Friday, December 28, 2012

End of the Year list – My 10 Greatest Discoveries

This year I’m doing a slightly different list than other years. :) Where I usually pick a random number of my favorite reads of the past year in a few categories, I now decided to make it a list of 10 m/m books of new to me authors, that pleasantly surprised me the most in 2012. These 10 ‘discoveries’ made me want to read all the other books by the same author as well (if there were any) and in most cases I actually did manage to read one or a few more, and all with the same, or sometimes even with more, pleasure than that first ‘discovery’ book.

To be clear: These are all books I’ve read in 2012 so they are not necessarily books that were published in 2012. Most are, but some are older.
So, here are my 10 discoveries of 2012, in random order:

A Life Without You (Boston Boys, #1) by Erica Pike, 4.25 stars

Point of No Return by NR Walker, 4.5 stars

Wacky Wednesday by J.A. Rock, 5 stars

The Way Back by Carter Quinn, 4.5 stars

Mere Mortals by Erastes, 4.5 stars

Possibilities by Kaje Harper, 4.75 stars

The Ghost on My Couch by L.A. Gilbert, 4.75 stars

Barging In by Josephine Myles, 4.5 stars

Cost of Repairs by A.M. Arthur, 4 stars

One Small Thing (One Thing, #1) Vaughn, Piper & MJ O'Shea, 4 stars

This list doesn’t do any justice to all my favorite authors, who wrote some pretty amazing books this year too, but I had a hard time narrowing down my list of favorite reads so I hope they will forgive me for not mentioning them at all... For more of my favorite reads you can always check my shelf on Goodreads here.

I’m curious which authors/books you discovered this past year, so I hope you feel like sharing them in the comments (but I probably won’t be able to see them and respond for over a week, because I’ll be without internet connection for a while *sad face*).

Happy Gay Friday everyone!


  1. Oh you had some good ones there. Kaje Harper and JA Rock for me too.

    Some of the new authors I found that I enjoyed were:
    The Ruby by Amelia June.
    Little Squirrels can Climb Tall Trees by Michael Murphy
    Office Hours by Rena Butler
    Dirty Kiss by Rhys Ford

    Sorry you are internetless. Hope you had a nice Christmas.

    1. Thanks for your tips, Tam! I'll definitely check some of them out. I've got Rhys Ford's latest suspense on my iPad and I hope to read that one soon.
      Yeah, by the end of this weekend we'll have to survive without an Internet connection, but maybe I can find some public free wifi places on our way around. We'll see. Have a good weekend!

  2. Oh, great list! JA Rock was definitely on my list - By His Rules was my first book by this author and my first DD book, and it led me to the Falls Chance Ranch series by Rolf & Ranger (also new to me this year) [which is free - OMG I would so pay for these books], which blow my mind constantly! Oh, and I so loved JA Rock's Calling the Show. This year was also the year of Syd McGinley! (Obviously I'm been on a bit of a DD run :)

    I also liked AJ Rose's Power Exchange and AM Arthur's Cost of Repairs, which had my favourite house renovationn trope in it :)

    And I discovered Anne Tenino - loved her Whitetail Rock and The Fix novella and her novel Frat Boy & Toppy!

    Good luck WRT the wifi!

    1. Oh yes, I meant to read the Fall Chance Ranch series this year, but somehow I haven't gotten to it yet! Same goes for Sid McGinley... :( Maybe next year.
      I feel a bit silly to ask but what's DD again?
      I made a note to put your recs on my to read list for the new year. Thanks for the tips!

    2. DD = Domestic Discipline. Which are where By His Rules, Wacky Wednesday and the FCR books fall :)

    3. OOPS! Hit publish too soon. If you do read the FCR books then I'd love to know what you think. If you join the Yahoo Group then they have the books in various ePub formats :)

    4. Oh right of course, I knew that it had something to do with that. :)

      I think I have the books in my Instapaper folders. I'll try to read them soon! :D

  3. It's a very good list! I agree with most of them, though I haven't read everything on it! :-)

    1. Thanks Lis, I remember you liking some of them too. :D

  4. Wacky Wednesday was such fun! :)

    Happy New Year!


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