Chris! It was a great read, wasn't it! :)
    I feel much better today, thanks. I even went to work today (which I kinda regret now of course ;)).
    Hope you're both feeling good as well!

  4. It sounds like a good story (I haven't read it yet). It's good to see you back reviewing! I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. Don't overdo it, though! Extra sleep will help.

  5. The cover is so cute :) I like it, very sweet and it does sound like a good seasonal read

  6. I loved this story also!

    Glad to hear you were feeling up to going to work.

  7. Thanks Janna!! :D

    Glad you're on the mend. (hugs)

  8. @Val: It definitely is a good story, Val! Yeah, I'm glad I'm back reviewing too. :) I can't wait to get back to blog hopping now as well. But I'm afraid it's bed time for me already...

    @Blodeuedd: I agree on the cover, even though it doesn't have a sexy man. ;)

    @Lily: Yep, I was glad about that too, although I'm not my lively, energetic self yet. ;)

    @Devon: You're welcome. :) Thank you for the lovely story!


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