Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review: Dudleytown by L.B. Gregg

L.B. Gregg
Aspen Mountain Press, 2010

College sophomore Alexander Strauss has one rule: no messing around with straight guys. Especially not his mouthwatering roommate, Shannon. When their ride share drives off the side of a mountain, the two young men find themselves deep in an uninhabited forest searching for their missing friend. Wandering the famously cursed grounds of Dudleytown, Alex figures something truly unholy must be at play, because only insanity could tempt him to break his cardinal rule.

Genre & Keywords:
M/M, Contemporary, Roommates, Suspense, Halloween, Movies

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars
Heat level: 2 out of 3 flames

Why I read it:
I received a review copy from the author

I can keep this short: Dudleytown is a joy to read. There’s not much I didn’t enjoy about this sexy, suspenseful Halloween story. I just loved it!

Okay, I’ll tell you a little bit more, but not too much because you definitely have to read it yourself to learn more about it.
The plot is cleverly simple but strong. Three friends are on their way home when they get in an accident in the middle of a dark forest, tumbling down the mountain. One of them has a head injury and gets lost. The other two, Alex and Shannon, go after their friend, trying to find him. Alex and Shannon are roommates and Alex has a crush on Shannon who he assumes is straight. While looking for their friend and dealing with some mysterious events, Alex and Shannon find themselves in some intimate (and scary) situations. The plot is building to a wonderful climax, on more than one level.

Alex is the narrator of his and Shannon’s adventures and his voice is another one of those great LB Gregg voices I adore; it’s funny, ironic and sharp. And full of self-mockery.
Each one of LB’s narrators has his own quirk and Alex’s is his unbelievably broad knowledge of cheesy (horror) movie titles and his 'talent' to compare almost everything he's witnessing with one of these movies. It’s bringing a light, humorous touch into the suspense arc, which makes Dudleytown a fabulous balance between comedy, thriller, drama and erotic romance. For the latter elements Shannon is playing his part wonderfully. He and Alex are a hot couple, not only when hiding in a pot hole under nerve wracking circumstances but also when sharing a sweet, sexy shower.

Before I spoil more I better let you pick it up yourself. It’ll be worth your money, especially when you’re already a fan of LB Gregg’s humor. There was only one thing I didn’t enjoy very much about this novella and that was its length. The (early but otherwise perfect) ending prevented me from being with these characters a little bit longer and left me wondering what would happen to them after the story. And that is a sign of a good book.

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  1. Nice review!
    I heard of this story before and I´m so sure I would love it.
    OMG, I need an e-book-reader!
    (how long is it till christmas?)

  2. @evi: Thank you. :)
    It's only 44 days untill X-mas. I sure hope santa is gonna spoil you, because an ereader is very close to heaven. ;)

  3. Great review! I need this book now. :)

  4. I'm definitely looking forward to reading this one. Great review!

  5. This sounds good - it has a bunch of elements I like. *adding to To Buy list*

  6. OH very good review honey!
    I am popping in to see how things are with you and the hubs? How are you? What's been going on? LOL! I just seeing how you are honey! Miss you! Hugs to you!!!!!

  7. Lovely review Janna - thank you. I think this might be a good place to start WRT reading LB Gregg's books. I thought I had her first book, but I think that was before I bought my iPhone and I think it's on my old computer (which I need to access obviously to get my eBooks :)

  8. I loved this one! For such a short story there is SO much in it :)

  9. @Eyre: Thanks, I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did! :)

    @Chris: It was!

    @Lily: Thank you, Lily! Enjoy! =)

    @Patti: It has almost ALL the elements I like. :D

    @Cecile: Thanks hon! I'm doing fine! I hope you're feeling much better as well, sweetie. *hugs*

    @orannia: Dudleytown is a great start, I think! But you also MUST access your old computer, because Gobsmacked would be a wonderful acquintance with LB's work as well! :D

    @Mandi: Yes! It has a lot of great elements. :)

  10. Aye the bad thing with short stories, they are just so short :(

  11. This was LB at her best. I loved this. :)

  12. @Blodeuedd: And yet this was a wonderful and perfectly paced shorty, B! :)

    @Kris: Agreed! Me too! :D

  13. I think Gobsmacked is the one I bought. Will talk to friend who recovered all the data from the computer...

  14. I still have another series of LB Gregg to delve in to but this sounds like a treat of a short story! You do know how to pique the interest Janna - you wicked woman!!

  15. I loved, loved, loved Dudleytown. Shannon and Alex were perfect for each other. The humor was right up my alley as well. Great book.

  16. @orannia: Good idea! :D

    @Leontine: I don't know what you are waiting for, hon! Start that series. :D

    @Tracy: I couldn't agree with you more! :)


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