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Tam’s GayRomLit Recollections: Best Gay Bar in New Orleans

By Tam

Okay, it’s the only gay bar I went to, but when you find Mr. Right, why would you continue searching for Mr. MaypossiblybebetterbutIdoubtit? Our first experience at Lafitte in Exile was Thursday night. It was the location for the event hosted by many of the male authors at GRL, the free drinks flowed, the music played, the go-go dancers ... well, they didn’t really dance, however two out of three did strip down to the buff.

The night was a blast, meeting authors who were drunk off their noggin’, watching the dancers stand around looking bored, except cute little Axel. Axel was flown in from Houston to dance for us. Well, move around for us. He is a nursing student and did not reveal his manhood to the seething mass of drunken women and a few tipsy men.

Friday night Kris and I stopped by because she wanted to drop off some wacky Aussie cigarettes (I think clove) for the two bartenders from the night before, Brandon and Jimmy. We were totally in love with both from the first night where we formed that bartender/client bond, sort of like Cheers but with more nakedness from the employees. And really, when you’re in a bar, you have to have a drink. It was super happy hour, which meant cocktails were $1.50. Seriously? You’d be wasting your money NOT to have one or two. And boy Brandon makes ‘em strong. Ahem.

 Lori's son and Brandon


Saturday was the night of the big gay bar crawl. They changed the order and we ended up in the straight part of Bourbon street which meant chicks shaking their booty in the doorways, vomit on the street and general mayhem, including a bar that knew we were coming but had no clue what that meant. Imagine 7-11 with a bunch of slurpee machines filled with alcoholic beverages.
After standing around getting frustrated, Kris, Kassa, Chris and I said screw this mess, and headed back to Lafitte’s. We walked into exclamations of joy from Jimmy and thus it started night two. There was a Canadian there celebrating her girlfriend’s birthday, there was a straight soldier there with a female co-worker who somehow knew why we were all in New Orleans and we talked a bit about our take on DATD and how authors were using it and the fact that in Canada we never had that silly rule and I believe I was totally trashed by then but I did get a compliment on my boobs. Only in a gay bar, truly.

There were more dancers, well two and after I poutingly mentioned that only the guys seemed to be getting bar action I got a bit more than we bargained for. But he was just adorable and totally over 21 (by two weeks) so Kassa didn’t have to feel dirty. His name was Scott and he was an adorable blond twink who is an engineering student with two jobs and no time for a boyfriend. Poor baby. He hung around us quite a bit. Maybe it was just nice to know that we wouldn’t be trying to take him home at the end of the night. Although I did want to slip him in my pocket and keep him just to pet on occasion.

So was there a downside to Lafitte. Hmmm. Well, the bathroom perhaps. There are no locks on the bathroom door, I assume to discourage bathroom hijinx. So there was that paranoia that someone would burst in on you with your pants around your ankles. Simple solution, take someone with you to guard the door, boy or girl. Thanks Angel. :) Maybe the drinks were a bit strong, no, wait, that’s not a downside.
Some of the crew on the bar crawl we were in touch with via text/Twitter got a very rude reaction from some gay guys when a bunch of women showed up. We never got that at Lafitte. Maybe some were annoyed there were girls, but on the whole everyone just ignored us or were downright friendly (an overarching theme of everyone you meet in New Orleans).

So I’d say if I was in New Orleans much longer I would have to have a liver transplant. Umm, yeah, Sunday morning was rough, in a very big way. But it’s amazing how much you get to know about people, the dancers, the bartenders, total strangers, each other, ;-) Even when they don’t think they are revealing anything.

You can check out Lafitte in Exile’s Facebook page and like them there. They don’t have a Twitter feed. This song, probably sums up our experience at the friendliest gay bar in New Orleans and hanging out with the girls and Jimmy and the boys was one of the high lights of my trip.


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  1. I am totally not drunk in that first picture, although I look it. I swear.

  2. Oh what happy memories... if I could recall O_O. Seriously, they were tremendously welcoming considering what a riotous bunch we were. And it was such wonderful fun to share nights like that with like-minded friends :).

  3. They were so nice to us, but then we were spending our money so they had no complaints. Certainly no one was sipping soda. Or maybe I was just too drunk too notice. ;-)

    I'm listening to this song. Yeah, that was me Sunday morning. Ugh. Thankfully I wasn't alone so I felt better. Misery loves company.

  4. What fun you all had! The bartenders look like real sweethearts.

  5. Scott was so cuddly! Awwww.

    I guess I missed all your misery Sunday while I wallowed in bed being miserable with my cold...

    Anyway, LiE was so much fun!

  6. They were so fun Jen. We wished you were with us often.

    You were in pretty rough shape Chris. I didn't seem that bad but every now and then ... and no food. LOL By noon I was okay, then I was just pissed off at the airline, maybe that burned the residual alcohol from my system.

  7. There was a point, before the bar crawl, when I said my throat hurt and I thought I should go back to the house and go to bed... I had fun going out instead, but oh did I pay for it!

  8. Looks like so much fun! Glad everyone had a great time. Hoping to make it next year.

  9. wow, what a fun time :) Thanks for sharing

  10. You should listen to your body Chris, although that results in far less fun.

    We had a fun time jayhjay. Hopefully next year you can attend, although no Lafitte's. *sad face*

    It was great Sharon, a very worthwhile trip.

  11. Such an amazing time you all had! I'm so happy for all of you and totally jealous at the same time. I haven't had a great bar experience as you described in a very long time. I'm inspired by your story though and should get my friends together soon.

    It's a bit of a shame that next year is in a new location. I think this city is a great location. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to get to a con.

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  12. I'm not much of a bar person joder, it's been years, but we seemed to click there and stuck around. Have fun with your friends if you decide to go. I'm a little disappointed it won't be there again.

  13. Truly great recap and you're right, it's like the best neighborhood bar. I have to say the guys I met there were very welcoming to have a bunch of drunk gay loving straight chicks crash their party. They didn't seem to mind and instead encouraged it all!

    I'll never forget texting my boyfriend (on Kris' urging *ahem*) "I swear he's gay and over 21"... ahh memories. I'll definitely be going back there whenever I return to New Orleans. I really can't believe I've been to new orleans a dozen times and never found that wonderful gem before. Serious kudos to the male authors for the first night get together there. Imagine how different our experience would have been!

  14. Kris is a shit-disturber. LOL If you go back you have to say hi from all of us. Everyone was so nice to us, not that New Orleans people in general weren't super-friendly, but we were probably obnoxious as hell after about 4 drinks.

  15. This post sums up our time in NOLA very well! It was a great bar with awesome bartenders and lovely guys.
    I actually felt a bit homesick after we left NOLA because of the fab time we spent there together. I wish we could go back there every now and again. :)

    And yes that's an appropriate song, I felt a bit of a hangover, although mine was on Friday not on Sunday, and I'm positive it was due to lack of sleep not to the alcohol. ;)

  16. LOL! Great post :-)

    smaccall AT

  17. Sounds like a great time. Thanks for sharing.

    Tracey D
    booklover0226 at gmail dot com

  18. It would be great if we could get together a couple of times a year for 4-5 days Janna. Kind of tough on you guys for jet lag, but it would be something to look forward to.

    Thanks Bookwyrm and booklover. It was fun to share the memories of the good times.

  19. I'm game! Screw jet lag, we will survive that. :)

  20. Sounds like a fantastic time was had by everyone.Thanks for sharing.


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