Friday, August 10, 2012

Happy Gay Friday & Sexy, Smutty Scene from Summerschool by Tam Ames

While I'm still doing the lazy vacation thing in Greece, I've gotten Tam's permission to post a little teaser from her latest m/m release Summer School. It's the first 'Sexy, Smutty Scene' feature I'm posting since a long time, but I hope to do it on a more regular base again in the future. I'd forgotten how much fun it is to search for one of those scenes! Here's a very hot encounter from Summer School by Tam Ames. I love the battle for control and the level of anticipation between the characters Jeremy and Lucas. Enjoy!

Jeremy stood stunned. Lucas, cute little upbeat Lucas, had just yelled at him. How dare he? He was the student here. Jeremy was the teacher. He strode across the room to where Lucas stood, grabbed his shoulder, and spun him around to face him while he kept his grip on the young man's shirt. Lucas lost his balance and grabbed onto Jeremy's T-shirt to keep from falling flat on his ass.
"I am the boss in this room. I make the decisions. I'm in charge," he bit out.
He had expected Lucas to cower at least a little bit. He was in the mood for some cowering. Someone needed to cower, or he was going to lose it. The landlord wasn't coming through on the cowering front, so Lucas would do. To his surprise, Lucas simply raised an eyebrow and said, "Oh, please."
"Do I need to prove it?" Jeremy's voice was quiet and low.
Lucas's gaze dropped to his mouth and flicked back up to his eyes. "You can try." Lucas sneered as he said it.
Jeremy knew this was wrong, very, very wrong, but something had to give, and murder was a bitch to justify, even if it was one of his students—which was very nearly justifiable homicide, especially if you got a judge with kids of his own. He tightened his grip on Lucas's shirt and pulled him closer. Lucas didn't fight him; he simply tightened his own grip on the front of Jeremy's T-shirt. His gaze continued to flicker between Jeremy's mouth and eyes, and he licked his lips slightly.
He moved in closer until his mouth was only a hair's breadth away from Lucas's. "I think you need to learn who the boss is in this relationship."
He heard Lucas swallow, and Jeremy brushed his lips ever so gently over Lucas's, just a tease. Lucas tried to push closer, but Jeremy pulled his head back. Lucas whimpered, and Jeremy continued to tease with light brushes of his lips. He could tell Lucas was desperate to make a move. When Lucas's lips parted and whispered, "Please", Jeremy lost control. His mouth slammed down over Lucas's, and the next thing he knew, Jeremy had the young man pressed up against the wall next to the door and was ravaging Lucas's mouth. If anyone glanced through the small window, the classroom would appear empty.
Lucas slipped his arms up around Jeremy's neck and pulled him closer. Jeremy thrust his tongue into Lucas's mouth, and he couldn't seem to get enough. Lucas's tongue battled back, trying to tie itself around Jeremy's. Jeremy was getting light-headed. He needed to breathe, but he didn't want to stop. He'd never made an aggressive move like this in his life, and if he stopped, he would realize how stupid this was and the kiss would be over. Lucas would probably sue the school for sexual harassment, and then he'd be fired and end up living in a homeless shelter, which might have better air conditioning than his apartment.
Lucas wedged his leg between Jeremy's, and soon, Jeremy could feel a hard cock rubbing against his hip. Lucas was basically humping Jeremy, which had to be the hottest thing he'd ever experienced. There was no way he was stopping now, even if he passed out from lack of oxygen.

Backblurb Summerschool:

English teacher Jeremy Decker's split with his boyfriend has left him with no plans for the summer and credit card debt. One solution is to teach summer history classes. College history major Lucas Van Sloan is brought in to assist Jeremy, thrilled to have a summer job that doesn't include supervising kids at the hometown swimming pool.

A summer heat wave has Jeremy more snarly than even upbeat Lucas can handle. Lucas drags the teacher back to his place and out of the heat, determined to drag Jeremy into his bed while he's got him there. However, Jeremy's ex isn't quite ready to let go, and a college student may be no competition for a high-powered attorney.

Author's website | Buy book at Silver Publishing

Happy Gay Friday!


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