Friday, September 17, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & Heaven Sent series

TGIF!! It’s not that I hate my job or anything, it’s just that it’s so time-consuming! Especially this workweek was long and eating time, because it took me away from home for a few nights.
So, this week the TGIF exclamation is heartfelt. :)

But I actually managed to read some books in the wee hours of the mornings. Among them book #2 and #3 of Jet Mykles’ Heaven Sent series.


I’ve read the first book Heaven a few months ago (see for my review here) and feasted upon the delicious rockstars - with their lush hair and sensuous bodies - of the band Heaven. Each of the four band members has his own book in this series. I haven’t finished book #3 Hell yet, but so far I’m enjoying it as much as the first two books.
The second book, Purgatory was really good and it kept me sane this week after spending my days with children and volunteers. ;) Luc and Reese, the heroes of Purgatory are as lovely and hot as the main characters from the first book, Johnnie and Tyler. Their story is entertaining, sexy and ravishing. Funny thing with all the stories in this series so far is that there’s a recurrent emphasis on the characters’ looks, especially their hair and body seize. There’s no way the author let us forget how purple, long or curly their hair is. *g*

What I love about these books is the return of the different members of the cast in each installment. It’s great to see how couples from the previous books are doing, to get glimpses of their HEA’s. And it’s also nice to learn a little bit about characters whose love stories still have to be told in later books. Because it’s an interesting group of rockstars who each have their own character traits, quirks and preferences. Their stories are not repentant so far.

I think I’m starting to appreciate the phenomenon of romance series more and more. A year ago I found the series rather annoying, and saw them mainly as a commercially smart concept. To be honest I’m still not a fan of the 10+ books long, never-ending kind of series, but the shorter ones that don’t continue forever and ever, are rather charming me now.
What are your thoughts about series as opposed to non-serial romances? What is your favorite series, if you have one?

Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Heaven is a great series. I like series but not if they are two long. Heaven Setn is 5 (or 6 if you count the m/m/f) and now Indigo Knights is starting but it works because each book focuses on a different couple rather than a lot of series that try and keep the same main characters throughout. You can only go so long before they've done everything there is to do and it gets boring. So I don't mind shorter series, but I can't imagine reading a series with the same two people for 14 or 18 books.

    Hope you get a break next week.

  2. Can't say I would like a 10+ book series concept...or I would love it, ok split mind today

  3. @Tam: I'm the same. I like series best when each book can be read as a stand alone because it has its own main characters. I'm not too fond of series that has to be read in order and have countless installments.

    @Blodeuedd: Maybe it depends on your mood, B? And it's also different when you've been reading a 10+ series from the beginning rather than jumping in when the umteenth book has been released already. :D

  4. I just have to say that I would have Johnnie's babies.

  5. I do better with a series that doesn't go over 5 or 6 books, then ends. I start to lose interest if a series goes on and on and on.

  6. I've heard good things about this series, I don't remember where though.

    I don't mind a series stretching out as long as the author can keep it going. I like the familiarity of it, I think.

  7. I really enjoyed the Heaven Sent series although I haven't read the last one. For me as long as the books remain interesting and well-written I'd read 5 or 10 or however many there are. Once I lose interest I'll stop even if the series isn't over.

  8. Wohoo - these two guys are so yummy - thanks for sharing the pic, Janna!

    I did never read romance series at all - until I stumbled upon the Rough Riders. You know the rest - I´m waiting on every new book now...

    I started reading a few series now, but I guess I prefer short series. I think that maybe I´ll be fed up with the people if there are too many books. Except if they are about hot cowboys *gg*

  9. @Eyre: *grin* okay, I'll settle for Luc's babies then. :)

    @Chris: My problem with longer series is more the high threshold to start them when I only discovered them recently. I haven't read enough series yet to be able to say if I will get bored too. ;D

    @Patti: Yep, the familiarity is a big plus! That's what makes the Heaven Sent series so good too. It's like reading a very long novel. :)

    @Lily: I'm not sure if I'll read the 6th book of the Heaven Sent series either. I don't think the m/m/f menage story can pique my interest enough to buy it...
    So far I haven't read 10 books from the same series yet, so I'm not sure if a series that long can actually hold my interest, but as long as it does I'll keep reading. :)

    @evi: I'm with you! Shorter series are just so much easier to start with. The Rough Riders series is the longest series I've read so far! :) Those hot cowboys still don't get boring! ;D
    Glad you liked the guys! :)

  10. I have Heaven on my iPhone! I so need to get on and read it!

  11. @orannia: Yes! What are you waiting for? :D

  12. isn't nice when you have a great set of books tO carry you through the weekend...



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