Friday, December 17, 2010

Happy Gay Friday, New York & the TBR dilemma

The past week flew by. And I wasn’t even having that much fun…
In fact, I spent too much time to my liking being tired and at the doctor’s and the blood lab. When you know that I haven’t been to the doctor’s in the past 5 years, not even once, then you can understand that a few hours was way too long for me, lol!
The doc didn’t know why my lymph node is still that swollen, so she ordered a blood and ultra sound examination (I’m not sure how’s it called in English, it’s something radiological) to exclude a lymphoma.
But you know what? Today the lump felt smaller already. Figures, right? I probably could’ve spared me the trip to the doctor’s and the lab, through the snow. *sigh*
Good thing I couldn’t get an appointment for the ultra sound until the first week of January. So maybe I can skip that one: By the time I have to go, I expect the lump to be gone completely. :)

On a more cheerful note, hubs and I are starting to get excited about our trip to New York City in only 9 days! It’s something we really look forward to, because we’re still going to be there on New Year’s Eve. I hope there won’t be a blizzard or something that will prevent us from landing at JFK airport, but otherwise I’m kinda hoping for a bit of snow. I don’t know, it just seems so romantic to be there together when everything is covered in snow and serene. Yeah, I’m a romantic sap, what’s new? ;D
How about you, are you taking off a few extra days from work or other obligations, the next couple of weeks? Have you planned something special with the Holidays or on New Year’s Eve?

Btw I started to make a list of books that I wanted to take with me on our trip, exclusively. I thought it would be a good opportunity to read a few books that have been on my TBR for a while now. All books that I bought because I really wanted to read them. And all books that I don’t necessarily have to review, only when I want to. But wow, the list seems endless… I stopped selecting when I reached book #70. No way I’m going to read that many books in one month, let alone in one week!
That brings me to the question: how do you choose what to read next from the giant TBR pile?? I’m always struggling with that, so I’m really curious.

Have a Happy Gay Friday!


  1. Hi Janna!! Long time to see. :) I hope your lump goes away completely!! Enjoy your trip to NYC. I never take print books on the road with me. If they aren't e-books they stay at home. As far as what to read next? Usually it's a review book but I through in a recommendation from a friend now and then. :) Happy Gay Friday xoxoxo

  2. First of all: I hope you get well soon! (HUGS)

    Second: I can't believe you are going to be so close (relatively) to me! Have a wonderful trip and stay safe.

    I agree with FV - take an ereader loaded. But you will not read 70, I agree. I'd either go with the books that you've owned the longest, or if you have a series - take all of those.

  3. Hi, Janna! Too bad about all the medical stuff. I know what you mean about having to go to the doctor. I've had my lymph nodes puff like that for long periods of time before, and I've always got it checked out, and it's never amounted to anything. I think it just means that your lymph nodes are doing their job (puffing up to fight off infection - as in we have super-alert immune systems). At least you have this exciting trip to look forward to! I hope you get the snow (but not too much snow).

    As for the TBR pile, I usually try to read them in order of when I bought them. But if something like KZ Snow's recent book Mongrel sounds like a perfect match for what I'm looking for, I'll jump it to the top of the pile. :)

  4. It's good to get that stuff checked out, just in case! Maybe the lymph node going down means you'll start to feel better soon.

    Um. I tend to forget what I have, so I end up reading the most recently acquired stuff...

    Are you going to go ice skating at Rockefeller Center? That's always seemed so romantic!

  5. Fingers crossed the lump is completely gone by early Jan.

    As for the TBR pile, I scan through it and pick whatever book screams 'read me' loudest. Very arbitrary system based entirely on mood and shiny-ness of the book. LOL

    Have a great vacation in NYC!!

  6. It never fails, as soon as you make a Dr. appt., whatever the lingering issue was goes away. But that's okay. Better to check it.

    NYC. Lucky you. I love NY. I've never been around Christmas. My colleague took his family a couple of years ago. He said the number of people there was insane, but that's part of the fun. Hope the weather cooperates for you.

    How do I choose? Ack! Totally randomly sometimes. I do tend to get sidetracked by shiny newness. Sigh. What can I say? But sometimes I know there are certain authors I'm in the mood for and sometimes I'm not. I know what a Sean Michael will get me vs something with a deeper angsty plot. So I kind of skim through and just pick. Sometimes it ends up not being the one and I stop after a few pages and switch, but I have no system. I should. LOL I hope to read all my "old" books before Feb. That's my goal but it's probably less than a dozen so should be doable, in theory. :-)

    Have a great weekend and hope you feel 100% soon.

  7. LOL - my kids can be coughing up a lung, and as soon as we walk into the doctor's office they're fine - no runny nose, no cough, no fever. I think the doctor's office has some sort of magic air.

    As for picking my next book, I just look at the shelves and pull out a few until one "grabs" me. Sometimes it takes a few tries but eventually I'll find something :)

  8. NY! So jealous right now. Have fun :D

    Choosing, well I try to pick the one I want the most at that time, or the one that has to be read..and then I change my mind ;)

  9. @FV: Thanks hon, I hope so too.
    I'm only taking my ereader on trips as well, no paperbacks. But I desperately needed to re-organize my Sony because I've mainly been using my iPad the last months, so that's what made me start to select the books I'm going to put on there. Usually I read the review books first too, but in my vacation I want to read without taking notes. ;)

    @Twimom: Shall I hop by at your place, Jen? ;) I'm definitely putting (back) some series on the ereader to bring with me. Good idea! :)

    @Val: ah, these lymph things are called nodes in English! I better go edit my post. *g* You're right, it's probably just doing it's 'job'.
    As for reading the books in the order that I bought them, I'm afraid that doesn't work that well for me. I buy too many to keep up with that system and I get quite some books for review too. Doesn't mean it would be a much better system then the random one I have now, lol!

    @Chris: You're like me, I usually end up reading the most recently purchased books as well...
    Oh, great idea! *adds iceskating at Rockefeller centre to the to-do-in-NY list*. I hope they hire out some skates, since we can't bring our own. ;)

    @Ava: Yep, I have that same system based on mood and shinyness. It might be arbitrary but satisfying as hell. :D
    Thank you, Ava!

    @Tam: Silly how that works with doctor's appointments and disappearing issues, huh? I always wonder why I didn't go to the doc sooner, when it seems to have that healing effect. *g*
    We're kind of prepared (mentally) for the crazy amount of people in NYC. I already thought it was pretty crowded when I was there in June last year, but it'll probably get way more crazy around Christmas. Still looking forward to it though. :)
    *gasp* Less then a dozen books on your 'old' TBR!? That's just wow. Very admirable! I'm afraid I'm much more out of control. *I won't even say the number, out of shame* ;D

    @Patti: LOL! Too bad that the magic doesn't work with just mentioning the doctor's office to your kids, right? Anyway, I'm glad with the magic. :)
    Sometimes I do that as well with my ebooks, just start reading a few and then sticking with the one that appeals the most.

    @Blodeuedd: Thank you, hon. We plan to have a lot of fun. :)
    Yep, I'm fickle like that most of the times too, lol!

  10. @KC: You could say that again. :)

  11. Oh my gosh... I so wish I lived in NYC to able to see you!!!!! Oh darnit!!!!!
    Hugs to you!!!

  12. I'm glad to hear the lump is getting smaller. Hopefully it will be all gone by the time you head off to your fab vacation in New York. I hope you and hubby have a great time!!!


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