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Lis’ Review: The End Game by Lisa Marie Davis

Lisa Marie Davis
The End Game
Dreamspinner Press, December 14, 2011 | 134 pages

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Micah McQueen’s first love affair ended in a bloodbath he only barely survived. Thirteen years later, the memories still haunt him, leading him to keep everyone at an emotional distance, so it takes him some time to warm up to the idea of getting cozy with his boss, Harrison Harper. Just when Harrison thinks he has a chance at earning Micah’s trust, Micah’s past returns with a vengeance, bringing his worst nightmares to life... but Harrison won’t give him up easily.

Genre & Keywords:
M/M Romance, Contemporary, First Love, Death, Murder, Overcoming the Past, Stalkers, Scars

Rating: none
Heat level: none

Reviewed by Lis:

I remember when I first read Lisa Marie Davis’ Loving Lucas and how I loved the tortured main character that overcomes his past and finds love with the hot small town sheriff and even overcomes the pain of seeing his attacker return. It was good, with the right amount of angst and a lot of sweet romance.

Unfortunately, since then, nothing has changed. I keep hoping to read a story by this author that is completely different from that concept. But no, several books later all stories by this author bear the same concept. Hot, nice, sweet but extremely tortured main character with a dark past and scars, finds love and overcomes his past with his new, sweet, extremely caring and mega hot boyfriend. Until their budding romance is threatened by a certain character from the past.

The End Game is no different. The only difference is the setting, the character names and the manner of the attack. The execution is even the same. This is why I can’t appreciate this story. I suppose one could like this story if one has never read a Lisa Marie Davis book before. For me it was just the same old same old and it gets old very fast if there is nothing new.

Micah and Harrison are both likable characters, even if they are one-dimensional. They more represent stereotypes than fleshed out, round characters. They are both very sweet and caring to the point that they are almost too perfect. Hell even the sex was almost the same as the previous books. At least it follows the same pattern.

The writing itself is not bad, but it relies heavily on existing concepts and patterns seen in earlier books by this author. This author certainly has potential, but needs new inspiration and needs to stay away from abused, tortured characters and übersweet boyfriends and returning stalkers.

The End Game is a story that can be enjoyed if the reader hasn’t picked up any of this author’s earlier books. For this reason I will not rate it. While I’m irritated that this book follows the same concept as all the previous books and brings absolutely nothing new, new readers might enjoy The End Game.

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