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Swiftly Dusted: Mini-review of Beyond Reckless by Ava March

Author: Ava March
Title: Beyond Reckless
Series: Standalone
Publisher: Amber Allure
Date: November 27, 2010
Word/page count: 6k words / 27 pages

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Genre & keywords:
M/M, Historical Romance, Regency, Kinky, Birthday surprise

Synopsis in short:
It's Rys's 25th birthday. A significant one, because of his inheritance. But the promise of a fortune isn't what gets Rys's blood pumping. After four years together Martin is well aware of his lover's propensity for thrills. He asks Rys to meet him at a formal ton ball to give Rys his dangerous but very hot gift.

Setting: Regency England, 1822. Most part of the story takes place at a formal ball, where Rys and Martin find some privacy in a room. There's a risk of being discovered, which makes their meeting all the more sexy. The last scene takes us to their own bedroom. With just a few accurate descriptions Ava March gives her story a historical feel without it being too much for a non-enthusiast for historical romances.

POV: Third person narration, initially from birthday-boy Rys's point of view, which carries away the reader in the thrill of the danger. Later the perspective shifts to Martin as well, which uncovers the caring and loving relationship the heroes have. Wonderful choice.

H/H & characterization: Given the short length of this story there's not much room for character development. We're provided with just enough information about the heroes' social status, their sexual kinks and the roles they both play in their relationship.
At one point in the story the author lets Rys think about his lover: "He made it so easy to slip into the moment." and that perfectly applies to March's writing as well. For a short period of time you can lose yourself in her characters and their adventures. In this case without knowing everything about them (which makes me immediately crave for more, of course).

Empathy level: Ava March has the skill to make you feel completely in sync with her characters. She's a master at interweaving the emotional connection with the physical attraction between her heroes. You're equally scared, excited, hurt, relaxed, happy, aroused... as her guys. That's what makes her characters so real, made of flesh and blood.

Heat level: I honestly don't think sex scenes can be any hotter than this. 3 out of 3 flames

Angst level: No angst here, just excitement and a bit of fear for discovery. Rys and Martin are an established couple and love each other without a single doubt. 0 out of 3 hankies

Overall entertainment level: If this isn't entertaining than I don't know what is! It's 'Beyond Entertaining'. :)

Final judgment:
5 out of 5 stars



    I heart your swiftly dusted reviews! I've got Ava March on my to-read-soon shelf for a very long time now. I really must kick my butt in to gear here because I love the sound of the book. And yeah, you're three out of three flames is also a very *achem* good incentive *grin*

  2. Wow, great review!

    I've not read Ava March but will certainly add her to my TBR list. This book sounds full of awesome hot goodness! :)

  3. This was a good one, wasn't it? I want to read more about these two!

  4. Hi Janna, hope you are well! It has been a while... love your short reviews, it inspires me to write some short ones myself and save some time!! Great review, although I still have to read my first m/m lol... Take care!

  5. "Swiftly Dusted" -- I like that! And this book sounds like a must-read. Thanks for the review!

  6. @leontine: I'm positive you'll love Ava March's books. This is a very short story, but you'll have to try her Bound series. It has written your name all over it, hon! :)
    I'm glad you like the Swiftly Dusted format!

    @barbara: Thank you so much, Barbara! LOL, "full of awesome hot goodness" is a great way of putting it! That's exactly what you'll get with this author. :) I hope you enjoy!

    @Chris: It was a perfect one! And yes, I want to read more about these two as well. Have you start bugging Ava about it yet? ;)

    @Marissa: Hey Marissa, I hope all is well with you too, sweets! :)
    I'm glad I could be sort of inspirational. The mini-review format is a perfect way to write about the books I enjoyed a lot but maybe would've stayed unmentioned due to time issues. I hope it'll be a solution for you.
    And yeah, the m/m romances are begging for your attention hon. ;) You can't keep ignoring them, with those cute and hot heroes who want your eyes on them. :) You know you want to try them, lol!

    @Val: Thanks Val, I'm glad you like the SD concept. :) Yup, I can highly recommend this story, so if you can find the time... Hope you enjoy! :)

  7. I just read this the other night. I'd love to know how they got together and figured out the kink thing. Seems like there's be a very interesting story there. A short spicy read for sure.

  8. @Tam: You're absolutely right, this is just such an intriguing couple, I would love to know all that about them too. And I would definitely want to see more of that kink thing. ;)

  9. Hottest level possible *fans herself* I am not sure if I am ready for that ;)

  10. I really liked this quick read. I think Ava March really created some great tension.

  11. I love your reviews Janna. And the following line - WOW!

    For a short period of time you can lose yourself in her characters and their adventures.

    Must try Ava March!

  12. I love the way you do your reviews. Very nice, short and sweet.

  13. @Blodeuedd: I think you are! Maybe you'll get hooked for good then. ;)

    @Fiction Vixen: Agree! :)

    @orannia: Thanks, hon. And yup, you must! :D

    @Sweets: Thank you! Kind of how you do yours, really. :)

  14. Ooo -- love the review!! I've heard a lot of great things about Ava March! :)

    I NEEDED to get myself over to your home to give you *hugs*!!! So, so sorry I've been MIA lately, but I think about you often! I hope all has been well with you, Janna!! *big hugs* Have a fabulous weekend!

  15. @Tanya: Thank you, sweetie! :) The same goes for me. Right back atya. *hugs*


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