Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday’s Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene from Fearless Desires by Stacey Espino

The next few days I’ll be spending quite some time on the road again, which means not much online-time for me… :(
But I’ve been planning ahead and scheduled a few reviews for the coming days and I’ll be popping in whenever I get the chance.

In the meantime let’s enjoy this week’s hot pic and sexy scene. The scene is from Fearless Desires by Stacey Espino that I’m reading atm. I’m about two thirds into the book, which is the first of a new series (Immortal Love) about a bunch of yummy demon brothers. So far I’m enjoying it very much. Delius, the youngest of the six brothers, and Selina are the stars of this first book.

“Selina, are you okay?”
She leaned up onto one elbow, still on her side, and reached out to latch onto the back of his neck. Her touch sent shock waves through his already aroused body. She pulled him closer, her lips parting in anticipation. His logic fizzled away, and his sense of self-preservation was stomped out as she closed the distance between them. One kiss. Her lips were satiny soft like her skin, full and delicious. Her taste was as strong and sweet as her scent within him, and he could not pull away. Delius kissed her back, their lips moving together, savoring the sensations with deep thoroughness. He had to use both arms to brace himself on the mattress on either side of her as she pulled him closer. Her little moans had his muscles tensing. She was a siren, reeling him in and blinding his logic with her heady lust. He wanted nothing more than to take her right there and then, but he had to resist. Somehow she was his undoing and he had to keep control. But every lustful kiss told him to forget everything that ever mattered to him.

Stacey Espino’s website | on Goodreads
Buy Fearless Desires here

Backblurb Fearless Desires:
Delius never asked for his fate, but in a world that placed all its faith in prophecy, he would be a fool to challenge it. He felt like a parasite, forced to live off the fear of humans.
From the first time Delius became trapped in Selina’s mind and seduced by her provocative thoughts, he was drawn to her. She was a mystery that turned into an obsession. Yet for them to have a life together, Delius would have to go against his own race that demanded he fulfill his destiny. One that did not include Selina.

Happy Monday!


  1. Oh wow my love, how on earth did u find my picture?? I thought I *cough* got rid of all evidence of that night. But those were some hot times.
    You pick the most wickest pics hon. Sorry to hear u will be on the road again. Miss you, know that. And this book sounds hot.
    I hope you are safe in your travel honey. Love ya!!

  2. Have a good time wherever you are going :)

  3. Cute smut! Great choice of reads - you have a great, and a safe, trip!

  4. Ooh! Love the pic you chose! The book sounds yummy! :)

    I hope you have a safe trip on the road and have a great week, Janna! *hugs**

  5. @Chris: Thanks, Chris! :)

    @Cecile: Well, don't you remember sending me your pic? ;)
    It sure is a hot book, hon. Thank you for the safe trip wishes! :)

    @Blodeuedd: Thank you, B! I'll be traveling to different cities in our country. :D

    @Lily: Thanks, Lily! :)

    @Julia: Thank you, and it's definitely good reading material! :D

    @Tanya: You have a great week too, Tanya, and thanks! *hugs*

  6. Me likes the chemistry in the sexy smutty scene, me likes it a lot :))

  7. @Leontine: Yep, there's nothing wrong with the chemistry between Delius and Selina! He's one sexy demon! *grin*

  8. Safe travels Janna! And that photo... *GULP!*


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