Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Lis’ Review: Mind Magic by Poppy Dennison

Poppy Dennison
Mind Magic
Dreamspinner Press, April 23, 2012 | 200 pages

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Magical species must never mix. According to the rules, Simon Osborne should ignore the children’s cries for help. After all, they’re werewolf cubs, and he’s an apprentice mage. But for once in his life, Simon breaks the rules and rescues the cubs, saving them from a demon intent on draining them of their magic.
Of course, all actions have consequences, and Simon’s bold move earns him the displeasure of his peers and the attention of the cubs’ alpha, a man named Gray Townsend.

The last thing Gray needs is a mage in his life, but Simon did save his son. Since Simon is now a friend of the pack, Gray doesn’t have much choice about it—or the forbidden attraction that goes along with it. Unfortunately for the alpha, he needs Simon’s help to track down the demon behind the kidnappings—before it strikes again. Simon and Gray must join forces to protect the pack, even as they struggle to resist the temptation that threatens to destroy them both.

Genre & Keywords:
M/M Romance, Paranormal, Magic, Mages, Werewolves, Father-Son Relationship, Family, Mystery, Kidnapping

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 3 out of 3 flames

Reviewed by Lis:

Woooooooooooowie! This book was such a thrill! Once I started, I couldn’t stop. It’s something I never expected from reading the blurb, but I was pleasantly surprised. Mind Magic is a combination of a supernatural mystery and a sweet romance, not the dark urban fantasy I expected.

Mind Magic follows Mage Simon Osborne and Werewolf Gray Townsend. The story opens with Simon on the verge of the rescue of captured werewolf cubs. He’d been hearing the cub’s mental cry for help all weekend and when no rescue was forthcoming, he took matters in his own hand. It was the most unusual rescue as well and amusing to read.

After the rescue, Simon bonds with one of the cubs, Garon, who turns out to be the son of the Alpha of the High Moon pack. Alpha Gray takes an immediate liking to Simon, although he is a bit suspicious at first. Simon also takes a liking to the very hot Alpha (who wouldn’t!).

Throughout the story, the three are connected through the mystery of who took the cubs and the blooming romance between Simon and Gray. But before their happy ending, there are obstacles to overcome.

Reading Mind Magic is quite the ride. The story is a combination of mystery, action and romance. The mystery of the story keeps the pages turning, while the action has you on the edge of your seat and the romance *sigh* has you melting in a puddle of goo. Needless to say, it is a well written story. I especially liked how you have to work for the information on the mystery. The author doesn’t just hand it over.

The interaction between Simon, Gray and Garon is very sweet. Well there is a definite attraction between Simon and Gray; they don’t immediately act on it. Becoming mates in Mind Magic is a choice, not a given. I also liked how Garon took to Simon and how they hung out together. The wolves are very touchy feely people and it was very endearing to read how Simon reacts to that. It makes me wish for a wolf of my own.

The characters in Mind Magic are well written and well developed. They stand on their own and have their own voice. Simon is independent, sweet and strong. He longs for a family, but as a mage it’s almost impossible as they keep to themselves. It was nice to read how he goes about things and thinks things through before he acts.

Gray is the strong Alpha type, without being too overbearing or too dominant. He is a charismatic leader. The interaction between him and his son was very charming and felt like a natural father son relationship rather than the perfect, romance one.

It’s not just the main character, but there are several secondary characters. Some important, some less so, but they fit the story and make it more round.

Mind Magic is one awesome story to read and one I can most definitely recommend. The story reads like it’s the beginning of a series, which I sincerely hope, otherwise it leaves things unfinished at the ending and I hate that.


  1. I loved this one as well, it completely swept me up in it! The author told me that there are more books coming, so never fear! I had been holding my breath until I knew and I was very happy to hear that! Great review :)

    1. I never expected to like the story as much! It's good to hear there's gong to be more!! *happy now*

  2. The book is totally AWESOME!!! As is it's author, Poppy!!! Mind Magic is the first of a trilogy (would LOVE it to be a series)!!! I highly recommend this book!!!

    1. LOL I take it you liked it ;-) But I agree with you. It's a good story!

  3. Thank you so much for the amazing review! And as Cole says, yes, there are more books coming. The series is a trilogy. Book 2 is Body Magic and it will be released in September, with Soul Magic following in April 2013.

    1. You're very welcome. It wasn't hard. And it's good to know there is going to be more. I just marked my calendar and look forward to the release!

  4. Between your and Cole's recommendation I feel that I must read this book, although I might wait a bit for the next book of the trilogy to come out first... :)
    Thanks for the wonderful review, Lis!

    1. Hihi yeah, it would probably be really good read them together!

  5. I too thoroughly enjoyed this one - can't wait for the next! :))

  6. you got my attention! got this one on my TBR list. Thanks for the heads up


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