Friday, September 7, 2012

Happy Gay Friday: This Week’s High 5

This HGF post is going to be completely random about me, my friends and my books. :)

Let’s start with the boring part, the part about me: the above picture is one of my drawings made on my iPad and the isolation it conveys is kind of how I’m still feeling.
Mentally I’m not doing too well yet, my emotions are still all over the place for no particular reason. And that last bit is the worst part of it. Because without a reason - well, without a reason that I know off - it’s difficult to do something about it. My doctor thinks I need to rest, physically, because my mental unbalance is most likely caused by a physical fatigue, which in its turn is caused by a mental fatigue. Still making sense? Well, I don’t understand it either, but than again, nothing makes sense to me these days…
My boss said I look depressed, but I think that’s too big of a word. My love is still the best husband in the world, being very understanding and all. My friend gives me advise about what I should and shouldn't do. And I… I just try to make the best of every day over and over again. Btw, drawing helps me to find a little bit of rest in my head. :)

On a less depressing note, I’m sort of out of my reading slump! I was talking to Lis about it this week, because she was experiencing a reading slump of her own and she too came out of it by the books of the same author: Charlie Richards. Lis and I are both devouring Charlie’s books one after another. Lis is already halfway through her backlist, while I’ve only read a few contemporaries and a couple of her Wolves of Stone Ridge series. I remember Tam talking about this series a little while ago on her website, and her description piqued my interest. I don’t remember how Tam voiced it exactly but I remembered it as the perfect books to read when you want something easy, fun and entertaining. Something like the books by Stephani Hecht are for me as well: Comfort reads. You know what you can expect, they're not too original but decently written and with fun characters. Lis told me that she felt like writing Charlie Richards a thank you note for getting her out of her reading slump. I don’t know if she did, but she can sign that note with my name as well. :D

Another bloggy and twitter friend of mine, Mama Kitty from Mama Kitty Reviews, is having a new feature coming up on her website, a (bi)monthly guest appearance of m/m author Andrew Grey. It’s called ‘Ask the Gay Romance Author’. Do you have a question for Andrew Grey that you’re dying to ask? You can either email Mama Kitty or fill out the form on her website to ask him anything! See this post on MKR.

Next weekend the UK Meet in Brighton is finally happening! I’m a bit sad I can’t be there, because I would’ve loved to meet some of my favorite British and some non-British authors! But luckily, Lis will be going and she promised to post about her experience here on the blog. Yay! I’m also counting on peeps like Tam and Blaine tweeting or blogging about the UK Meet. :)
The UK Meet anthology, Lashings of Sauce, will be reviewed by me and Lis here on the blog around the time of the Meet.

Last but not least, my friend and RDB reviewer Sharon sent me this link this week to 30 free books from Silver Publishing. It’s a great opportunity to try some new (to me) authors. So, I'm happy to share the link with you too. Enjoy!

Happy Gay Friday!


  1. Sorry you still have the blues. Hopefully some rest will help and they'll run away and leave you in peace.

    I can't believe that the UK Meet is right around the corner. I am so not ready. :-) I have a week yet, okay, 6 days. Ack! I'll hopefully have lots of great stories that I can share with everyone. Or maybe it will be a case of what happens in Brighton, stays in Brighton. LOL We'll rely on Lis to keep us on the straight and narrow. ;-)

    1. Thanks, Tam. I hope that too. :)

      LOL You better be ready soon. Can't arrive late, since it's only a one day event. ;) I hope you have lots of stories to share, even if they are of the naughty kind. I'll tickle them out of you all if I have to, haha. :D

  2. *hugs*

    Going for walks outside sometimes helps when I'm feeling blue, plus they help me feel more alert. Maybe they would help you, too?

    1. That's what my doctor advised me as well, Chris. So far, it's not having a positive effect on me. Unfortunately. It only irritates me now. But I'm sure it will eventually. I just keep walking. ;)

    2. Well, I do listen to music on my mp3 player as I walk... maybe that helps. And sometimes I take my phone or camera, so I take pictures of interesting things or little neighborhood secrety things - kitties looking out the window, odd lawn decorations, pretty clouds, etc.

      Another thing you might try is sublingual(liquid) vitamin B-12 - it's absorbed under your tongue. (Sometimes people have trouble absorbing it through their stomachs.) For me (I have a B-12 deficiency and take monthly shots besides the sublingual kind), B-12 is both energizing and calming. Weird, huh?

    3. Thanks so much, Chris! I hadn't thought of bringing a mp3 player or camera. That might actually help me to not focus on the irritating stuff.
      I want to try everything atm, so I'm going to get me the vitamin B-12 first thing tomorrow. It might be weird, but both (the energizing and calming) is what I need. :)

  3. love the picture, sorry it was inspired by those feelings. Depression isn't a strong word and it takes many forms. Have they checked your hormone levels? Peri-menopause can start early, it did for me and screws with your emotions.

    Now that I think about it...I went through something like that a few years ago. so fatigued and down with no reason. Turned out I had an Epstein Bar virus (like Mono) it can last months and comes and goes.
    Hope you find out what is going on :)

    1. Thanks, Sharon! :)
      My hormone levels haven't been checked yet, but I've thought about that too, so I'm going to ask next time if they can be checked.
      I also hope they find out what's going on! :D

  4. I need to start packing, need to get batteries for my camera, need to ... I can't remember what to take with me *paces up and down the room*

    Only 5 days left to get organised

    err... yeah... I'll tweet. I'll have ppl remind me to.

    1. Hahaha I just unpacked from last weekend. I'll probably do everything thursday night. No panick!!!

    2. Good luck with getting organized in time, you two!
      Don't panic, just enjoy the anticipation. And have fun at the Meet girls. :)

  5. Love the drawing J. Very well done! :-)

    Charlie Richards books are awesome. When Inget a quiet moment, I'm going to write that note!

    1. Thank you, sweets!

      *snort* a quiet moment... could take a while, huh? *wink*
      But yeah, her books are just what I need right now! :D

  6. I'm so utterly late responding to this post. I was in a car accident on the 11th and time just sort of stopped for me - at least in my online life. I'm (mostly) okay, but my car was totaled so I've been trying to deal with insurance and getting a new vehicle. I'm getting back to 100% though.

    Thank you SO MUCH for giving me a shout-out on HGF. The Ask Andrew feature will be recurring, so I'm hoping that people will stop by to ask him some questions -- Hope to see you there too! :D

    The drawing is beautiful! Did you really do that on your iPad? HOW??? It looks like you painted it and scanned it in. It does look like you're feeling quite a bit of sadness, based on the drawing, and my heart breaks for you. I hope that things are looking up now. I don't like seeing you unhappy. *HUGS*

    I picked up several of the freebies from Silver. I haven't had the chance to read anything yet, but I'm hoping to soon! I hope you're still finding your way out of your reading slump. I'm trying to dig my way out of mine right now as well.


    1. OMG hon! That's awful! I didn't know you had an accident. I hope you are feeling okay again soon! *big hugs*

      Painting on the iPad is actually very easy. Much easier than working with real paint, which I did when I was younger. There's a broad variety of apps with very sophisticated brushes and tools. I like this app because of the water color tools. :)
      Things are going better with me, thanks. I'm not as unhappy anymore as I used to be when I made this drawing. :D


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