Friday, January 14, 2011

Happy Gay Friday & A reading update

I’m so glad that I’m able to sit behind a real computer again. Don’t get me wrong, the iPad is great to keep informed while forced to stay in bed for days, but it has its limitations. One of the main frustrations is leaving comments on blogs with the thing. It has a Google reader app but every time you want to leave a comment you have to switch to Safari and back again. So far, the iPad is not great for ‘multitasking’. But hey, tomorrow is Saturday and I have all the time to go finally blog hopping. Yay!
Today I used some of my computer time to update my reading list. And it turned out that I’ve read quite some books in December (33) which adds up to a total of 227 books in 2010. Not bad, huh? Of course, a lot of those books were shorts and novellas. ;)

And during my Christmas vacation I finally started reading the Lost Shifters series by Stephani Hecht. It had been on my ereader for a while (except for the latest installments). These books (8 in total) are all novellas or short novels and easy to read. The world the author is building is interesting and not too difficult to pick up on. Even so, I’d recommend reading the books in order.
The series is about a big family of cat shifters and the search for several members from this cat community who got lost at a young age. Only recently they’ve found out that these Lost Shifters are still alive. And most of them are about to shift for the first time in their lives.
I’ve read 7 of the 8 books so far (I just bought the eighth book this week) and so far none of the quests or love stories feel repetitive. Each story is a new adventure with unique characters (including some wolf and bird shifters). With each book in the series I felt my appreciation of the series as a whole grow. A few of my favorite characters/couples in this series are: Mitch (the alpha leader), Rat, Andrew & Vapor, and Noah. I’m looking forward to seeing them all back again in book #8, which is a Christmas-themed book. But odd enough… I’m still in the mood for seasonal reads.
In fact, I’m in the middle of the Christmas anthology His for the Holidays atm and enjoying it a lot! :)

What book(s) are you planning to read this weekend?

Have a Happy Gay Friday and a fab weekend everyone!


  1. I just started the Lost Shifters myself. I'm on book one and looking forward to reading the entire series. I really enjoy Stephani's books.

    As for His for the Holidays, loved it!!

    Congrats on a great reading year.

    Happy Friday :)

  2. Ohhh, you sure read a lot, nice :D
    Yay for real computers, lol

  3. @Lily: I just saw at your blog that you started Primal Passion. :) It's a great series.
    Thanks, Lily, you too!

  4. @Blodeuedd: Yep, I'm not complaining. ;) Happy weekend, B!

  5. I loved the Lost Shifter stories too. Definitely catch them in order. The covers get better too. LOL

    No clue what will catch my eye this week, I have enough in my TBR I certainly don't need to go shopping, however I'm not sure that will stop me. :-)

  6. Am reading my first Stephani Hecht book now and enjoying it. Glad you're feeling better - happy Gay Friday!!

  7. Happy Friday! That's one of my favorite pictures. ;)

    I love Stephani's series, and His for the Holidays was excellent.

  8. Do you think they need help shaving? *wicked grin*

  9. I enjoy the Lost Shifters, too! And loved His for the Holidays.

    I think not being able to multitask would frustrate me LOTS with the iPad. I spend a lot of time flipping between applications and windows on my wee netbook!

    So glad to hear you're doing better!

  10. Hey Janna, glad to see you around and about :) Of course I've heard of the author but haven't read any of the books in this series yet. I'll scribble the title of book one on my wishlist to keep it in mind!

    I'm currently reading Nalini Singh's ARCHANGEL'S CONSORT, and man oh man, some authors know how to completely lure you into their world, in to the moment of what the characters are going through. I hope to finish it this weekend because I also hope to read Faefever, tuesday is the release of Shadowfever and i gots to read it right then and there. It's the conclusion of the Fever series and Mac/Barrons journey. Many of us are pining for it :)

    You have a fab weekend too hon!

  11. @Tam: LOL! Those first covers were so ugly, weren't they? It almost kept me from reading this series. *g*
    If (or should I say when ;)) you go shopping, I hope you find something good! Not that I needed to either but I went shopping last night and bought His Client by Ava March... :D

    @Patti: Great! Which one is it?
    Thanks. :)

    @Eyre: Did I get that picture from your blog or tumblr perhaps? *I should keep track better* :)

    @Jen: Grin, if they do, can I join you? ;)

    @Chris: Yeah, that's sort of my MO too when I'm on a real computer and not the iPad. Still, the iPad comes in handy at times like this and I learn how to use it better every day. :D

    @Leontine: Hey sweetie! Glad to see you around and about too! :D
    That Archangel series is on my tbr/tbb list, I think I even have bought the first book already. But I never seem to find the time to start a good m/f these days... ;)
    I'm glad you have the last Fever installment to look forward to, hon! Happy reading and I hope you have a good weekend too! xoxo

  12. Janna, 227 books read is awesome! I wish I could do that. :) And that photo of the guys shaving is totally hot!

  13. Thanks, Val, 227 is not bad, but nothing compared to our other m/m bloggy friends. ;)
    Well, you wrote a couple of books yourself, which I could never do. :D
    Glad you like the shaving guys!


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