Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Gay Friday, House troubles & Upcoming giveaway

Can’t believe it’s Friday again! So soon! I’ve been putting in some extra hours at work this week so that I can take some time off once we get the key of our new home. That probably makes that this week flew by. And aside from that, it’s even more busy at our house than usual with friends walking in and out and strangers coming by to buy some of our stuff that we can’t or don’t want to bring to Utrecht. And last night we even had a feral visitor, who slipped into our house while we were on the driveway carrying beds to a buyer’s car. The rather wild cat managed to damage our screen doors in the back pretty badly. *sigh*
Meanwhile we are still waiting for approval of the bank for our mortgage. There was some trouble with the paperwork. This is delaying the signing of the notarial act, which was already postponed once and probably will be a second time too. Everybody around us is starting to get freaked out about the short time span that’s left for us to paint and clean up the new house. I think my friend was actually more nervous than me this morning when I was waiting for a phone call about the approval, lol! I think her anxiety took away mine or something, because I found myself reassuring her instead of the other way around. *g* Too bad it was fruitless.
Ah well, I’m pretty sure everything will work out in the end. The movers will be packing up our stuff on August the 29th and I only hope that we’ll have the key of our new home by then. Preferably a few days earlier or else it will become difficult to put the plank flooring in…

Enough about the move already. :0 I guess it’s obvious what’s keeping my mind busy these days huh?

Okay, there’s actually some book stuff too. :D I’m very excited that we have an interview with author L.A. Witt coming up next week. I love her books and SharonS and I (but mainly Sharon) have done a Q&A with Lori, who you also might know as Lauren Gallagher (her M/F pseudonym).
She’ll be here on Wednesday the 17th. And even more awesome than that: she’s donating a copy of one of her ebooks (winner’s pick) for a giveaway!  
The giveaway will run from August 17 till 21, so I hope you’ll have time to drop by to leave a comment for a chance to win one of her books and to celebrate with us her upcoming release of On The List. :)

Happy Gay Friday everyone!


  1. It will work out! I believe! :) Hope you have a great weekend!

  2. @Chris: yeah, I have faith as well. :) Thanks, you too!

  3. It'll all work out! * fingers and toes crossed*

  4. Janna, think how glad you'll be in few weeks when everything is in place and as it should be. :)

  5. Hey honey! I wanted to pop in to see what and how you have been doing! I hope all is well for you and hubs! I do love the Friday posts!!!!!
    Miss you honey!

  6. For some reason my comment was eaten yesterday, but sheesh girl, all the house troubles! Hope it all works out okay!

    Looking forward to the Witt release as well! But then there are so many books to read :P

  7. Dearl lawd, hon, I would go stir-fry crazy if that would happen to me. I'm going to call you ASAP so you can vent some more!!

    I still have to try out L.A. Witt but i have a good one on my iPad!! :D

  8. @Gigi's CC: Thanks so much, Tori! :)

    @Val: Yes, you're right! I just wish I had a time machine and skip those weeks in between. ;)

    @Cecile: Hey honey!! So good to see you again. :) As you can see I'm about to move to another city and it's stressful, lol. Hope everything is good with you, C! xoxo

    @Patti: I'm glad you think so! I can use all the positive thoughts in the world. :)

    @Lis: Sorry that blogger ate your comment. :(
    Thanks sweets, I look forward to catching up with you face to face after the move! :D

    @Blodeuedd: Thanks. :D

    @Leontine: Be prepared for a lot of rattling, hon! ;D It's quite a story and it would be funny if it weren't happening to me actually... *g*
    I think you'll love L.A. Witt's writing. I know I do! :D

  9. Am keeping my fingers crossed for you WRT the house!

    Ohhh, just discovered L.A. Witt! Will so be here for the interview :)


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