Monday, July 30, 2012

Quick Review: Dirty Kisses by Sean Michael

Sean Michael
Dirty Kisses
Amber Allure, May 27, 2012 | 30 pages

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Bussy, the manager of a gay ski resort, is into only twinks. At least that's what he has always believed, until one evening after he gets dumped by his latest boyfriend, he notices Quint, the hot bartender.

Quint is the complete opposite of a twink. In fact, he's even taller than Bussy and definitely well-built. Could the shy bartender be exactly what Bussy's been looking for all along?

Genre & Keywords:
M/M Romance, Short Story, First Time, Restaurant, Dinner, Twinks

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 3 out of 3 flames


Reviewed by Lis:

Dirty Kisses is a vintage Sean Michael short story. Very much focused on a hot romance between two steaming hot characters.
The story starts when Debussy, Bussy for short, listens to his latest twink conquest rant and leaves the building, a good thing, so it seems. He heads of for a ‘Dirty Kiss’, the restaurant’s specialty drink. It’s there that Bussy really notices the maker of the ‘Dirty Kiss’ for the first time.

Quint is everything all of Bussy’s previous lovers are not. Tall, buff, blond, shy and… hot. So Bussy does was Bussy does best and starts another conquest. But Quint might just be more than that.
As stated, Dirty Kisses is a vintage Sean Michael. There is no beating around the bush as to where this story is going. There just might be a few obstacles, but they are easy to overcome. So it leaves no doubt as to what this story is about and where it will end.

However, this doesn’t make the story bad or bland. This is Sean Michael after all. The circumstances might just be manipulated to get Quint and Bussy together, but it’s done so with style. And there is always the hot smexing that almost makes screen melt or the reader go up in flames.
So yes, while the story itself is nothing new, it’s a perfect in between read for a sunny afternoon in the garden!


  1. Does it have the typical Sean Michael sentence fragment thing going on? I got kind of tired of that...

  2. @Lis - thank you. I must admit I don't think I could read a book with a character called Bussy...I'd have to keep changing it to Debussy :) IDK. I really enjoyed Bent, but I always seem to end up wanting more character insight...more why...from Sean Michael's books.

    @Chris - you read my mind :)


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