Friday, March 25, 2011

Happy Gay Friday

Today I'm extremely late with my post and Friday cookies. Sorry. I've been out enjoying the sunshine, being lazy and hanging around with a book. :)
Since it's almost midnight in my part of the world, I'll just post this *OMG-it-is-hot-in-here* picture and leave you with that. I think you won't mind. ;)

Have a happy Friday!


  1. Have a great weekend, hon! *hugs*

  2. @Eyre: Thanks, sweets. You too! :)

  3. We have sun, but it's 0C. *sigh* Have a great weekend!

  4. @Chris: Brrrrr. We had 15 C today. :)
    Have a great weekend too!

  5. Very very pretty. :-)

    We had -15 C here this morning with the wind. LOL Not quite spring but the sun was shining and blue sky so that was okay. Glad you had a nice lazy day, those are just the ticket some days.

  6. Definitely a OMG-it's hot-in-here pic ;)

    Happy Gay Friday, and congrats on the sunny lazy day! Those are the best sort of days. Me, my weather is similar to Chris's - darn cold. :( Ah well. Spring will be here soon...hopefully.

  7. Happy Super Hot Gay Friday!!!!!

    Loved the pic and happy to hear you've got lovely weather now. It's been really nice here as well. Have a great weekend!

  8. @Tam: Not really spring temperatures yet in Canada then, Tam. Yep those lazy days are the best and just what you sometimes need to keep going. :)

    @Ava: Brrr. It wasn't quite warm and sunny here today (Saturday) either, but still a nice 12 C.
    Let's hope it won't take too long before we both have plenty of sunny days that give us the excuse to be lazy, right? :)

    @Lily: Glad you like the cookie and good to see you around even though it's a bit quiet over at your blog... I bet you've got very nice temperatures already down there in Florida! :) Have a great weekend too, Lily.

    @Blodeuedd: *g*

  9. YAH for sun! (It's been raining here all weekend - autumn has so arrived.)

    And I love the cookie :)

  10. Holey moley! Hot stuff alert here!!!


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