Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday’s Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene from Shrouded Angel by Shayla Kersten

Last weekend I bought a lot of, mostly m/m, ebooks because I needed to feel good after suffering from post-vacation-stress. ;) *it’s always good to have a 'valid' excuse in case hubby asks why so many* Another reason for the binge was that there were quite some cool releases I was looking forward to. One of them was the newest book in Shayla Kersten’s Angel Moon trilogy: Shrouded Angel. She's one of my favorite M/M authors and this is the second book in the series... I haven’t read the first book yet because I rather save them until the release of the last book is near… I’m not saying that I’m gonna make it that long but it’s definitely easier to be patient at this point than when I’m in the middle of the series. Anyhow, still, I always have to buy the other books of a series on (or close to) release date. Silly, huh?

This week’s sexy scene is from the second book, Shrouded Angel, but pictures the heroes from the first book who are apparently back in book #2 although it has new main characters. BTW They all have tricky names (Teo and Sorin – book #1, Hadreal and Patrea – book #2) but that doesn’t stop me from wanting to read their stories. :) In the next scene Teo and Sorin are having a quickie early on in the book. Enjoy!

Sorin almost knocked the chair over in his haste to follow. “Need to be quick. Might not have too much time. Salva doesn’t stay asleep long.”
Large hands cupped Teo’s shoulders. Sorin’s chest warmed Teo’s back. When his hips nudged forward, his groin pressed into Teo’s body. The growing ridge of Sorin’s cock against him lightened Teo’s mood even more. “Yeah.”
“Love you.” Sorin’s breath teased the back of Teo’s ear. He pushed Teo through the door to the private bathing area. A quick slap of the controls locked the door. “Best against interruptions.”
“Yeah. Good thinking.” Heat washed through Teo. Desire drove blood to his cock, filling and lengthening. Twisting under Sorin’s hands, Teo faced his tall lover. “We could wait on that shower.”
A grin twisted Sorin’s mouth. “Anything you say.” He shuffled forward, pushing Teo back against a full-length mirror. An unusual vanity on a smuggler, but it could prove interesting. Sorin ran his hands down Teo’s sides. A glint of evil amusement shone in Sorin’s eyes. His normal smile turned into a toothy grin. “Turn around.”
Teo whirled around, facing his reflection in the mirror. Sorin’s intense gaze focused on Teo’s body. Watching his lover sent Teo’s desire rampaging through his body. Very interesting.
Sorin’s palms cupped the backs of Teo’s hands. Strong fingers twined through his. Clasped fast, Sorin ran their hands up the cold metal wall on either side of the mirror, rising until their arms were above Teo’s head.
“We need to add a few improvements to our new place. A couple of hooks right here would be perfect.” Sorin flexed his wrists, tapping Teo’s knuckles against the wall. “A little rope…a quick twist…” He dipped his head until his face nuzzled Teo’s ear. “Holding you in place while I do what I want…” His tongue flickered against Teo’s earlobe.
A shudder of desire and need flashed through Teo. “Yeah. Sounds good.” He pushed his hips back, pressing the ridge of Sorin’s cock against his ass.
“Horny, eh?” Sorin pulled back, leaving Teo rubbing against air. “Have an idea…”
Hands tightened around Teo’s wrist, hampering his attempt to follow Sorin’s body. “Anything. Need you.”
“Sweet.” Sorin’s large hand tugged Teo’s head around until his mouth met Teo’s in a bruising kiss.

Shayla Kersten’s weblog | on Goodreads
Buy Shrouded Angel here

Backblurb Shrouded Angel:
Terra offers sanctuary to both Angellum and Virkola. Unknown to the humans, a truce exists there. To Terrans, the two species exist as myths. One is a frail, winged creature from religious texts. The other, a demon of the night, living off blood. Both are far from the truth…
Because of the Angellum, Patrea, a Virkolan, has spent his life afraid of loss. When darkness descends on his ship in the form of a strange angel, Patrea feels he can’t stay on the Avere. But departing would mean leaving behind the only light in his life—his bunkmate Hadreal. He needs to find the courage to tell Hadreal how he feels.
Hadreal has always felt more than friendship for his younger bunkmate, but bitter past experience keeps him from acting on his feelings. When a new danger brings them closer, he decides it might be time to live again. But now his chance at happiness may end before he’s able to sample it.
Sometimes it takes a brush with death to make life worth living.

Are you like me, putting off reading series until the last book is (nearly) out, but buying the separate books on or shortly after release date? Or can’t you wait reading? Or can you control yourself buying?

Happy Monday!


  1. I used to read books in a series as they came out. And suffered, sometimes for years, waiting to the next one in the series.

    Now that I read M/M I try and wait for them to be all out before I start a series. It works pretty well as in this genre there usually isn't too long of a wait between books.

    I don't always stick to that plan but I usually try.

  2. @Lily: You're right, this works best - or mayby only - with series of no more than 5 books, preferably 3! Or else the wait would be excruciatingly long. :)

  3. I can't wait so I buy, I mean I have been reading thsi fantasy series for 14 years!

  4. I do not have the patience to wait until the last book is released. If I'm truly hooked on to the series I needs to read immediately. But I say that about quite a few series LOL

    BTW, I really need to get going on reading something from Shayla Kersten, she has been on my wishlist from the first time i came here. And that's almost a year ago now!

  5. *gasp* why haven't I read anything by Shayla Kersten.... adding author to m/m buy list.

  6. I wish I was better at waiting until all the books were out - it would be so much less frustrating.

  7. @Blodeuedd: Wow, 14 years! I think I couldn't bring myself to wait that long either! ;) But then again, I probably would never start reading a series that has that many books (to come).

    @Leontine: I think perhaps it's different with the paranormal series you're reading. Mine are usually no more than 3, 4 or 5 books. :)
    Yeah, why haven't you tried one of Ms Kersten's books yet?! Shame on you. ;)

    @KC: It's not that I've never talked about her books, so that can't be it! ;D

    @Chris: Yep, I'm trying to avoid the frustration! Waiting can be so annoying! Especially when you know exactly what you're waiting for. :)

  8. Giant hugz, Janna!

    Now you make me feel guilty for not having started it yet! I have most of the third book plotted. Just need to find time to write it! *cackle*

    I will offer the excuse that I'm working on a free short story with the guys from Icing On The Cake. Maybe you'll forgive me for being slow with Angel Moon #3?

    I just won't mention the short story I'm working on for a lesbian vampire antho. LOL

    But AM3 is up after those two!

  9. I haven't read this series yet but sounds like something I should check out. I recently read Icing on the Cake and loved it.

    Think I need to read some more from Shayla

  10. I'm really impatient, so I usually read the books of a series as they're released. But that doesn't mean I get far behind in reading them! :) There's just sooo many out there that I want to read, that by the time I get around to it, the entire series is published! Go figure.

    I'm not familiar with this author, but this series sounds great. I'll need to check her out!

    I hope all is well with you, Janna! *hugs*

  11. Oh, I can't wait. No patience at all when it comes to a book that screams 'buy me'. I'll try to resist, but somehow I find myself on the publisher's page and clicking the buy link.

    Good to hear the binge helped the post-vacation-stress ;)

  12. I read book as they come out...sort of. Usually I'm so behind that I read books 1-3 months (or sometimes) more after release. Actually, come to think of it, it's usually release of the next book that has me racing out to read the current one... *ducks*

    And I just bought two m/m books last night - Duck (Kim Dare) and Making Promised (Amy Lane). Am currently reading Duck :)

  13. @Shayla: "Now you make me feel guilty" --> Good! ;) Lol, I don't mind the waiting (that much), because I know I'm waiting for something good! :)
    *jumping up & down for joy* A free story with the guys from Icing!!!
    Um, there are no guys at all in that story for the antho?! Don't know about that... *g*

    @Eve: I think you'll love her books! :)
    Speaking of series: will there possibly come a sequel to your novella 'Don't Tell'? I would love to read more about those guys! :D

    @Tanya: I know! Paradoxically the many, many series/books that are out there make the waiting a bit easier! :)
    I'm good, hon! Just not much online :) Thanks for asking. Hope you're doing great too - I'll hop by at your place tonight. *hugs*

    @Ava: LOL, sometimes I don't know that there's more to come, like with your Bound series. Now I'm very impatient for the third book! :)
    Book binges always do the trick! ;)

    @orannia: LOL! The effect new releases can have on us! :)
    Those two m/m books are on my radar! Can't wait to hear what you think of them! :)
    *and I'm glad you're back, hugs*

  14. Hey Janna,

    I always get lost here looking at all the wonder eye candy and then forget to post or forget what I was going to post. lol

    but, I got an award and I'm to pass it on to 15 new blogs I think are I'm passing it on to you. Come by and get your award. It's o.k., if your blog page is an award free page...just leave the award where it is, but know I like your blog and thought it worthy of such an award.


  15. Janna - I've been hearing that a lot about Don't Tell and I love those characters so yes, I do believe I will be writing a sequel.

  16. @Hawk: Thank you so much for the award. My blog isn't an award free zone, I like awards too much! :)

    @Eve: That's such good news!! I'll look forward to reading it! I love these guys too, I mean a rock singer and a soldier, what's not to like! :)


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