Tuesday, August 2, 2011

August m/m releases I don't want to miss

One of the first things I did when I got home from our vacation, was shopping for ebooks. A few of my auto-buy authors – like Stephani Hecht, James Buchanan, ML Rhodes, Shawn Lane, TC Blue, Anne Brooke, Mary Calmes, JL Merrow, Cameron Dane, Heidi Cullinan and LA Witt – had a book release in July when I was without internet access (how dare they huh?).
While I was shopping, I also wrote down a list of the books that are going to be released in August and that I must have. As I’m packing for the move in a few weeks, I’m bound to lose this list. So I’m being smart and I’m going to post it here, and who knows, maybe you have a few recommendations as well for upcoming releases that I can add to my list. ;)

Out Of Focus
Release Date: August 2

Three to Get Ready
Release Date: August 5

Ashton and Justice
Release Date: August 7

A Solid Core of Alpha
Release Date: August 8

Abercrombie Zombie
Release Date: August 10

Life, Love and Lemon Cookies (Love's Evolution, #2)
Release Date: August 16

After the Sunset (Timing, #2)
Release Date: August 17

Finding Eden
Release Date: August 19

On The List
Release Date: August 21

Song of Oestend
Release Date: August 22

For The Attention Of (Pushing the Envelope, #1)
Release Date: August 28

Fall Into the Sun
Release Date: August 29

As you can see, my list is limited to m/m releases (and one ménage) but I’d love to hear what books you’re looking forward to, regardless if they’re m/m or m/f!


  1. I saw the giveaway of Out Of Focus at Chris and thought; Mine and Want! I lurv the sound of the blurb! Of coursemI have Finding Eden on my tbb list. Did younreadnthe excerptnatmellora's cave aite for it. So good!!

  2. Okay...typing on iPad while brain is qrangled by headache is a no go!

    Last sentence is; Did you read the excerpt at Ellora's Cave for it?

  3. @Leontine: Did you win Out of Focus? You lucky girl! =) I'm waiting for Finding Eden ever since I read the first book in the series. I'm so excited it's finally going to be released!
    Lol, I perfectly understood your typing... the answer is: I'm going to do that right away! :) (good luck with the headache :( hon)

    @Mandi: Lol, I know how you feel. ;)

  4. Alas, she did not win Out of Focus - but it should be discounted at Samhain right now!

    I'm looking forward to several of those on your list. And I have a couple of July releases that I'm still waiting to read and enjoying the anticipating (the second Kaje Harper Life Lessons book and Spin Out by James Buchanan).

  5. @Chris: Ow, I misunderstood Leontine. But you're right, it's discounted. I got it earlier today for $ 4.55. :)
    Spin Out was one of the books in my July shopping basket too! I was surprised to already find it at ARe. I still have to read Hard Fall but I couldn't resist. ;)
    Hmm, I need to check out Kaje Harper, never read anything by her/him.

  6. @Janna: Her! She has a pretty good freebie called Lies & Consequences at Smashwords. Her book Life Lessons was really good, and set in Minneapolis, where I live!

  7. @Chris: It's always fun to read books that are set where you live. :) Thanks for the the tip on the freebie!

  8. Janna, you are so awesome! Look at my new book up there on your list with all the big major releases. I'm so pleased. :)

  9. Oh so many books and so little time/money! lol There are definitely some of these on my list as well - the Sexton, Witt and Calmes to name a few. Thanks for the heads up on the others. :)

  10. @Val: I'm here to please you, Val. ;) I only now realize that without the cover some might not know that it's your new book there at the end of the list. It's linked to Goodreads, so hopefully the cover will appear here too when it's added to Goodreads. :)

    @Tracy: Groan, I feel your pain regarding the lack of time/money... There are so many good authors on my auto-buy list that it's making me dizzy sometimes. ;D

  11. Now I've got 10 of the 12 on my wishlist. Thanks for the heads-up. What a good month it's going to be!

  12. And - currently running contest for Ashton & Justice and Abercrombie Zombie. Upcoming contests for Finding Eden and Song of Oestend, plus maybe On the List.


  13. I will be eagerly waiting your review on Abercrombie Zombie because the thought and idea tickles me.

    The Three to Get Ready perked my eyes and ears because I'm always on the look out for a good m/m/f menage. Although, I'm never quite sure what to make of the dom/sub thang. You might be interested in one I just finished although it had strong bdsm overtones and mostly m/m.

    Safe Harbor by Tymber Dalton. It was pretty good even though it was a wee hard for me to understand the bdsm part. :) I'd prefer reading the m/m to bdsm.

    Thanks for sharing the titles!!

  14. Ooh - you've definitely got some books up there that I want! I've heard good things about Out of Focus, too.

  15. @Lily: *g* I'm happy to help out. ;) It's going to be a great month indeed! :D

    @Chris: Ditto on two of the contests here on my blog later this month. Thanks for the heads-up. :D

    @Redd: Hey girl! The title of Abercrombie Zombie alone tickled me already, lol!
    To be honest, I'm not too eager to read ménages, but this one is written by an author whose other books I devoured. So, I have high hopes. :)
    I'm adding the Tymber Dalton book to my wishlist. You made me curious now!

    @Ava: I hope to start reading Out of Focus soon... if my TBR will allow me to pick up one of the shiny new ones, that is. ;)

  16. Weeeee you're back! I missed you! Also been very busy with the knights. If I hear about one more costume change, I'm gonna scream. But the event is this weekend so after that it's all quiet.

    The books look good! And you missed a really good stephani hecht!

    Good luck with the move and with packing!

  17. WOW! That's a great list!! Good luck with the books and the move!

  18. @Lis: Hey girl! Missed you too, hon. :) You and your knights. ;) I hope the event will be a blast! Have a great weekend, Lis. :D

    @Twimom: Thanks, Jen! At my age, I definitely need a list to remember them all, lol. ;)

  19. *drools*

    I'm so hanging out for Out of Focus and A Solid Core of Alpha :)

    Welcome back and all the best with the packing!

  20. @orannia: Those sound so promising, don't they? :D
    Thanks hon, I can't wait to be settled again and have the time to be around bloglandia more. *sigh*


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