Friday, May 14, 2010

Happy Gay Friday - part 2

Yep, that's right. I have two posts today. This one is my weekly one with the Happy Gay couple pic (that I don't want to miss for the obvious reasons) and I just posted another one with a short review of William Cooper's debut story Broken Bones, Mended Hearts with a giveaway. So, if you want a chance to win this m/m book, be sure to check out that post too. :)

Now, for my weekly m/m reads: it’s been a nice week again. I’ve read the first two books from James Buchanan’s Taking the Odds series: Cheating Chance and Inland Empire. I absolutely loved them, especially the second one and I’ll write a review about it soon. I also read the, with this series connected, free stories about Nick and Brandon, from the author’s site: Squirrel Run (c) 2008, Spree (c) 2007 and Measure Up (c) 2008. And two others that appeared in the Toy Box anthologies Handcuffs and Rope, called Technique and A Little Trust (a reread). After that I started reading the third Nicky and Brandon book, All or Nothing, but felt I needed a little break from the guys, lol! They’re rather intense ;)

So, I read a bunch of quickies:

Give and Take by Anne Brooke
Really cute story with an HFN (Happy For Now) ending. It's about an older guy going out again after 2 years of mourning over his deceased partner and hooking up with a young man who knows what he needs. I wouldn't mind reading more about them...
3.5 stars

An Australian Christmas In New York by Sean Kennedy
Very short but lovely Christmas story (I don't mind reading seasonal stories out of season). It's a snapshot from the life of two guys, one American and one Australian, who know each other for quite some years and live together in New York. The Australian bloke gets homesick around Christmas time and his boyfriend tries to make him feel better, which is really cute. It's a fun read for a half hour or so, but it's too short to leave a deep impression if it wasn't for the author's excellent writing.
3.5 stars

Start From The Beginning by Chrissy Munder
Beautiful written story about two older men who have their scars and disabilities to learn to live with. It's not a passionate-let's-hop-in-the-bed story but more about a very careful sensing and learning to know each other kind of relationship. I think, it took more than half of the book before the two men even exchanged a word with each other. Even so, the attraction between them is tangible and believable. There's a lot of sexual tension and their feelings are told from both men's point of view. My only niggle is that the story ended too abruptly, which left us with just a HFN (Happy For Now) ending rather than a HEA, and with far less smexy scenes than could've been.
3.75 stars

And last but not least, William Cooper’s debut Broken Bones, Mended Hearts that I reviewed here.

I hope you had a great reading week too!

Happy Gay Friday everyone!


  1. I was wondering where my cookies were this morning, lol.... You are such a smutty girl, lol!!!! That is one thing I love about ya!!!

  2. You know I'm so going to hook myself up with James Buchanan's books LOL You've had a great week Janna and thanks for the gay-candy, it's a sweet one!

  3. I'm glad you're enjoying reading about Nicky and Brandon!! I know I have that Chrissy Munder book in my TBR...

  4. I must get to Nicky and Brandon. And I really must stop saying that about all the amazing books out there. LOL I've go so many on my "must read soon" list. Have a super weekend.

  5. @Cecile: *grin* Ditto, hun! :)

    @Leontine: You'll love Nicky and Brandon, I'm sure! They're hot and the books have some very sexy bondage scenes *nomnomnom*.

    @Chris: I so am!! All your rec's are hits so far :)
    When you dig the Chrissy Munder book from under your tbr and finally read it, be prepared for the abrupt ending!

  6. @Tam: But you have read the first two books, haven't you?
    LOL! I know what you mean about the very long 'must read soon' list *sigh*
    Have a great weekend too, Tam! :)

  7. I'm so glad you liked Nicky and Brandon. The new one is a bit intense so perhaps a break from them is a smart thing to do. :)

    I really liked Chrissy's story, too.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. Lovely couple pic... possibly a little bit of young and old going on there—very sweet. Thanks for the cookie!

  9. @Janna - Did you say bondage? *Click* again, for a second time tonight, I couldn't keep myself in check *damnit* My CC is so well used today LOL

  10. ohhhhhh i can't wait to read your review about Inland Empire it sounds like you loved i'm curious! Should i add it to my TBR pile?

    I thought about you yesterday while i went M/M shopping (LOL yep m/m=Janna in my head), I bought 3 m/m from Tere Micheals! I can't wait to start them =)

    Have a great weekend ma belle *hugs*

  11. @Lily: I love them! :) But yeah, the third book felt intense, with the kid there and all, lol! I don't think it will be long before I pick it up though! :)
    Have a great weekend too, hon!

    @Miranda: My pleasure! :) I was in the mood for sweet ;)

    @Leontine: *grin* I knew that word would push your button, hon. LOL! I hope Nicky and Brandon won't disappoint you :)

    @pattepoilue: Oh yes, I think you should! You'll love it :) But you should read Cheating Chance first, or else you'll miss a lot of background info about Brandon and Nicky!
    LOL! You're so good for my ego :) And you have bought some great books, hon! I loved, LOVED, Faith & Fidelity! I can't wait to hear what you think! :)
    Have a great weekend too, sweetie! *hugs*

  12. Thanks for the Give and Take mention - glad you enjoyed the read :) Anne B

  13. @Anne Brooke: My pleasure! :) Thank you for writing it! Can we look forward to a sequel maybe? *puppy dog eyes*

  14. It appears that you've had a yummy reading week and you've topped it off with a yummy cookie!

    Have a great weekend!

  15. @Eyre: Yep, it was a yummy week :)
    Thanks, hon! You have a great weekend too!

  16. What a cute sexy pic makes me go awwwwwwwwww.

  17. Very yummy pic. thanks.
    I haven't read any of those yet, they sound good. I do have James Buchanan in my TBR, I hear good things.
    Have a good weekend!

  18. @KC: I knowwww :)

    @Amora: My pleasure ;) You'll love James' books once you pick them from your tbr!
    Have a great weekend too, hon! :)

  19. Very nice reading week indeed! Yummy cookie to top it all off. :)

  20. Yeah for sexy men! I love the christmas cover - it makes me think of gifts stuffed in christmas stockings *wink wink*

  21. @FV: Thanks hon! Aren't they sweet? :)

    @Heather: Lol! You're naughty, Heather :)


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