Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A to Z Challenge: The letter B

I’m not done yet with the letter B but here are a few reviewettes of the B titles I’ve read so far.

Cute, sweet story, nothing deep and a bit short and fast paced, but it’s set in a nice world. Like the first book in this series it gives a peek into the hockey world and I liked seeing Trey’s brothers and teammates again. Trey and Wade are a cute and hot couple and I enjoyed their chemistry. I love me some sports heroes, especially when they hook up with a cop. :) 3.5 stars

Excellent story about two hot, likable guys who both got used and cheated on by the same man. When they decide to go to Italy together neither of them expected to fall hard for the other one. Thanks to the alternating point of views both characters become three-dimensional. And we get a good feeling for their emotions and developing relationship. Hot, moving, well-paced and engaging until the end. Loved it! 4.5 stars

Beautiful love story with loveable and layered characters in a strong but tender BDSM relationship. I liked that the authors took so much time for the character development and the building of Sterling and Owen’s relationship. These guys make a lovely and hot couple and we're getting a very good insight in their kinky minds which connect on a deep emotional level. This was a breathtaking, awesome read for me. 4.5 stars

This is an enjoyable, touching and somewhat different vampire story which is set in historical Amsterdam. The setting was the reason why I wanted to read it after I learned about it from Jenre’s review over at Well Read. And I’m glad I did, it was a very good story. It's not a full-length novel but more like a longer short story (47 pdf pages) and as such it's hardly a fully plotted tale with well-rounded characters, but for its length the heroes are very engaging and the plot is really entertaining. 4 stars


  1. Hi, Janna! Hmmm, I need to read some of these. So if you're on the "B" titles in your challenge, you must have a long way to go to finish, unless you're jumping around the alphabet as Tam did. :)

  2. I heard jenre about it and my jaw dropped, a m/m with a dutch setting *uber kewl* I'm happy you've found your niche in this a-z challenge, you bring m/m to the table I never heard about ;) My current author if interest is Andrew Grey, after reading up with Vadim and Dan this is one of my next to read authors!

    I guess with our virtual absence you're lovin up your real life and enjoying the great weather. I'll call soon to catch up :D

  3. I really enjoyed Bound & Determined. And I think I need to reread Brindisi Bedfellows. And even though Blood & Roses is historical, y'all are saying such good things about it... hmm...

  4. The cover for Blood & Roses keeps saying 'read me, Ava'. One of these days, I need to actually read the book. It sounds good.

    Bound & Determined - loved it, too. Awesome book.

  5. The only one of those I've read is Stephani's. It was good and I wanted Trey to have a HEA even if it moved a bit fast. Haven't read the others although I think I have Jane Davitt's.

  6. @Val: The same thought occurred to me yesterday, lol! I might have to change my MO and do it like Tam did it or else it'll be 2012 before I'll finish. :)

    @Leontine: *uber kewl* indeed! It's set in Amsterdam (De Wallen) and in Delft, although except for the canals it probably could've been anywhere. It was still cool, with the Dutch names and stuff.
    I'm sorry that I haven't been around much lately, but you're right real life is absorbing my time. :) And it'll be like that for a couple of more weeks as well. The best time to catch me on the phone will be coming Sunday. I look forward to chatting with you, hon! :D

    @Chris: Both books were wonderful and emotionally satisfying reads!
    Blood and Roses is only set against a historical background, nothing too overwhelming. I think you can handle it. :) Besides, how can you resist the Dutch setting? ;)

    @Ava: Some covers magically talk to me like that too. :)
    I agree with you on Bound & Determined! :D

    @Tam: Trey is a sweetheart, isn't he? I wanted a HEA for him too. Stephani never fails to make me love her characters, she writes some likable guys. :)
    I think you'll love Bound & Determined, like the rest of us. :D

  7. A few of these sounds really good. They'll have to B in my TBR soon. (sorry, couldn't resist! lol)

  8. I don't know what happened to all yesterday's comments! Is Blogger acting up again or something?! *grrr* I hope you all saw my responses to your comments, even if the comments themselves aren't visible anymore...

    @Tracy: I've seen your comment as well, although it seems to have disappeared too... but you made me lol! :)
    "A few of these sounds really good. They'll have to B in my TBR soon. (sorry, couldn't resist! lol)"

  9. Ohhh, I like your A to Z Challenge. I have Bound and Determined - I must get around to reading it :)


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