Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday’s Hot Couple & Coming Up this week

This week no sexy scene, because somehow my reading is all over the place these days!
I don’t know why but so far this has been an odd month for me. I’m reading a lot and I even manage to squeeze in writing some reviews as well. But I’m so very tired. I’ve had the flu a few weeks back and now I’m still not my old self. I have this funny swollen lymph node in my groin and the doctor thinks it’s a result of that flu, my immune system working over time or something. But my whole hip area aches.
And I’m so tired. I know I’m repeating myself… but it’s just not like me to be tired and fall asleep before midnight and sleep for 9 to 10 hours in a row. I’m used to stay behind the computer until late and then read until 2 or 3 a.m. and getting up after 5 or 6 hours of sleep. Now I’m missing four whole hours each day! O_o
Wouldn’t that upset you a bit too?

Okay, enough of the whining. LOL. Luckily I can lean on my guest reviewer and friend Lis to fill in for me every now and then. :)
  • Tomorrow Lis will be here to review Counterpoint by Rachel Haimowitz.
  • Wednesday I’m hosting a giveaway for two ebooks by William Cooper, and
  • Thursday I’m posting a review of Tooth & Nail by Mary Calmes.
  • Friday will be Happy Gay Friday as usual.

I hope you’ll be back to show Lis and William some love!

Happy Monday everyone!


  1. So sorry to hear you're not feeling well! The flu will make anyone feel incredibly crummy. Definitely let yourself get extra sleep and heal up. :)

  2. Take sleep as it comes Janna. It's your body's way of taking the time it needs to recover.

  3. Have you gone to the doctor to make sure you don't have something else besides a flu shot reaction??

  4. That sounds horrible. I do hope you will be ok, and try to rest, even if it is hard. I was in so much pain in Oct, rest, gosh who could, but I tried.
    Feel better soon!

  5. @Val: I don't like it a bit, but yeah I better do that. :)

    @Mr V: I'm afraid you're right, Mr V. I'm about to turn in, 2 hours earlier than usual. *grumbles*

    @Chris: You sound like hubs, all worried about me. ;) I didn't get a flu shot, I got the flu, but yeah I did consult the doctor (by phone) and he wanted to see me if I got fever or if the lump hadn't diminished in the course of this week.

    @Bloduedd: I'll do that, thank you, hon! :D

  6. Feel better! Poor you...I've been there. It will be okay.

  7. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling sick. Hope you feel better soon. Make sure if things don't improve quickly that you see the doctor. :)

  8. Baby girl, you need your rest. Your body will shut down on you and I don't want my first trip overseas to be cuz I am coming to kick your butt for not taking better care of yourself!!

    Now, I love you and want you to feel better. So, if you want to unload, whine.. or just talk - you know where to find me! I am only a button away honey!

    Hugs to you and smoochie kisses!


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