Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy Gay Friday & My Next Step Into M/M smut?

Yep, that’s right. There are even more steps for me to take when it comes to M/M reading! It probably hasn’t remained unnoticed that I’m reading mainly M/M romances these days. I still squeeze the occasional regular romance in to remind me that I’m female, but those can be counted on one hand.

And now there’s yaoi! OMG, I’m like Bambi on the ice here, but I’m really going to try this. I can’t believe that a certain Aussie blogger that I do not dare to call a friend *cough*Kris*cough* has talked me into this. She forced my snail addy out of me and introduced me to some background information that was – I gotta admit – intriguing! I’m waiting for a yaoi paperback to arrive from Italy that she arranged to be send to me via her Great Yaoi Swap.

Meanwhile my American friend KC was sucked into it as well and last Friday she blogged about her very colorful introduction to Black Wade. Go check out her hilarious post here.

Because of this, a lively chat sprouted at Twitter and Goodreads Friday night with some other yaoi lovers. And my Dutch friend Leontine tweeted me that she’d bought Black Wade at the Book Depository and would send it to me after she received and read it. Woohoo!

So, that brought me to check out the Book Depo myself and wow, they have a lot of yaoi! And before I knew it, I had two first volumes of highly recommended series thrown in my basket. If it wasn’t for those peeps over at Goodreads and tweeps like @Ferishia I probably wouldn’t have know what to buy. It all looks the same to me. LOL!

And then my Canadian friend Tam (see how worldwide this yaoi love spreads?) had this wonderful, explanatory post over at Jessewave’s blog with the basic ins and outs about yaoi.

I guess, yaoi was in the air! And quite literally - after the volcanic ashes stopped being a pain in the ass again - so finally today my first yaoi novel arrived!! It’s called Love Mode and I’ve been told that it’s a sweet, not too explicit one. Good to start with. The other one I ordered has been dispatched as well and should arrive soon. That one’s called Junjo Romantica.

Short Description Love Mode: v.1

Sakashita Izumi, a typical straight high school student, gets into a sticky situation with a gay translator, Takamiya Katsura, when he gets mistaken for an escort. The two go on a date, Izumi goes all the way, and the older man's in love with him and possibly converting this initial homophobe into that which he fears.

Short Description Junjo Romantica: v.1

Misaki is struggling to pass his college entrance exams, and has taken up a tutor: the cool and sexy Akihiko Usami, who also happens to be a famous boys' love novelist. At first, Misaki is disgusted by Akihiko, but slowly, Misaki realizes he may be developing feelings for the older man.

I think it will take me some time to get used to the reading from back to front cover and from right to left. But we’ll see.
All I know now is that I’m most likely to become the victim of another addiction. *sigh*

And I’m cracking my brain where to put these books in my house. Especially the more explicit ones that will probably follow. I wouldn’t want them to be found by some innocent bystanders, now do I? I’m afraid this time the graphics will give me away to my non-English speaking cleaning lady. And what if my FIL stumbles upon them, and he’s predestined to… There will be no hiding anymore that I’m a perve… *another sigh* What have I gotten myself into?

What would you do? Do you have special storage places for your smut?
Or does anyone know how to avoid addictions like this?

Have a Happy Gay Friday!


  1. LOL! They got to you, too!

    Um, the yaoi's sitting on a stack on the couch. There are benefits to living alone. :)

  2. Woohoo, are you going to join the yaoi go-round Janna? Yay!!!! If so send me an e-mail and we'll hook you up with all the yaoi you can handle. We have a spreadsheet. LOL Some more explicit than others. I swear I got three at once that had no smexin'! I was like WTF? Where's my graphically drawn penises? I demand action. :-D

    I adored Junjo Romantica and loved watching it on-line.

  3. You should try Katrina Strauss's Blue Ruin series (from Loose Id). It's yaoi-inspired, and very hot!

  4. @Chris: Oh, but I've already prepared hubby ;) I blamed Kris, lol! And hubby already knows I'm a perve, but it's the non-residents I'm worried about.
    The couch? Really? That's asking for trouble when someone drops by! O_O

    @Tam: Heehee, I think I will, Tam. Although I'm still officially waiting for my try-out book from Italy. But you know me ;) I might email you before that arrives!
    I think the Love Mode one I got today has not a lot of smexing either... I'm definitely hoping for more action in the other books too, LOL!

  5. @Mrs. Hanson: Welcome to my place! :D
    And thanks for that rec! I'm definitely going to check it out! I have some Jet Mykles on my ereader that's yaoi-inspired as well, or so I was told. :)

  6. I just make sure I'm the one sitting on the couch. ;)

  7. @Chris: LOL! I can picture the scenes now with you twisting and turning in all difficult positions to avoid that your visitors go sit on the couch. :)

  8. No, no, it's all accomplished with strategic pillow piling.

  9. @Chris: I always suspected you had special talents ;)

  10. OKay I do not own any of this right now... Notice the key words - right now... I will be changing that one day... But for now... no my smut does not have any secret hiding places... Hell, if you don't like what you see, then don't look is what I say, lol!!!

    Hope all is well honey!

  11. *screams* Black Wade is in the house!!! And I'm lovin' it up!! I gotta tell ya Janna, hubby asked me: "Are you reading comics these days too?? What kind of comic books are those?" I was just in the middle of a smutty scene and flashed him the pages...his eyes got a little wider, he mouth dropped a bit, he looked at me, looked at the pages, looked at me again and shock was all over his face ROFL He swalled and asked..."Do you read gay stories?" I rolled my eyes and said: Hon, I've been doing that for a year now, you just didn't notice it all that much since I pretty much read M/M on e-reader. Well...I can say I just ruffled up his very straight attitude LOL

  12. BW is currently acting as my center piece on my kitchen table. Hubs keeps putting it face down, I keep putting it back. Tis a game we play and I WILL WIN!

    Leontine I'm dying *kicks legs with laughter* the underwater scene is my fav.

  13. I'm getting ready to try me some yaoi too. I've got some Barbara Sheridan Anne Cain on the top of my tbr. I read some called yaoi because there is a cool illustration on the cover, but somehow, I think there's more to it than that.

    *shrugs* but what do I know.

    Your candy always distracts me when I'm over here. *laughs* I have a heck of a time trying to read, and comment.

  14. @Smokinhotbooks - girl I've got my two pics picked to add to my review-ish blogpost next week LOL I've got no idea how to review such a book as Black Wade...

  15. @Cecile: I noticed the key words, hon! :) *makes note to ask Cecile about her yaoi collection in about two months*
    That's a healthy attitude, sweetie! I'm afraid I'm not that brave (yet). I rather keep it under wraps that I'm reading smut ;)

    @Leontine: Squeeeee!!! That means it might arrive in my mail box soon. :)
    ROFL! Your hubby's reaction is priceless! :D

    @KC: LOL! I bet you'll win this hilarious game too! :)
    I can't wait for the underwater scene!

    @Amora: Oh there's a whole world to discover! :) I'm happy that you'll join me on this new path for me, we can exchange recs!
    LOL! I know, the cookies distract me too ;)

  16. Aha so that is what you have been up too.. I will just stick with the cute fantasy manga, not that I have read much I am very picky.

    But there was this strange one about a man who sometimes was a woman, something about magic. And this evil guy fell for her/him, and totally confusing

  17. Welcome into our fold! I was recently initiated and just received 3 more yaoi manga yesterday!

    I must say, I lust after Black Wade... color all the way through... gasp!

    My hubby and I sit on the couch in the evenings, he surfs the net I read yaoi. LOL He calls it "Miranda Porn"... *huff*

    As for hiding it... I never even thought about it! LOL can you tell I don't have kids? ;)

  18. @Blodeuedd: *grin* that sounds too confusing for me! I'll stick with the two males, much more clear ;)

    @Miranda: ah, you too! I should've known ;) Yeah, I'm really looking forward to Black Wade because of the full color graphics! :)
    LOL! You don't have kids, huh? Somehow I already knew. Maybe because I don't have them either... ;) But still, hiding the books is in order because of the nosy people (with and without children) that come over all the time. I have to think about my rep. LOL!

  19. @Janna - I'm going to ship Black Wade on sunday evening because I still have to prepare review. So early next week Black Wade is yours to enjoy :)

  20. I must confess that I am not at this stage of my reading because I haven't read Yaoi. lol

  21. I don't think I'm ready for Yaoi yet since I still need to ease my way into the m/m reads but the books do look purdy ;)

  22. LMAO! This is all too, too funny. Who knew the yaoi craze would travel so far and wide. :)

    Janna, I'll shoot Sara an email and see if the book has arrived yet. It may have disappeared into mail heaven as sometimes happens.

    I'll be interested to see what you thought of your first books and to also read Leontine's review of the awesome Black Wade. :)

  23. @Leontine: Whoohoot! I'm so excited! :D I look forward to your review. Hmmm, how do you review such a book? ;)

    @Jambrea: Oh, just wait until Kris gets to you. ;)

    @Heather: I don't have a feeling it won't take much longer before you can't resist m/m anymore. ;)

    @Kris: *grin* your influence from down under knows no boundaries. ;)
    It would be great if you can ask Sara. :) Let's hope it's not lost...

  24. I don't know if yaoi is for me..of course, I've never tried it though. Between all of you reading BW, I might have to make the leap!

  25. Welcome! You don't know what you're letting yourself in for - LOL!

  26. @mandi: That's what I thought too and I think I just made the leap. Would be fun if you'd join us :)

    @orannia: I'm afraid you're absolutely right, lol!

  27. Welcome to our world hon..

    I have been reading it for a couple years now and other than Crimson Spell(1-2) - I prefer the novels to the actual manga themselves..

    There's a certain charm to the translation from Japanese to English...

    Junjo Romantica - ROCK 2 TIMES... I am a big Misaki/Usami fan..

    A locked closet door should do the trick for storing your new addiction and if you share that - your knickers draw should be just fine..



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