Thursday, October 20, 2011

GayRomLit in pictures & getting ready for the After Party

There are already many GayRomLit posts out there. Yet, I like to add my little contribution, a bunch of pics of the wonderful time I had.

And on top of that, I invited a few friends and authors (all Riptide published) to write a guest post for me with their reflections on GayRomLit. Rachel Haimowitz will kick off the GayRomLit After Party & Riptide Party tomorrow. The other authors that will visit my place are: Cat Grant, Bryl Tyne, Brita Addams, Damon Suede and Aleksandr Voinov.

And the friends that have agreed on doing a blog post for me are the fab girls I shared a house with in New Orleans: Kris, Leontine, Tam, Kassa and Tracy. The seventh friend who was there, Chris, didn’t accept the invitation… Here we are:

Standing (from left to right): Tam, Kassa, Tracy, Chris
Sitting: me, Leontine, Kris

It’s impossible for me to describe everything that happened during the 4 days of GayRomLit. The schedule was packed, with parties, author readings, a book signing boat cruise, a vampire & ghost tour, a lunch with an author (mine was Simone Anderson), a cemetery tour and a pub crawl, among other things.

The most amazing thing for me was meeting the people behind all those names that I only knew from the internet or the books I read. I had so many fan girl moments, it's ridiculous, really. A good second place on the list of awesome things is reserved for the time we spent in gay bars, and not only because of the nekkid guys. ;) The girls and I had so much fun. I miss them and the rest very much!

Patti, me, Leontine

Ethan Day

me, Clare London, Marie Sexton, Kate McMurray

Chris, Tam, Clare London (unsuccessfully hiding behind the pole), Kassa

M.L. Rhodes, me, Stephani Hecht

me & Cole

Tracy, me, Heidi Cullinan, Leontine

Z.A. Maxfield (in blue, reading)

me, Damon Suede (in kilt *swoon*), Leontine

Kris, Tracy, Kassa, me, Tam, Leontine

me & Devon Rhodes

me & John

me, Leontine, Tracy

Rowan Speedwell, me, J.P. Barnaby

 me & Ellis Carrington

Disclaimer: If you want me to remove your picture shoot me an email and I'll remove it asap


  1. Lovely pics, Janna! It looks like you all had a fun time.

    Thanks for sharing :).

  2. Aw, I am just so bad with the guest posting stuff - I have enough trouble just keeping up with my blog!

    You got some fun pictures. :)

  3. Great pictures. And yes yes, I'm thinking about that post. I'll get it done before the weekend. :-)

    I miss spending time with everyone too. That was the best part.

  4. Great pictures! You're so photogenic too. You captured really great snaps and everyone looks good. Well done!

    When did you want my guest post done by?We can all mock Chris for being mean and saying no.

    I miss everyone. I find myself talking about "the girls" a lot hehe.

  5. :p to Kassa

    I'll have to start spreading a big story about the author slapfest you got into. ;)

  6. Great pics Janna, it looks like you had a great time!

  7. You guys all look so good! *Jealousy*

    Next year for sure I will be in some of those pics.

    Awesome pics Janna.


  8. how fun! Thanks for the pictures and I finally get to see what you look like :) How funny you got a pic of Ellis Carrington. I put out a plea over at goodreads m/m for someone to pick up some swag for me and I would send them postage to mail it to me. She is the one that answered .

  9. I don't think there is a picture out there where i don't have a cheesy grin on my face. What an awesome vacay it was and look forwrd to your afterparty...just to hang on to that vibe ;)

  10. You are so photgenic! I love all the pictures you took. I really didn't get that many, overall. But the ones I did get were good. lol

    Again, it was great meeting you...even though you kept saying I was crazy. Still trying to figure that one out since I'm just a sweet innocent little woman. No,really.

  11. It was so, so, great meeting you! You are so wonderful in person.


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