Friday, April 15, 2011

Happy Gay Friday & The Sweet Spot and My weekend buys

Is it me or are things slowing down a bit in blog land? It’s probably me… because I get so much done these days, with the nicer weather and the longer days. Usually I feel like I’m always running behind with everything: work, chores, the finances, writing reviews & blog posts, and especially with bloghopping. But I’ve lost that feeling of being behind - thank goodness -, whenever I think it’s about time I go read some blogs there hardly are any new posts. Did you notice it too?

So, with all the spare time left, I’ve spent the past couple of weeks more time on Twitter than my usual once a month frequency, lol. And I signed up for a new Yahoo group which sounds like fun. It’s founded by m/m authors S.J. Frost, Johnny Miles and Sloan Parker and it’s for readers and writers of m/m romances. The group is called The Sweet Spot and is open to join now. The official launch party will be April 16th when they'll host a chat and give away books from the three authors. The live chat will be held from 6-9 pm EST on April 16, but you are welcome to come by any time during the day to enter for the giveaway. Here’s the link for the group, in case you like to join too. :)

Spending more time on Twitter usually means spending more time drooling over NSFW pictures, which is not a bad thing of course (Eyre and Marie Sexton are posting and retweeting the hottest pics via their (tumblr) blogs and I can never resist to click on their tweets).
Hanging around on Twitter also means buying more books, which is also not a bad thing but not a good thing either with a TBR shelf like mine. ;) One of the pretties I saw a tweet about yesterday was a LoosId release that immediately grabbed my attention: No Apologies by Tibby Armstrong. When I looked it up on Goodreads I saw that quite some people had already read the ARC and were enthusiastically praising the book. So, I can’t resist it! *sigh*

Another tweet today reminded me of the release of the new Stephani Hecht book: Snapshots and Bylines. Her books are auto-buys for me but still... Twitter is like a virus, I’m telling you, it’s infecting me with buy-disease every damn time.

What will be your weekend buys? Or can you control yourself better than me?

Happy Gay Friday everyone!


  1. Lol, twitter is indeed evil.

    I did not buy anything, but..yes I did get my mother to buy me something ;=)

  2. Well, I don't tweet, so... ;D

    No clue what my weekend buys will be, but I'm looking forward to checking out Stephani's new series.

  3. Hi, Janna! I've been really overwhelmed with travel and with edits, so I haven't been doing much or noticing much in the blogosphere either. That yahoo group sounds kind of tempting...

  4. I found myself on Twitter more as of late too, but for a diferent reason though ;) The iPad is such a portable device, I can wake-up....decadent in bed...with a cup of thee and....firing up my iPad, read e-mails, see what Twitter has done that night and who has been wicked without me LOL

    I don't blog hop as much these days due to much more going on IRL. I'm actually tapping finger to lip; Did I buy any books this week?? *going blank while freaking out at the same time*

    I do know that I couldn't get the right book in my hands to keep my attention - which is becoming a major issue for me! But then Lily reminded me of Amy Lane's Truth In The Dark and voila, I'm reading a fan-freakin'-tastic book I already had on my e-shelves *grin*

    Tomorrow I'm going to spend some quality time with BIL and SIL, my nephew Kevin (who is growing up way to fast!) and my god-twin Mandi and Roy (who are already walking o.0) Then it will be a well earned lazy sunday after a hectic week!

    Have a fabulous weekend as well Janna and thank you for the's so yummy!!

  5. I've been a bit out of blogland the past couple of months myself. With all the stress of RL my posting and daily visiting has dropped. And you're right, it is easier to catch up than it would have been last year.

    Hope you enjoy the new group. I joined a couple in the past but just never got into the whole "chatting" thing. Never quite appealed to me for some reason.

    Both of those books sound really good. I'll be doing a bit of shopping later today.

    Have a fabulous weekend!! :)

  6. @Blodeuedd: Very, very evil. lol!
    Letting your mother do it is even better. :D

    @Chris: But even if you don't tweet you can check out Eyre's and Marie's (and other people's) tweets (I've linked to their accounts ;)). It's fun! Really! ;D

    @Val: You haven't missed much I think. I think that Yahoo group might be something you'll enjoy. :)

    @Leontine: Grin, the iPad is good company anywhere. :)
    I'm glad that Lily helped you find a book that can hold your attention. Amy Lane is a wonderful writer I think.
    Have a great time with your nephews and niece tomorrow, hon! I hope you'll have a fabulous weekend too! :)

    @Lily: Yeah, I've missed you around, Lily. But I'm glad you see the difference with last year too. It's not just me then. ;)
    I gotta admit that I'm mostly a lurker at all the groups and communities I've joined. I'm not that chatty either, lol. But this group might be different.
    Happy weekend to you too! :D

  7. Thank you SO much for the shout out about No Apologies!

    If you or your blog readers would enjoy a large sized postcard (autographed on the back) of the No Apologies cover, please email me your snail mail address and I will get one to you.

    Justin James absolutely floored me with that cover. I hope you enjoy the book. I'm so tickled to have come across your blog!


  8. Yes, twitter is sucking away my soul...and my wallet - I get so many good book recommendations!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. @Tibby: Welcome at my place! :)
    That cover does look great and so does the back blurb. I look forward to reading No Apologies! :D

    @Twitter: Yup, it's an evil invention! Yet I would really miss it if I had to do without twitter again. There's really no return, is there? :)

  10. I resist the suggestions on twitter by sticking them on a wish list. Then I go back a week later and if I'm still interested I either buy or leaved them on there. If not "delete". lol

    I'm so jealous you're caught up on your blog-hopping! I think I'm perpetually behind and I hate it. lol

    And no weekend buys for me as I spent too much on books at RT! lol

  11. I'm going to try to resist buying anything new this weekend. Last weekend I went on a reading binge and read Kim Dare's entire Thrown to the Lions series. Didn't get a thing done except reading. Really good books, though, so that's good :)

  12. Lovely cookie - thank you. I don't Tweet either, but I occasionally check in on people.

    As for books...hoping to start delving into the books on The List this coming weekend :)

  13. I probably won't buy anything this weekend. It's Sunday and I haven't been online much or out. I probably should be writing my Amadeus paper rather than listening to audiobooks.

  14. @Tracy: That's a good suggestion re the wishlist. I should try that too. :)
    About the bloghopping, since I'm using the Feeddler app it's been a lot easier to keep up with the posts. Unfortunately, it has a negative influence on my comment frequency...
    Enjoy your recent buys, Tracy! :)

    @Ava: Oh I love those kind of reading binges! It's lovely when books can make you forget all the rest. :)

    @orannia: Good look with starting the List! :D

    @Mama Kitty: Ooh, tough choice: listening to audiobooks or writing a paper! I know what I would prefer too! :D Good luck with Amadeus, hon!


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