Saturday, December 1, 2012

December M/M Releases I Look Forward To

Wow, it’s the last month of the year already and (of course) it brings quite some seasonal reads, but also a few other titles that I hope will find their way under my Christmas tree. :) Here’s my selection of anticipated M/M reads for this month:

Release Date: Dec 01, 2012
Christmas, and the man of his fantasies is back in Chris's life.
It's been far too long since Christian Matthews has seen Daniel Bailey. In fact the last time they met Chris was...more

Release Date: Dec 01, 2012
It takes a tough man to wear lace well…and an even tougher man to get close to him.
Cross-dressing Caleb has a huge chip on his shoulder that makes it impossible for...more

Release Date: Dec 01, 2012
When his last boyfriend broke his heart and stole his life savings, Glenn figured he would be much safer if he closed the door on love and threw himself into his job as...more

Release Date: Dec 01, 2012
Isaac didn't do the cold. He didn't do singing either. So trudging through the snow in minus temperatures, freezing his balls off to sing Fa lala to…more

Release Date: Dec 03, 2012
Christmas is a time of love and joy, and the New Year is a time of renewal. But they are also times of stress and strife, family drama, pressure and heartache—...more

Release Date: Dec 03, 2012
Blindfolds. Handcuffs. Submission.
There's so much Jonah Kendrick hasn't tried, and so much he wants to explore. But just before Christmas he finds a...more

Release Date: Dec 03, 2012
Marty Green has two loves in life: horses and basketball. But suffering a stroke during his first college game throws a wrench in his plans. After months spent in the hospital,...more

Release Date: Dec 03, 2012
Love at first sight is a beautiful thing, but sometimes, true love waits a lifetime to shine...and then needs a little help from the Three Ghosts of Christmas...more

Release Date: Dec 04, 2012
One juicy mystery, mustard and relish included.
Three years after solving the hundred-year-old murder case that brought them together, Greg Woodhall and Adrian Broussard have settled into life together in...more

Release Date: Dec 04, 2012
Neil Dalton’s foundation is already cracking. Grief, guilt, and PTSD have ruled his life since a terrible crime tore his world apart last year, and he’s dreading a holiday visit...more

Release Date: Dec 05, 2012
When Allan Song’s ex, Mac, shows up to model for the life drawing class Allan teaches, he turns everything upside-down. Mac is still as infuriatingly attractive as when...more

Release Date: Dec 09, 2012
Lonely office worker Neil wanders around Manchester in the last-minute Christmas rush when he spots Kai soliciting for money. Neil wants company, Kai wants money, both...more

Release Date: Dec 12, 2012
Daren Boothe's most significant secret centers on an unlikely object: a xylophone. That secret led him to develop his professional alter-ego, a sensual, androgynous...more

Release Date: Dec 14, 2012
Sequel to Cop Out
Detective Ivan Bekker has hit rock bottom. Not only is he recovering from a bad breakup with a cheating boyfriend, he’s also involved in a drug bust gone bad. Ivan had to...more

Release Date: Dec 14, 2012
Jake Landon thinks a second ranger season in the Colorado Rockies with Kurt Carlson is close enough to heaven, and a national forest is big enough to be his closet. Pharmacy...more

Release Date: Dec 17, 2012
Seth McDaniel wasn’t raised among a shifter passel and has no idea what it’s like to turn furry once a month. An orphan, torn from his father’s family at an early age, he...more

Release Date: Dec 24, 2012
When Mario sets out to find a roommate for the convention, little does he know he'll end up finding much more.
Is there anything worse than learning you have to share a hotel room with your ex-boyfriend and his new love?...more

Release Date: Dec 24, 2012
Robert Westfall's life is falling apart-everywhere but in math class. That's the one place where problems always have a solution. But in the world beyond high school...more

There are also a few Christmas stories from MLR Press coming out that I definitely want to read, like What I See In You by Diana DeRicci (Dec 05) and Something To Believe In by Sloan Parker (Dec 23).
And another one of my favorite authors has announced a release for December 23th: Familiar by ML Rhodes. There’s only a cover so far, no blurb yet.

Which titles did I miss that you look forward to getting your hands on in December?


  1. I can't wait to read New York Christmas, Homeless at Christmas and the 2 new Lisa Worrall books.
    I've already read Where You Are and it's a.m.a.z.i.n.g. 5+++ stars

    1. I'm in the mood for some great Christmas stories too!
      OMG I'm so jealous that you got to read Where You Are already! It's not out yet is it? Or did I miss something? :)

  2. Wow, that's a lotta books for this month! :)

  3. Oh woa so many good books! Love it! This is going to be a fabulous month! :D Plus a new M.L. Rhodes book!


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