Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Gay Friday & Sort of On Hiatus

Just a quick note to say that Rarely Dusty Books is going on hiatus for a week. It’s going to be busy at work next week and instead of trying to keep up with blogging I’ll rather try to get some blog hopping in when I can. Because I’ve been an awfully bad blogfriend lately. It has been ages since I’ve left any comments on all the blogs I love to visit. It’s not that I don’t read the blog posts, I do, but it seems I can barely find the time or inspiration to leave a comment. I feel really bad about that and I’m truly sorry!
So, no blogposts next week. I’ll be back on March 12.

Happy Gay Friday!


  1. I love the gif! And all the best for this week! *hugs*

  2. Enjoy your time off!! I've been catching up on blogs last friday and there's lots to read!!

  3. @Chris: Thanks, Chris. And for you I've changed to the embedded comments form. :)

    @orannia: It's a sweet gif, isn't it. Made me wish to be there. ;D

    @Blodeuedd: *waves back* =)

    @Leontine: Yes, so I noticed, lol. Chris', Kris' & your posts make sure I don't miss any of the latest controversy! I hope to catch up soon on everything too. :D


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