Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Gay Friday & Book related stuff

My week was deliciously filled with all sorts of book related stuff.
Early in the week I received a package from Chris with a yaoi novel and two of her ManLove cd’s. It’s always nice to receive packages by mail, but especially with content like this. Thanks, Chris! 
I actually found the time to do some bloghopping two nights in a row this week. Yay! And consequently I immediately bought too many books again because of the reviews I read… (sigh)
On another night of this week I had the girls from my book club over to discuss Emma Donoghue’s novel Room and all sorts of other book related stuff.
And last night after work I met Lis (who you might know from her guest reviews here) for a bite and a drink and lots and lots of booktalk!

In between I managed to read quite a few pages. However, my reading was all over the place this week. Last weekend I started reading two books, one m/f and one m/m. This is my usual MO, whenever I read an m/f I read an m/m romance on the side, so it’s nothing unusual. In this case the books were Trust Me by Sydney Somers and Puppy Love by Jeff Erno. Both books are good reads so far, but I haven’t finished them yet.
For the book club meeting I had to finish Room by Emma Donoghue.
And then Tam distracted me with her review of a short read at the Brief Encounters blog, which I happened to have on my ereader and I impulsively started reading it (One Night Stand by Cassandra Gold from the Friction anthology) and subsequently I read another story from the same anthology: Yes! by Kim Dare. Both were very enjoyable!
Then the next day I had some train traveling time, it was crowded and I was not in the mood for my fellow commuters joining in my smexy reading, so I decided to start one of the audio books I have on my phone. And so I got sucked in by the ‘voice’ of “MacKayla. Mac for short” from Karen Marie Moning’s Darkfever, who uhm… charmed me with her remark about age: “Thirty was a million light-years away. Forty wasn’t even in the same galaxy.” Ouch. Thank you Mac! ;)
And to make it even worse/better, this morning I opened and started reading the anthology Wishing on a Blue Star. It’s free and features stories by Z.A. Maxfield, Amy Lane, Jan Irving, Victor J. Banis, Jambrea Jo Jones, Clare London, Mary Calmes and Lex Valentine. The anthology was written in honor of author Patric Michael who is battling cancer. Both Chris and Jase brought this book to my attention. It’s a free download here.

So, now I’m in the middle of four(!) different books and I can’t decide with which one I want to continue first. Maybe it’s best when I start a fifth book then, lol! Or maybe I should let you vote. :)
But since it’s Happy Gay Friday I think I will pick one of the m/m reads though.

Or instead of reading this weekend I better start writing the guest posts I promised to write for bloggy friends Jen, aka Twimom, and Patti. Jen is starting a month of celebrating today and she invited me to join in the fun with a guest post. Woohoo! She has wonderful prizes to give away, go check it out here.

And Patti has an M/M Romance Month starting next week about which I’m very excited as well, even if she hadn’t asked me to be part of it! I just love this genre. And look at her button!

I’m still not sure though what to write about. I’m free to write about anything M/M related (my favorite book/series, how/when I started reading this genre, favorite topics in m/m books, books everyone should read, etc.), but I can’t decide on the topic.
So please tell me: what do you think would be an interesting thing to hear/talk about for this guest post?

Have a Happy Gay Friday!



  1. Wow, Janna, that's a lot of book related activity! And how exciting that Patti is going to do a month on m/m romance! My suggestion as that you write about your favorite topics in m/m, which is something both authors and readers like to know in a reviewer.

    I'm always fascinated as to why people like or dislike the most specific topics in romance like ghost stories, closeted celebrities, raising kids, friends to lovers, gay for you, etc., etc.

  2. @Val: LOL, I've been quite the busy book bee, haven't I? :)
    Patti's month is a great idea, isn't it? When she told me about it I thought 'I want one too'! But then I realised that that wouldn't make much sense here at my place, since it's always m/m month here, lol. But that she's having one at her place is really exciting!
    Thanks for your suggestion: Favorite topics in m/m would be fun to write about, I agree! :)

  3. Oh, sh**, Janna, I totally missed your birthday! Shame on me!
    I hope you don´t mind if I congratulate now. Happy Birthday, sweety!!!
    (btw, is it really forty? I´m not sure. But if it is, I hope it doesn´t hurt. Since I will have mine in May...and I still can´t believe it... :))

  4. Happy gay Friday Janna! xoxo You are a busy lady these days. :)

  5. @evi: Thanks for the congrats, sweets! It's quite incredible, isn't it? But I can assure you, it doesn't hurt, lol! :D

    @FV: *g* I always am, just these days my activities were more book related than usual. ;D

  6. Room was so good, would loved to have discussed that book.

    Meeting Lis, nice :)

    As for mind is blank

  7. That is a full bookish life you had there this week!

    I got sucked into Mac's voice too... but bonus info - If you get to books 4 and 5 on audio you get a MAN doing Barron's voice... sigh.

  8. Mmm... lovely cookie this week! Thanks sweets!!

    It would be interesting for me to know what you love about the m/m genre or what your first m/m book was... who introduced you to the genre, etc. Maybe your favorite m/m scenes?

    Thanks! for the shout out, too! Happy Friday!!

  9. @Blodeuedd: Yeah, it was. The discussion was very good too. One of us didn't like the child's voice and got annoyed while the rest appreciated the book much better. You should've been there. :)

    @Sweets: Oh, that's something to look forward too! Maybe I should stick to the audio books then. :D

    @Jen: Glad you like the cookie. :)Thanks for you ideas for the guest post. My favorite m/m scenes... mmmm, that would give me a good excuses to browse through my favorite books again. :D

  10. Hopefully you've been enjoying the cds! :)

    Wow, you've been a flurry of reading activity!!

    Um, I have no ideas for your guest post because I never came up with ideas for a guest post there myself...

  11. I'm a bit jealous of your reading. I'm in a slump. :)

    Have a fabulous weekend, hon!

  12. Happy Gay Friday, Janna! Looks like you had a great week :)

    I read Yes! and really enjoyed it. Haven't tried One Night Stand yet, but it looks good. Gonna need to put it on the TBR list.

    I'm horrid at coming up with blog topics, so no new suggestions from me. Though I do like the suggestion to talk about your favorite topics or themes in m/m romance.

  13. Ha for some reason my comment was eaten. But damn it was good! :-) and there are some really good books there!

  14. Sounds like you and Lis had a fun night!

    Thanks for the blog pimpage - I'm excited about my theme! I'm liking the idea of favorite topics in the genre.

    I listened to the first three Fever books on CD, and since I heard the male narrator live I'm anxious to get the last two books on CD - very sexy!

  15. I don't think I could read that many books at one! I used to, but...I was less OCD about things then :)

    I've been having an Amy Lane and Marie Sexton weekend - bliss! Happy guest post writing :)

  16. @Chris: I'm still enjoying the cd's a lot! :D

    @Eyre: oww, that sucks. I hope you're out of the slump very soon!

    @Ava: I remembered you mentioning Yes! a couple of weeks ago and when I saw it was in the same antho I couldn't resist reading it. It was a good one! :)
    Another vote for favorite themes it is. It's sometimes hard to come up with blog topics, isn't it?

    @Lis: Blogger can be such a pain sometimes... Yep, really good books! :)

    @Patti: I'm really looking forward to your m/m month! :)
    You heard Barron's ...uhm his narrator... live?! Awesome!

    @orannia: I think my OCD was on vacation, or something. ;)
    Oh, that sounds like a great weekend, I love both authors' work! :)


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