Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Just Popping In… and Out Again

When waking up, do you ever wish for it to be 10 or 11 pm again? Or that you could fast forward an entire week, like in fictional works? Fictional characters seldom seem to have to deal with boring every day crap and obligations, now do they? Mind you, this is not a request for authors to start writing about this stuff. No please, keep fast forwarding excessively. I just wish I could do so myself every once in a while. I would’ve fast forwarded the past week and a half, approximately, and skipped right to Friday.
Ah well, we normal people just have to deal with some normal stuff sometimes, I get that. ;) What I don’t understand is that I allow it to pile up so freely. Why can’t I spread the work related peaks, the social obligations, the assignments and the deadlines better? Maybe it’s because I have difficulty with saying no. But I’m learning to do so. This morning for example I got a request from one of our organization’s branches; if I could replace someone who got sick and do some lecture on ‘books or something’. It was not only on short notice but this talk should also take place on a Wednesday night, which is not a working night for me. So, I said no. Yay! Of course I made up an excuse, even recommended this professional, and didn’t simply say no, but whatever. :)

Reading books is what keeps me going in times like these. Every day, when I’d finally put my head on my pillow around midnight, I switched on my ereader and picked a novella or short story to keep me company for a couple of hours. Heaven.

A few reads that kept me up because they were great reads, are:

High Flow (St. Michael's, #7)

High Flow by Stephani Hecht

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Between a Rock and a Hard Place by Clare London

The Bouncer

The Bouncer by A.J. Llewellyn

Beyond Reckless

Beyond Reckless by Ava March


Pieces by Shawn Lane


precious_boy by K.Z. Snow

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I hope to write some reviews about these books some day when I have more time on my hand again. Even if it’s just a few short lines on Goodreads. Now I didn’t even give them rates yet. But I will eventually. They will all get 4 stars or more and Beyond Reckless will definitely be close to 5 stars. That was the highlight of my week for sure!

Now I’m sneaking out again. Tonight there’s this baby shower hubs and I have to go to and tomorrow after work I have this work related social event that I’ll have to attend for networking purposes. Can somebody fast forward me to Friday please? :)



  1. Good for you, getting out of that speaking engagement! It really sounds like you have a very hectic calendar. :)

  2. Glad you're continuing to read, even if it's into the wee hours of the morning. I always find it soothing when life is hectic. :)

    Take care.

  3. Ugh, do not talk about assignments, I have a huge deadline in 2 weeks, and I have not even started, or understand what I am gonna go

  4. I definitely feel more grounded and less freaked if I take the time to read at least a bit every day, too!!

    Here's hoping that things slow down SOON.

  5. Sorry you are having a crazy week or two. Hang in there.

    I haven't read Pieces or the Ava March one yet but heard good things about both.

  6. Good for you! Saying no can be so hard sometimes but worth it. :)

    I've read most of those and enjoyed them.

    Hope the rest of your week goes by quickly and problem free.

  7. Good for you to say no! It took me a long time to learn to say no and I don't always stick to it :(

    Great reading choices - I use reading as my wind-down from horrible days - even if it's only for a few minutes.

  8. @Val: It is rather hectic atm, but fortunately it'll come to an end soon. :)

    @Tracy: I think I wouldn't even have survived without the books, lol! *stress feeds my inner drama queen I think* ;D

    @Blodeuedd: Eek! Good luck with it!

    @Chris: Books are our saviors. :)
    Yep, Friday can't come soon enough!

    @Tam: Thanks, Tam. Both are very enjoyable reads, I think you'll like them too. :D

    @Lily: Yeah, this no was worth it for sure. Somehow it's easier to say no when you're stressful. *g*

    @Patti: Me too! When I wouldn't read before going to sleep I'd probably have nightmares or at least very restless nights. :P

  9. Go you! Girl power!! ;-)

    Do know a bit how you feel. I'm swamped with stuff and there's a lot going on. Somehow there isn't enough time to do what I want! Maybe we should start a club!

  10. *hugs*

    Fictional characters seldom seem to have to deal with boring every day crap and obligations, now do they?

    Nope. And if they do a hero sweeps in and rescues them. I've giving up clock watching :)

  11. @Lis: Great idea to start a club... only, I don't have the time for it, lol. Good luck with your hectic times! :)

    @orannia: So true! LOL! My real life hero doesn't seem to have that talent... ;)
    Given up clock watching? But it's right there in the right corner of your pc screen. How can you not watch? :P


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