Friday, June 8, 2012

Happy Gay Friday & Guess Who's Back?!

I’m running out of time because an old friend of mine visited today and she only just now left (it’s nearly midnight here). We spent so much time chatting and gossiping that we completely forgot the time.
So, it’s just going to be a HGF picture today and a big, big Welcome Home for fellow reviewer and my friend Lis!!! She flew home from Australia yesterday and landed in Amsterdam this morning! I’m very happy that she’s back home, so we can meet and catch up again whenever we want. :) This sure is a happy Friday!

Hope you’re having a Happy Gay Friday too!


  1. Thanks for the welcome back! It is good to be home. I loved Australia, but there is nomplace like home!

  2. how wonderful! have fun you two :)

  3. HGF!!!!! Love the photo!

    And welcome home Lis!


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