Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I'm blocking...

I'm having a bit of a review block... what I've written doesn't seem to be post-worthy yet. I think I'm becoming too self-conscious about reviewing with all the opinions flying around about how authors and reviewers should behave regarding reviews, about the 'professionalism' of bloggers, and about the rating of books.
I can't remember that things were so heated when I first started blogging (17 months ago) but maybe I just wasn't aware of it while it was anyway. For now, I think I better leave the blog posts about these or related topics alone. And I'm going to focus again on the joy of reading and talking and writing about books.

Because the review block also causes a bit of a reading slump. Since I've read more than a handful of books that I still have to review, I'm dreading to pick up another review copy.
I don't want to make my to-review list any longer, before I've written a few first. However, it's hard to read any other books as well. It's not only the guilty feeling (oww, poor review copies... *g*) but it's also not being able to decide what I should read next... *sigh*

So, instead of reading I spent my evening being creative with Photoshop to make me a new header. :) Playing with Photoshop always lifts my mood and now I'm curious what you think of the new header.
Can it stay? Or should I put the old header back? That one looked a lot darker:


  1. I do like the belly lick. :-)

    Sometimes a break is good but try not to let all the kerfluffle influence you. There are always going to be complaints and whines and angst but it usually blows over and you just do what you do. But I know it's hard to not have it lurking in the back of your brain when you start to review.

  2. Nice header :)
    And sorry about your review slump :(

    Dunno what to do to help. My way is kind of nice. I read a book, I do not take notes, I write a review the day I finish..or the day after. It's all very simple, I do not stress (coughs, well sometimes)

  3. Hi, Janna! I know just what you mean about the reviewing / reading slump. Me, too. It definitely puts a damper on the fun to become aware of how seriously the blogosphere seems to take it from time to time.

    But I love the heading! Very nice, very steamy! I also like how you worked in the quotation from which you got your blog name. :)

  4. @Tam: I found the belly lick on Tumblr. :)
    "kerfluffle" - nice word! I know and I'll try to follow your advice. It's just that it seems to take forever before it blows over, doesn't it?

    @Blodeuedd: Thanks, B!
    I admire you for reviewing that fast and that many books. I need way more time before I think the text is good enough. Unfortunately. :)

    @Val: I'm sorry that you're affected by all of it too, Val! It's indeed the taking things so seriously that's making me so self-conscious. I hope you can find the joy back soon.
    Thanks, I'm glad you think it's nice and steamy! :D

  5. Gorgeous header - you have skills! You could probably rule the world of ebook covers. ;)

    Sorry you're not feeling the reviewing love - that's kind of how I ended up writing reviewettes, when I discovered that having to write reviews sucked the joy out of reading for me.

  6. Hi Janna, I love the new header. Very hot... very sexy! :)

    Sorry about your reviewing slump. But ultimately, just write what you feel. ;)

  7. I feel ya Janna. I've been blocked, sorta for the same reasons. Couple of times I just forced something out of me and my best gal pal noticed the change.

    It's also caused me to be a tad slower in the reading area. Don't you just *hate* this sorta thing? *sighs*

    The banner is awesome. Keep it. I love it. It's just so fabulous for your blog.

    Well... Salute, Janna! May you bust out of the block fabulously! *grins & salute-cheers*

  8. I'm absolutely head over heels in love with your header though the text of 'dirty, steamy romance is not very visible for me on my iPad ;( I'm lovin' everything else though!!

    I hear ya on the review block and the reason for it. I'm really getting tired of all the brouhaha :(( Rather to be affected by all the blogposts and letting me think I go numb these days. Every one of those brouhaha's is all good and well but isn't everyone agreeing that there is no wrong or right way to review? I think that you attract those kind of readers to your blog/reviews who enjoy your style and take something from it! So I truly hope you will feel the joy of reviewing again real soon hon (((hugs)))

  9. Hi Janna!
    Great new header - loooove it!

    And I totally understand what you say about that blogging and reviewing stuff. There are some issues going on in the german blogging scene as well, although they do concern some other things like copying ideas from other blogs and so on, but this does things to me... I keep thinking about what blogging means to me these days, if I should make some changes etc. - and this keeps me from writing reviews. But not from reading - I read more these days because I do not spend so much time with reviewing or reading other blogs.
    I stopped posting daily two weeks ago, and my weekly posts still decrease, but I think a small break will do me some good. Maybe...
    I just don't want to lose my blogging spirit, because I love my little blog. *sigh*

  10. Love the header!

    Sorry you're in a reviewing/reading slump. I've been in one too although for me it's only the reviewing. I'm so addicted nothing stops my reading.

    I've cut my reviews to just a small paragraph or two and that has helped a little bit. Good luck getting out of the slump and don't worry about the author/reviewer babble out there. Remember why you started blogging and continue with that.

  11. I like both headers. This one is more subtle, the other, more striking. Don't let the reviewer stuff get to you. What a tempest in a teapot! Keep reading anyway!

  12. Hey girl, kinda know how you feel. It's not as bad, but ahhhhhh!

    Good luck!!

  13. You made the jump and changed your name... Did you do it a while ago and I totally missed it? Anyhow, I love it! Everything looks great! The blog looks fantastic! As for the block/sag/slump... I was there too, and I've never completely come out of it, but you will get your mojo back!

    xoxo Jen

    Updating your button on my blog now!

  14. *hugs*

    I hope your reviewing mojo comes back.

    And I like the new header :)

  15. First let me say sorry for not getting back to you all sooner. I had a long day at the office yesterday and spent the evening with 5 of my friends talking books, after which I dropped into bed and fell asleep instantly, to wake up with a virus on my laptop this morning. *sigh*. Fortunately we do have wonderful sunny weather, or else... ;)

    @Chris: Grin, skills? Rule? Don't exaggerate dear! ;)
    Everybody loves your reviewettes. Maybe I should start doing them too. :) Btw is the word reviewette invented by you, or is it a regular English word? *don't want to be accused of stealing idea's* ;D

    @barbara: Thank you, I'm happy that you thinks so! :)
    About the reviewing: I'll do that, sweets!

    @Redd: I'm sorry you've been blocked too, hon. *hugs*
    Glad you like the banner! *grin*

    @Leontine: I know that the text isn't very visible, it's meant to be nearly invisible, lol. It's sort of a watermark (or what's the word). ;)
    "I think that you attract those kind of readers to your blog/reviews who enjoy your style and take something from it!"
    I'll try to remember that! Thanks for your words of wisdom, hon! *hugs*

    @evi: Hey evi! :) So, the German blogging scene too, huh? I think the copying ideas accusation is international *g* Ah well, there will always be issues like that, I guess I just have to take them less seriously. ;D
    I know exactly what you feel and I'm thinking of a small break too. I really hope you can keep your blogging spirit hon! Like Lily in the next comment says: we should try to remember what made is start blogging in the first place and hold on to that feeling. Good luck with it, evi! *hugs*

    @Lily: Thanks! :D
    That's great advice, Lily! I already passed it on to Evi as well. ;) You know what, I might go and try your A to Z challenge to find my reading mojo back too. The shorter reviews will work for that wonderfully, I think. Thanks, Lily!

    @Julia: Subtle is my middle name, but I want to be striking too. ;)
    I'm trying to shake the stuff off me and I think it's working. And I'll definitely keep reading! I couldn't live without it. :)

    Lis: Thank you, sweets! :)

    @Twimom: I did! Squee! And did you see I got my own URL too? I did it a little while ago. Thanks for the compliments, Jen.
    Sorry to hear that you never came completely out of your slump, sweety! Will you ever get it back again, you think? *hugs*

    @orannia: Thank you, hon! :D

  16. Aw, thanks, Janna! I'm not sure I invented the word, but it's definitely not an actual English word... yet. :)

  17. I've never been what you call "professional" when it comes to my blogging. I snark, I curse, I spoil (although I warn before I do that)... *shrugs* That's the way I really talk and I prefer to be me. Now, I'm not going to call an author bad names if I didn't like a book, and I'm not going to engage in a battle of words with anyone.

    I've been thinking of going on hiatus for a bit, but it's not that much of a change for me is it? I have a habit of not posting for a week or two at a time when things get hectic... which, they are again. God, I can't wait for school to be over.

  18. @Chris: We're going to work on that. The more people who use it... :)

    @Mama Kitty: I've never been 'professional' either, although I don't do all that, lol! I wish I could, but I'm just not funny enough to pull off the snark. ;)
    I hope your hectic period comes to an end soon, hon! *smooches*

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