Tuesday, July 12, 2011

With love from…

I’m sure no one will notice the difference ;) but I’ll be away from my blog and the blogverse for the next couple of weeks.
Hubs and I are flying to Seattle tomorrow where we’ll hop on a boat (a very big one) to Alaska, for our summer vacation. I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to this trip! :)
I’m not sure if I’ll be able to post some pictures or stories during those weeks or if we will be too busy walking glaciers, spotting orcas, discovering wildlife or doing a photo safari *g*. But I’ll do my best to find some time to blog or tweet.

Hope you’ll have a good time too! Till later! :D



  1. Oh my. Two different friends went on Alaska cruises last summer with their families and loved it. You'll have a blast I'm sure. Hope you see some good wild life.
    Safe travels.

  2. *Pulls attention away from domain, hosting and photoshop*

    Oh gawd...I so wanted to call you this week and talk since it feels like ages ago we last heard from each other. Feel like the worst friend evah...okay, exaggerating a bit perhaps but between you going on vacay, moving and our NO adventure we must meet at least once!! Or else our voices give in on our NO trip before we meet the other gals ;)

    Anyhoo...have a fantastic vacay with your hubby. Shoot lots and lots and lots of pics and we'll talk soon-ish *wink*

  3. Oh! how beautiful it is there. I've never been mind you, but it looks beautiful . Have a great time and talk when you get back :)

    beware of Polar Bears!

  4. @Tam: I'm very much looking forward to see some of Alaska's wild life. Thanks for the safe travel wishes! :)

    @Leontine: I hear you're having a blast with the new blog software. I hope to see all the great changes you're going to make on your blog when I get back, hon.
    And we'll find a date in August of September to meet and talk, I'm sure. :) If I remember correctly a certain someone is having a birthday in August, so all the more reason to see each other. ;)

    @Val: Thanks, Val!

    @Sharon: Lol, I can do without 'meeting' with Polar Bears. ;) But I really look forward to all the beauty. :D
    Thanks, Sharon, and we'll definitely get in touch when I get back!

    @Blodeuedd: Thanks, B! :)

    Well, we're packed and ready to get some sleep now, so I guess, I have to get off line now. *sob* TTYL, xoxo

  5. Have a great time! I hear it's a beautiful cruise so take LOTS of pictures for us. :)

  6. Have a wonderful and safe trip! I have friends who've gone and they loved it!

  7. I will miss you (although I know I haven't been online of late). I hope you and hubby have a wonderful time (and see lots of orcas :)

  8. You are going to have an amazing time!

  9. Hope you and hubby have a fantastic Alaskan adventure!!

  10. @Tracy, Chris, Patti, orannia, Julia, Lily: Thanks, y'all. We're safe and sound in Seattle and planning another day to see Seattle's highlights. There aren't that many, so it's cool. Kind of relaxing. ;) I really look forward to the next part of our trip already, the Alaskan adventure. :)

  11. I will most certainly notice! Have a great time! I hope you get to explore Seattle. I loved living there and it's a great place! See you when you return!


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