Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Gay Friday!!

It’s Friday afternoon, this week’s work is done! Thank goodness! I’ve been on the road (well, rail tracks to be exact) for the past three days, running from one meeting to the next. This morning I did some very much needed grocery shopping and now I’m sitting back, unwinding with a cup of tea and a chocolate bar while browsing through my cookies *deep sigh of contentment*.
Plus I have the house to myself for the next couple of days, because hubby is going to Belgium with his brother. They’re going on a ‘hunt’ for old WWI memorabilia, visiting flea-markets, and in the meantime having some buddy & beer time, coz my brother in law recently broke up with his girlfriend and is having a hard time.
So, this means I can do whatever I want this weekend! If I wasn’t so tired atm I would do a happy dance. ;)

Here’s what I’m going to do with all this me-time:

• Finishing my reviews of:


Gone Stumping by Braden Williams (m/m)
Eternal Seduction by Jennifer Turner (m/f)

• Bloghopping of course

• Playing with the blog layout program Artisteer (that Leontine made me buy ;)). I was recently browsing the internet with Safari (I usually do that with IE) and discovered that my blog was only partly visible (because of the Flash thingies in the side bars). I decided that it’s time for a big make-over! So if my blog is looking weird in the near future, just know that it’s probably because it’s under construction! :)

• Finish reading my current read:

In the Flesh by Ethan Stone (m/m)

• (if there’s time left) Writing a (mini) review of the book I just read:

Corralled by Lorelei James (m/f)

• Oh, and sleep and probably read some more…

What are your weekend plans?

Happy weekend!


  1. Oh didn't know that about safari, since I only use mozilla

  2. OMG Janna, I just mentioned it at Chris' place that I bought Ethan Stone - In The Flesh LOL I'm up to my ears in PNR reading ATM but I just need to have some M/M in between or else I go stir fry crazy *grin* Just put J.R. Loveless TOUCH ME GENTLE on my e-reader and Ethan Stone is high on my M/M pile too!

    I actually was about to e-mail you since I missed seeing you around blogoverse! It's good to hear you have a weekend all to yourself. We love our hubby's but sometimes some r&r ain't all that bad LOL

    Enjoy hon!

  3. Have a fun weekend spending time with just you. That's nice to have once in a while.

  4. Hey Janna - have a great weekend! I'll be working and writing and hiking with the puppy!

  5. Enjoy your relaxing weekend!! I hope you get a lot of reading done. :)

    *sigh* Still about six hours of my work week left...

  6. @Blodeuedd: I didn't have a clue either. I better check my blog with Mozilla and Fireworks too, every now and then! :)

    @Leontine: LOL! So far In the Flesh is a good read, it'll definitely keep you from going crazy, with the hot m/m smexing going on. ;)
    Ow, that's so sweet of you! I'm just so freakin much away and without internet, that's why I'm not much around on the blogs... sorry! I'm reading them via Google reader though! Just no time to comment much. Yep, the r&r is nice sometimes! :D

    @Tam: Thanks, you're so right and the timing is perfect with me being so busy during the week. Hope you'll have a great weekend too, Tam! :D

    @Julia: Your weekend sounds great! I'm so glad you have the puppy now to go hiking with! Enjoy the weekend! :)

  7. @Chris: Thanks! :) I think a lot of my time will be spent with the Artisteer application instead of reading... I don't want to think about all that can go wrong when I upload a new blog template *sigh* Perhaps I better stick to reading...

  8. @Janna - Oh you're playing with Artisteer...are ya having fun? I know I am. Loads of ideas are running through my mind but first I want all my ARC and review request done LOL Because once I get going with this program I can loose myself for days LOL

    Looking forward to any and all blog template design from your hand and just back-up your old design, then you can always go back if it doesn't work right away :))

  9. @leontine: Yep, you evil woman ;) I'm hooked now! Artisteer is a lot of fun! I think I'm keeping my header but change all the rest. I think I'll go to a light background. :)
    Definitely backing up my old template! But I suspect that I don't want to change it back and have to spent a lot of time fixing everything to fit in the new template... I hope it's not too much work ;)
    I'm looking forward to your new look!

  10. Happy Friday!!!

    I'm just passing by to say HI! I've been a bit MIA with a new temporary job. I've neglected the blogging world but I wanted to say hello! =)
    I hope everything is well for you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    PS: As always you have the best eye candy. You have a keen eye for smut lol

  11. Wow, Janna, that's one hot "Happy Gay Friday" photo! Good luck with your blog make-over. It's always good to do that once in a while. I'm probably due for one, too. :)

  12. So envious that you're chillin' with tea and chocolate and browsing cookies! I have to head back into a work for the rest of the afternoon. sigh. Then I'll be working most of the weekend since I've got writing I need to do. At least the weekend work will involve hot guys getting it on vs spreadsheets and dealing with coworkers.

    Thanks for the cookie! They're yummy ;)

  13. Enjoy your weekend!

  14. OMG Janna! Your little reading weekend looks sooo good! Corralled and Eternal Seduction were just added to my list, so I can't wait to see what you thought about them!

    You have me thinking that maybe I need to start opening different browsers to check my own site because I've been going picture crazy lately. Is this Artisteer for just PC's or can you use it on a Mac? The only thing I found was for Windows only.

    It sounds like a great weekend for both you and your hubs. I feel sorry for you BIL. That's always hard.

    I hope you get lots of R&R this weekend and enjoy a little alone time!

  15. Hey honey love! I am coming over to see how you are doing... and to bring you my hussy hugs!! love ya hon! hope you have a great weekend!

  16. @pattepoilue: Congrats on the new job, hon! You've been missed!! I especially miss your fun blog posts and I hope to see one soon! :)
    Hope you're having a great weekend too! *hugs*

    @Val: I'm glad you like the guys. :) The make-over went quite smoothly (I think). If you're thinking of doing one yourself I can definitely recommend Artisteer. It's great to avoid the annoying Html troubles! ;)

    @Ava: Aw, just know that you're making a lot of us fans very happy with your zest for weekend work! :D And who wouldn't want to spend their weekend with hot guys? ;)

    @Eyre: Thanks hon, you too! :)

    @Tanya: In short, they were both good reads! The longer version will be coming soon. ;)
    Yeah, I know, I've been thinking that I maybe should start using Mozilla or Firefox on one of my computers too, to cover more than just IE and Safari.
    I think Artisteer is also available for Mac, it's a very easy program to work with. :)
    Hope you're having a wonderful weekend too!

    @Cecile: Hey sweetie, good to see you! I'm doing great, having the house for myself this weekend! :D
    Hope you and hubs are having a super weekend too, hon! Hugs to you! :)

  17. Oh la la that photo! I hope you had a lovely weekend!

  18. ohhh la la

    that kiss... and again, that kisss.. damn.




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