Monday, May 24, 2010

Mondays Hot Couple & Sexy Smutty Scene

Today’s sexy scene is from On Fire by Drew Zachary, a m/m romance that I started reading this morning and have almost finished. It’s like chocolate, once you’ve taken one bite you keep eating/reading. That’s because this romance is a very easy, light read with lots and lots of sex scenes, an uncomplicated plot and no angst. Just a lot of happiness and hotness.
One of the main characters, Robert, is a very tall, broad shouldered and fit firefighter and he’s Sam’s wet dream. And let’s just say that Mr. Zachary shows us throughout the whole book many, many times what’s so hot about wet firefighters…

Robert put an arm around him, hand moving to cup his ass. "I imagine ten minutes'll do. You really are a sex kitten, aren't you."
"I like it," Sam said easily. "It's fun and feels good and I play safe. What's not to be kittenish about?" He smiled and started rocking, loving the way the big hands held him.
"It wasn't a complaint, kid."
His head was tilted back up and his mouth taken. Robert kissed like he was in charge and knew it, just invading Sam's mouth and making him enjoy it. Sam made a happy sound, more moan than not, and just went with it. He pushed his tongue along Robert's and rocked harder, his legs spreading and one lifting to wind around Robert's hip. "Good," he said when he came up for breath. "Feels good."
Robert nodded. "It does. You do. Been way too long since I had a partner as eager as you in bed. Hell, I don't think I ever have."
Sam laughed. "I really like sex." He leaned up for another kiss, sighing as his cock twitched and started to lengthen again. "Should last longer this time," he whispered.
"Yeah? Good. Because I'll be able to last the rest of the afternoon with the edge off." Robert didn't look like was teasing.
"Oh, boy," Sam said again. He wiggled and shoved, and got Robert lying down on his back so Sam could straddle those hips and thighs. "You're gonna make me ache, aren't you? Make sure I walk funny?" He wasn't shy; he'd beg for it if he had to. Really and truly.
"That what you want, Sam? Want me to fuck you good and hard?" Robert's hands slid along his thighs, circled his waist.
"Christ, yes." Sam shuddered and his hole spasmed. "Ride you like this. On my back, against the wall, on all fours—don't care. Just want to feel it." He grabbed his dick and started stroking, almost blissing on the idea of Robert in him.
"Well, who says we have to choose?" Robert asked him, hand wrapping around his own, tugging with him.
Sam squeaked. "Oh, man, yeah. That'd rock. Seriously." He shook again and shifted forward a little, rubbing on Robert's balls. "God, this is gonna give me stroke material for months."

Drew Zachary’s website
Buy On Fire here

Backblurb On Fire:

Take one tall, broad-shouldered fireman in his early thirties. Mix well with one skinny, eighteen-year-old college kid who lives for sex, and the results are sheer pleasure. Sam and Robert are about as opposite as you can get, aside from the fact that they're both into sex with guys. When Sam picks Robert up during Canada Day festivities, neither of them are expecting more than making some fireworks for the holiday. And the sparks definitely fly, especially since Sam is able to recharge his batteries as only an eighteen year old can. Robert finds himself both entranced and smitten with young Sam, who is bubbly and happy and can have more sex in the space of an hour than Robert can believe. But there's a world of difference between eighteen and thirty-two, as Sam and Robert discover along the way. Friends and family add to the difficulties they encounter. But the two of them come to realize that underneath it all, they have more than just a physical need for each other. The emotion that blossoms between them is soon as great as their first sizzling attraction.


  1. Sexy pic and great blurb.. maybe I need to start reading about wet fireman lovin'.. yummy!

  2. I'm definitely not cooling down with reading your post and I heart the hot couple pic!! I'm finishing up on Shannon McKenna but after that I'm going to read a new-to-me M/M author Cameron Dane. I found I had two books of him in my folder: Grey's Awakening and The Sweetest Tattoo. GA is going to be the first I dive in to :)

  3. @Heather: Grin, maybe you should! :)

    @Leontine: Cameron Dane is a new to me author too! I have GA on my ereader as well. Hmmm, I might join you after I finished the second On Fire book and the few review copies I'm reading at the moment. I look forward to your thoughts :)

  4. @Janna - I should've known CD was already on your e-reader LOL Later this week I've got reviews coming up of Tere Michaels F&F and D&D. Tomorrow it is going to Black Wade...yeah M/M smut rules my blog week...Nick has to defend the PNR genre all by his lonesome self :)

  5. @Leontine: Woohoot! A m/m smut week! That's just great! :) I so look forward to all the reviews, hon! :D

  6. I adore Sam and Robert. It was one of the first m/m books I read, or an early one anyway. I like it because it's set in Canada too which is always fun for me and Sam is just too fun.

    I don't think that hot couple will be hot for long when that water hits them. LOL

  7. Well that was a nice good night story for me :)

  8. @Tam: Yeah, Sam is really adorable & he and Robert are a great couple! That the story's set in Canada made me think about you. :) But it also made me wonder about the firefighter uniform, I wasn't sure if it looked the same as the American version. Ah well, a uniform is a uniform: hot all the same. ;)

  9. @Blodeuedd: That will give you some hot dreams about firefighters, right? ;D

  10. Ah, Sam and Robert! *fans self*

  11. Ooh, I have to read this book!

    Love the picture!

  12. Clearly you did not know about my fantasy of fire engine sex...

    I love, love this book - just for the Man in Uniform thing and the fire engine sex...

    Great choice this week..


  13. It depends on the City Janna as each city has their own. Here they are navy I think, pants and short sleeved shirt, looks pretty much the same as the US version. I think it's navy, or black. I'm sure navy because our police force are all black.

  14. I love Sam and Robert. *sigh* Super hot!!

  15. @Chris: I'm reading theire second book now and I still keep fanning myself... :)

    @Eyre: *grin* yeah, you have... unless you don't care for hot firefighters or a lot of smexing ;)

    @EH: Lol, I could've guessed. :) You and me both *g*

    @Tam: Thanks, Tam! I think Robert's uniform is black, but I didn't pay that much attention to the color with all the other hot images flooding my brain ;)

    @Lily: Agreed! :D

  16. Sounds like another amazing read. I haven't had the pleasure of reading Drew's work, but I'm definitely putting this on the TBR list. :) Thanks!

  17. I'm currently binge(ing) on Mary Calmes when I'm done I'm so going to get this one.

  18. @Mia: I think you'll love it, if it where only for the uniform thing ;)

    @KC: And when I'm done with the two On Fire books I'm going to get Mary Calmes's books :)

    @Miranda: My pleasure! :D

  19. I've been so freaking busy I haven't been visiting blogs much, but I wanted to stop by and say hi!

    Sigh...I love this picture...

  20. Good to see you here, Bron! :D I must confess that I'm a bit slacking on the blog visiting myself... Yeah, it's a beautiful picture, isn't it? :)


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