Friday, May 20, 2011

Happy Gay Friday & RL Meeting and the A to Z Challenge continues

Gasp, I can’t believe I went a week without blogging! There’s so much going on in real life that I can barely spend more than half an hour uninterrupted on my computer for non-work-related stuff. Good thing I have my iPad to check in with Google Reader every now and then, but it’s not nearly enough to feed my blog addiction. Not even close. But that’s just how it is, no point fighting it…

Some of the things that are happening in RL aren’t much fun, like my mum’s lung exam, my brother’s divorce and having to tidy up the house perpetually for the house-watchers (although having people interested in our house is in itself positive news of course).
However, other things are super fun, like meeting with my Dutch blog sisters and friends, Leontine and Lis, today! Squeeeee!! I’m really looking forward to seeing them again! This time we’re meeting in The Hague, which is Lis’s new place of residence. And The Hague is near the sea and the coast, so we’re going to one of the many beach venues, place our shapely butts in one of the lazy beach chairs and start talking, sipping cool drinks and do some more talking.

As expected, my reading week was slow. I only managed to read a few books for my A to Z Challenge – sometimes in between meetings and business dinners and sometimes later at night when I finally got home or after the phones went quiet. I’ve read another two B titles and one C book:

I thought this was a lovely and deep story about coming out. Max and Hunter are so unbelievably hot and adorable; I couldn't get enough of them. Their story is told from Hunter's POV in first person, and he is the one who’s afraid to come out, but his feelings for Max and Max’ patient urging helps him to take that difficult step. 4.5 stars

This was a nice story with a very good premise (loving your brother’s lover). However, I would’ve enjoyed it even more when the timing of certain revelations hadn’t felt a bit off. For example, Kiernan admitting to Jordan why he left home came out of nowhere because I'd never thought he would reveal that he loved him at all, and certainly not that soon. Same goes for Jordan telling Kiernan he loves him, later on. It surprised me at that point in the story. After these early revelations the story missed a bit of tension. The guilt and denial of feelings that both men suffer from could've caused much more angst and tension. 3.5 stars

I'm really starting to love this series about hockey players and their sexy adventures. Sergei and Kip are lovely and hot together. Quick, satisfying read with some feral possessiveness and protectiveness *drool*. 3.5 stars

It’s not much, is it?

Ah well, I might find some reading time on the train to The Hague today and hopefully I can finish The Charlie Factor by Diana DeRicci, which I’m reading now.

What are you reading this weekend?

Happy Gay Friday everyone!


  1. Oh have fun. I got to meet Lis when she was in Canada, but it was in my boring cafeteria at work, not the beach which is far nicer.

    Real life gets in the way sometimes. Mojo to your Mom and your brother and hope your life eases up soon.

    Oh and I am obviously a freak since I didn't like Boys of Summer much. Sigh. I'm definitely in the minority.

  2. Have fun meeting up on the beach!! Sounds wonderful!

    Hopefully real life settles down for you soon. Have a great weekend!

  3. Hi, Janna! Good for you, keeping up with your reading challenge even when life gets that hectic. I hope things settle down soon, and meanwhile that you enjoy your time on the beach. :)

  4. Have fun with Lis and leontine :D And try not to thing about those negative things *hugs*

  5. Have an awesome weekend!

  6. Happy Gay Friday, Janna! I hope you have a blast meeting with Leontine and Lis today!!

  7. @Tam: We did have lots of fun at the beach, Tam. :) Thanks!
    Huh, what's not to like about Boys of Summer? O_o LOL, maybe you are a freak then. ;)

    @Chris: Thank you, Chris! I'm afraid it's not going to settle soon... Plus we have one potential buyer who's coming back for a second viewing of our house. He might be seriously interested and he already asked how quickly we were able to move...
    Hope you're having a great weekend too!

    @Val: I must admit that it's hard to concentrate on reading most of the time. My thoughts keep wandering off to other things... The beach time was great and we had nice weather with lots of sun. Thanks Val! :)

    @Blodeuedd: Thanks, B! I didn't think about them most of the day. Leontine and Lis provided a wonderful distraction with all the talking we did. :)

    @Eyre: Thanks, Eyre. You too! :D

    @Ava: Thank you, Ava! We did have a blast (and got a little sunburned too). :)

  8. I hope you, Lis & Leontine had a lovely time - from the comments it sounds like you did :) And I've been to The Hague - and to the beach further round (on the tram line). I have a good friend who lived in The Hague for 3 years while I was living in the UK, so I visited him a number of times :)

    I think I've read Boys of Summer - it was lovely. There is a sequel, isn't there? Or is that the sequel, in which case I read the prequel? No m/m for me lately, but the first weekend in June I'm all over the m/m...figuratively speaking of course *grin*

    Fingers crossed on all the RL stuff!


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