Sunday, March 25, 2012

Winner Carina Press Giveaway

The winner of the 6 Carina Press ebooks (from authors Kim Knox, Erastes, Ava March, Dev Bentham, Larry Benjamin and KC Burn) is:

Lyra L7!

Congrats Lyra! I'll email you. Enjoy reading the books!

Many, many thanks to Kim Knox for being my guest and talking about her story Bitter Harvest! And to everyone who left a comment here and on Goodreads, thanks for playing! Here's a little consolation eye candy for all of you. :) His name is Bernardo Velasco.



  1. Congrats Lyra...and as for Bernardo Velasco - YUM! Thank you Janna :)

  2. *g* Glad you enjoy him, orannia. :D


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