Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday’s Hot Couple & Sexy, Smutty Scene from Heart Doctor by Drew Zachary

This week’s sexy scene is from Heart Doctor by Drew Zachary, an M/M story that I’m reading at the moment. The scene is describing the first time the heroes, Drey and Brady, sleep together (around page 35). I’m about halfway the book and so far I’m really enjoying their chemistry and sense of humor. Hope you enjoy the scene!

"Here you go," Brady said, trying to pour and watch at the same time. "Supper was amazing, thank you." When he sat down again, he was sure to sit really close, wine glass in hand.

Drey took a sip of his wine. "Good enough to get a kiss as a reward?"

"Oh, hell, yes." Brady leaned in and kissed his mouth softly, taking his time about it. Good food and good kisses should never be rushed. Drey's wine glass clinked as it hit the coffee table, and then Drey's hands slid across his cheeks and through his hair, holding him in place as Drey deepened the kiss.

Oh, damn. That was nice. Brady let Drey take control of it and concentrated on keeping his own wine from spilling and kissing back, in equal measures. Drey tasted like the wine and like curry, every bit exotic and heady. Drey played with his tongue, stroking it and licking it, and then coaxing it back into Drey's mouth. That was when Drey started sucking it.

Brady groaned and leaned, hoping to get the wine glass on the table without dropping it and without breaking the kiss. He was reasonably sure he'd done it when the glass was out of his hand and hadn't made any unpleasant sounds at all. Hands free, he turned a bit toward Drey and dove into the kiss, his hands carding through Drey's hair before sliding over Drey's shoulders.

As if his touch gave Drey permission, Drey's hands suddenly slid down from his head, over his back.

"Uh-huh." Brady heard his own voice and smiled into the kiss. He hadn't meant to say anything at all, but there it was. He kissed Drey again, heard an explosion from the TV, and decided to ignore Bruce. He had a real, live, very warm man right there, practically underneath him.

Drey tugged up his shirt, fingers gliding over bare skin at his lower back. It could have tickled, but Drey's touch was firm enough that it merely spurred Brady on; he turned a bit more and tugged at Drey's hip, urging Drey to lean back on the couch. "This okay?" he asked, transferring his kisses from Drey's mouth to the warm skin under Drey's ear.

"Are you kidding? More than." Drey shifted a little and then Brady was lying on Drey, their bodies pressed close together.

Brady made another sound and rubbed. He could feel Drey's erection, hard and warm, and his own was nestled alongside. Making out on the couch was definitely a good way to spend a portion of the evening, Brady figured. Every sense he had was happy and engaged.

Drey rucked his shirt up higher, fingers exploring his skin, following every bump, every dip as low, happy sounds came out of them both. The room was getting warmer. Brady shifted his weight a little, moved one knee to better balance, and suddenly the room was hot as his cock got just the right angle. "Oh, God." He was sure he was flushed, but he didn't care. Drey felt incredible against him and kissed well enough to win awards.

Backblurb Heart Doctor:
Drey Banerjee, head nurse on the cardiac floor at City Hospital, loves his job. He loves it even more when heart doctor Brady MacDonald joins the team. Brady is cute, good at his job, and also gay. Soon the two are flirting like crazy and Drey's showing Brady the ropes, the local diner, his bedroom…

Brady's got rules, though, about not dating his co-workers. Not to mention the hospital frowns on fraternization between employees who work the same floor. Where does that leave Drey and Brady when innocent flirting begins leading to much, much more? With a cast of secondary characters egging Drey and Brady on, Heart Doctor is a heartwarming and delightful tale of falling in love.

Happy Monday!


  1. I quite enjoyed that book. The follow-up whose name escapes me, with the Dr. and the Paramedic was quite hot as well.

  2. Very hot scene! Thanks for sharing. :)

  3. Oh yes, I enjoyed that book and the follow up, too!

  4. I liked this story quite a bit. And the next one in the series, Emergency, was pretty good too.

  5. That is a lovely excerpt - thank you Janna! And I just love this line:

    Good food and good kisses should never be rushed.

  6. @Tam: It's cute and hot! :) I've bought both books (bk #2 is Emergency as Lily already pointed out), so I'm good! :)

    @Blodeuedd: Thank you hon! =)

    @Val: You're very welcome! ;D

    @Chris: it's a nice, uncomplicated story with a lot of comforting smexing! :D

    @Lily: The next one is already waiting for me on my ereader! :)

    @orannia: I know! It could've been my own motto for life! :D

    @FV: Glad you enjoyed it! =)

  7. Holy Tachycardia, Batman! Thanks for sharing! -Westie


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